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1* Confinaing our telephone oonversation of thisa submitting to you herewithseries of rMWWdltlilll which ve fool should receive ths ssrloua oonsldsrstlon of the Department. At tha noBWtt It Is not clear to ms whether ths next elgnif ioarrt proceedings trill tska plsos Id tba DAS Pases Council or la tha United Rations Security Council, but thess rscfsasndatloas srs snbadttodlev to thalr use In alther or both eventualltlofl.

roooawanfistlcns nay ba drawn an for the substanceto bs nads by our spokesman In ths OK aa wall as ta tba

OAS| and lt would ba our thought that they should ba Included In any sot of tans of referenoe whioh Bay ba drawn us governing the conduct of any lnrestlgstlng body. hould Ilka to in corpora to by reference In this nonoranduB ths paparoft with you yesterday entitledf Ideasconcerning Guatemalanhould Ilka toiterate at thia tine tha lapartanoe of having sosa wary flra torus of reference whioh will at tha very least Inoluda the points ma do In tha samorandum Just above referred to. (Of course. If natters turn out Inay that there Is no UK aotion and tha entire aotion lato tbe OAS Pesoe Counciland If tbat body elects to rssialn In Washington snd not to proceed to the field tor the purposes of Its investigationthan there would bs no point to ao ouch of this or tha other man. or an dun ae pertains to the field trip, as suoh.)

United Statos or probably other delegates should callOuateaalan Government to subsdt all facte concerning thashi patent, including true nanlfaeta) nee tha present oossto bs falsato enable the investigating body tothis vary large ehlpsent of aras was for offensive ornoting especially the comparative ano ante of emsOuateaala aa dlatlnguished fron other neighboring countriesIn relation to the normal raoulraaents of an amy of tha aliaOuateaalan Amy* And in addition to thia single shipment,regiae ahould be called upon to precept_fuH..wurtloulara of

all of their other prooorwwntt of im within tha put tinil ai theirto obtain still additional qtuntltlei ofwith fallo the kind ud qutotl^ thereof. I ofthat tbii Iskind of evidence yon propose to proiont at too MS conference In tho not too distant fotaro, but Ibo reason why it would notoiy oooful thin* toupon OiMtoulo to oroduco tola trrtitoneo, and all of It, at tho present tijoo. tron if thlo Lopeooh by ono of oar representatives it tho TO and otob if tbo Ouatanalana refuse to submit informationorlao or inadequate information. It soems to that thlo uould help to ait toon up for tho punch which you will dollYir at tho conference lotar. /Of course, if thla dewand or any of tho following oriaa are oanoolodorlot Tito, tola alio la good for your oaao77

k. Ouatoaalon Goverrneot ohould alao ba called upon totatement oodoamlug tho naturo and extent of ita support of tho atrikes In Honduras. Thoy cannot deny thlo completely bocauio of all thoir publiahad statements andot of other interestingouch ea tho timing of tha arrival of tho three Ouateaalan Conoulo in Northern Honduras ehortly before tho co-Tuenooment of theetc. Tho Guatemalan Gavemnsnt ahould alao bo called upon to state the nature and extent of iti support to tho alandostLue newspaper of the Honduran Communist Party vhloh ia printed in Ouatamalaj and also tho kind and quantity of Coraminlst propaganda brought into Honduras by tho Ouateaalan Government In rariouo ways. (Wo havo ooneidereblo evidence to substantiate these charges and thoy should oarry soae Impact.)

5. In eonnecticn with ths point in tho other iMworaahm, having to do with an investigation of tha gauaea of tho present situation in Ouateaala, there should be the fullest Investigstion into arrests of and attacks upon antl-Comunists In Guatemala, tha harassment of the snti-Conraunlst press, ths torture and killing of political prisoners! the aassasination of certain loading antl-Coasrunistei and ths like. Socbo of the persons who have escaped froa Ouatemala or who are still than In asylum night give affidavits through the Embassies in which thoy are located or near, and live witnesses might be found who could ccne forward to give their testimony in person

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