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Salvador In Spanish to Si Salvador3

(Sxoarpt) Two goroinwaut pianos have deserted to Oootnio Areas, sooording to tho clandestine radio, Th* station also said that tha CaotUlo Armas racism millalstation to roproaaat It la tho united nation*.

San Salvador in Spanish3

(Summary) tba Ooatsmslin Army aiwwinood that its patrol* ooverlng th* Inveslaa front mad* aootaot vlth rebel troops5 oo /onen th* dspartaant ef Zacapa, but actual report* on the action are confused.

A plan* Strafed goTOimilitary forces sarohaUng fortteok near Zaoepe, and alaoridge approaching th* cit/.lanes oontlnuad to drop voapons to Tarlous Tillages, but the weapons war* all roportod seised by peasants and handedo goieiumanl authorities.

Th* high Istiooal army ooamand says that atct, it bss ample oombet powerest th* invade re, and has netd for sailing up thousand* of voluntcttra who have not Joined reserve units.

Tha Ooremmant Ministry has announced that one of tho planes used to bomb the Batalhuleu fuel storege puap* was captured, end its aspa, oompasses, sad eanloaivo* seised. Tbe plana waa capturedenito,vlllag* Inta*at of the esmo asms.

Meanwhile, the Quataaalan Government oootinuea to reoslv* messages of support from all over th* oontinant. Th* sort Important of these are froa tha radloal party university student* in Argentina, and one froa

Senator Daltaaar Castro of Chile. In Montevideo, pobllo demonstrations

staged supporting Guatemala and

Intervention in


In Mexloo, tha Archbishop Primate of Hezlee, Dr. Lais Maria Martlnee, told "Laf that cityi o not ballere tha revoltt await vaa not!voted because of Communist action, Irasanch as tharo la lesa Communism la Oastemala than there la la Maxioo. Byosa that Coenunlan which has Infiltrated into the American oeotinent does nothreat to tha peace or sovereignty of the iaarlosn

again fron Mexico, Osn, Tcnas Sanohos, the ohlef of the Mexican Defense Secretariat's goneral staff, haa declaredi

Mexico vlll not permit the passage of say group whioh attempts to invade Guatemala.

Eaports circulating abroad to tha effect that Preaidentfamily has fled are entirely falsa, entirely falsa. aormal business sotlTitlse in Ouatemala City bars bees rasvaad* and government offices are open throughout the day.

Ciuded TmlUlo In Spanish to the Cosdniesn3

(tat) Mexico City-in exiled Guatemalan lssdar said thatuatemalan Ajrtl-Coamnnlat political prisoners vera shot last night, Kuban Tills Tors, ohlef of the Rational Union of Free Workers, sa anti-Coammnlat organisation, said tha executions occurred laty some 6li kllomatera from Ouatemala City*

Villa Tore added that thia report, which ha received through the exUea' intelliganoa service, said thet guards at tha prison went from


coll to oell machine-gunning all prleonera. bo said that moat of tha prisoners vara arrested nearly is aootha ago.

tula tore aaid thatffioaraea doaarted gaiaiisnw.il forces /eeterday at qasisu manga near the mexican bereer,

boae la italian to3 (frose bstiaw)

(summary) on tha altoetlon in ouatemela, *x1 saanatuon" (venice,rlteai "the aniltary positionuncertain but the poiitloai one la beooadng clearer* tha unaoundnaaa of tha campaign, by whioh axtremiata tried to pass off aa external aggression whet ems and reaalaa aa internal conflictistant central american remehlls, la erer aore alearly revealed, dissipating perplsedtias and doubts aa topolicy.'

"corrlora dell 6eraa aaya that "while arbans doolsros that bo is using tho naaminleta, ha la ia reality bslag used by thetbe paper goes oo to express the opinion that guatemalan oonnunisn drawn ita strength snd violeuoa fros the racial fsotoriat bottom, it isrevolt of bullstoea leading the indianagainst tha wfclUt.'

quite in spanish to sousdor snd latin3

(text) mexicopopart newt of defense bss given instruction* to nommandora of the fourth killtsry region and tha jlst ton* to instruct the detachnanta and foroea under their ooneand which guard tho frontier ofo give guarantees to all poiitloaior oonbatants of

beta aloe* mho say desert or sross tba free tier.

measure La said to hsveksa beeause

f ssdlles

already eroeeing tbe frontier, fleeing froa Ouatssalen territory.

Tegucigalpa in Spanish to Honduras3

17) Taeterdayeodureo territory was boated by Guatemalan planes. This aggressive aot waa perpetrated on tbe airfield on San Pedro de Oopen, In tha eastern part of tha country. This reprehensible violation of Honduran sovereignty apparently moo committed by Guatemalan Air forcenamruch as the planes fled late Onatomelsn territory after their attack.

It lo surprising that das; its the feet that seen an at took has been aado on Honduras in Tegnoi, alpa, the university students areemonatratloo to display their sympathy with Onatomalii The students Should be eapTeealag their patriotic seal for their ova country.

The Chutasalaa oational radio station bas ceoueed the Honduras Governs ant ef supporting the current Invasion in progress laharge vhloh is veil known to the Homdurac people aad also the university students.

Ao regards the Guatemalan eaigree, and the foot they have boon enjoying peaoe end security ia Bcndures, it should be perfectly elser that our nation affords refuge to all persons who request Its hospitality, la this respect. It should be reoogseced that if Oast seal aa emigres have

flaunted the national lave during their stay hare, their actions should bo the objectovernment Investigation.

BesidesChiateeialan chsrgs of Rondures* irtln support of Guatemalan insurgents, tha charge woo aloo Bade to tho Do Security Council that Honduras la technically aa sggresesr* fheee ahargoa strixs directly at tha honor of tha Boodaraa poopla and at tha very roota of thalr patriotic eantlaemts.

It la understandable, therefore, that the unwereity atuoents are not Barring the highest patriotic Interests In organising their Pro* Guateenlea eamooetretlem, bet areimuoo osnse with alaaanta she hare damaged our natlonsl aove reign ty.

although wa do not consider Ouatemala an enemy nation, tha faot reaalns that Its gorernaant. In carry lagoshing of our territory, la assunlivi tha aane role of en aggressor whioh aba attributed to Honduras, and ass la fast perpetrated an sot of aggreeelon against oar soTereignty.

Caraoaa, la Spanlah to Tenesuels}

(Text) Oosteaslsbulletin broedoast by tha Guatemalan QoTornmeot station "Radio Baclonal" announced that two aabotaura possessing high axploatvea were spprebended oeer tho Paolfio pert of Ohsnperloo as theyaahirlradhe saboteurs reportedly planned to blow ap tha gasolinesks at aatalhuleu.

The aaaa bulletin announcedaunch flylag the aanduran flag was captured ia the Atlantic port of Puerto sarriea, and tbat the anal tlcos lt was carrying ware aelaed by Ousteaalan aathorltles. The Guatemalan euthorltiaa will presushbly hold the snnlUoBS to present than before tha DI to back up the aggreoaion charge aada against Honduras*

Perl- AFP RadlotoletTpo in Franoh to the

Text Laresolution ovnrooslng solidarity with tbe "Just cause of great patriotreaident of Peataa votedoolemotlonooting organised by tbe Dnlveralty Federation and the Association of the 'Meade of Outeeala." The resolution says thatlnvaaloa ef the Keroeaary force* ooaaandod by traitor'> Araaa aaa prepared by Tankee Laperlaliea andanger for tha Independence of ell the Aaeriaan

It vrgee the labor union to organloe popular doaenstratlena In favor ef Ouateaala and tooanlttee for the dofeaae of this country.

Ouateaala City (Official) Ouateaalan Boae}

(Summary) who ere attempting to sell Ouateaala* again to the United Fruit OosDpeny do not hove the right to apeak of liberation. Thoee who would put an end to the labor union freedom of Guatemala do not have tho right to apeak of liberation.* To understand this one mast only recall the tan* of million* oftillo Armas spentrea, radio broadcasting stations, and moroenary soldiers.

These millions ef dollar1 be millvlth tbe blood of bioow can*Castillo Armas allow blmaelf to speak ef treasonst tale time la vhloh he has sold hlaselff He is sow la tho sod condition of eae who sells hia own people.

oootreet to these olearly eonverdly foots, ve havo 0is loyal to It* people and the baroiem ef the people who oretheir government. All ve Guatemalans are soldier* with theJacobo

Sen Salv*dor ino B, Salvador}

, children.

(Tort) Three orletero ef tho OoatsaoJsn Air Forcen Monday of this week end sought asylum in tbe aabeoeyalvador, accordingonflrmed report by the mlmlstry ef Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry said there alaoarge

snd eld pereono who hare eought aaylae In the baildiag.

Ouateaala city (Official Haa* fterriee in3

(Summery) Guatemala rejecte the *csua*ties that fhiateaalan planes eroeeed the Homdaran frontier snd boaharded Santa Rosa es Copes, foreign nevs agenolos and tho Honduras etsttons reported that unidentified planes oaea froa the direction of Ouateaala and invaded that part ef Bonduron territory froa vhloh the aoroenary troop* sro lnradlng Guatemala.

The OOToresjaat ef Oeatemala aaphatloally declare* that there vere no sorties of Qaateaaloa plana* in the dlrootloo of the Honduran frontier and that therefore the soeueatleo Bade against the Guatemalan Ooioiisaaal or army sre false.

Tho Government and the Army of Ooatomalbar* been ertr mealy esreful in respeoting the frontier betveon Guatemala and Honduras sad aoousations aade against Ooatemala to tbe effoet that It haa beam violating Bondvran territory are for the purpose of oomplioatlmg the situstlen.

Ooatemala does sat have onlsontlfled planes. All the planes ef the country have some identification, unidentified planes eoming from Honduras and Klearegua have amohlae gunned the people of Ouatemala la support of the mercenary foroes invading*Ouatemala from Honduras.

Radio Llberaolon (Clandestine) la Spanish to Ouatemala Signed aa ath Tha Announcer Raldi

Tha Arbens OoTarnaant Is dasparata aad Its aircraft axe bombing Hon-duran si ties.

Sttantion preaa and radio correspondents, Standby for tola message fraa free Ouatemala t

V* are Guatemalans from tho ranks of tho opposition to Arbens.

The liberation axon/ Is aade upf Quans.

Wa aak your proas snd radio oorrcspondsnts to tsko this aeaaaga to tho united Rations, beoauee wee re unable tods so.

San Salvador In Spanish to Rla

(text) The director of the radio nevsreelJooroslint

Franolsoo Montenegroought the protea tion of our diplomatic

represaatetlen In the neighboring aepubllo of Guatemala.

Cel. Jose Alberto rumee Immediately granted hia asylum and then t

tried toafe oondnct for hia and for tbe aaay refugees In

the Salvadoran Rwbasay.

Moscow Tsss la sngllah Morse to north Aasrloak

(Text) howith tha Aaeriaen Intervention in Ouatemala, L. Roginakj writes lothat, notwithstanding the rosolutlon palllngease-fire In Guatemala paaaad by the Security Council onhe armed aggression against Ouateaala, far from having been stopped la being Intensified. Coffer

i now latter from tho Ouataoalan Klala'-or of Foreignublished by the DB Seorotarist enltoa asny lnstanosa shoving that tho /unaecurity Oounell resolution la not being osrried out, and stresses the need of thacouncil taking all tha neoeaearyto put an sod to tho area a" lavaatoa of Guatemala,

Referring teinis by tha chairman of the Security Council. Lodge of the united States, on the now atatesatnt by the Guatsaalan Foreign Hlalstar, sogLoafcy polntt oat that they throw new light on tho real instigator* and organisers of the arned aggression against Cuateasls. These consents, just ss the attoepte by. representative to prevent axaalnatloa by the Security Counoil of the la teat appeal by the Quatonal en Gewojonaat, clearly reveal tha unwillingness of the imarleaa imperialists to put aa and to tho intsrraation in Oustsnala.

Duelling on tha details of tha anerloao plot against Oastoaala, sogiasky says that tha American Imperialists stand sxpoeed before all mankind as aggressors against tho Guatemalan people.

. aggression against Ouatcmals shows tha peoples once again bow hypocritical Is tha profuse talk by representatives of American ruling circles about their desire for cooperation between nations, against the background of American intervention la Ouatemala, what la the vaunted value of the statement which baa Just boon published by ohslrnen Wiley of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that tha Unitedat no true to the obligatioa of noninterference la tbe Internal affairs of any oountrvT It ia difficult toore striking exanplo of hypocrisy then this false statement by an American politician.

Hogtnaky couoludos by saylngi tha avoote In Guatemala hava shewn onoa again that tha Aaarioan Imperialists are rudely trampling underfoot all tha standards of Lntarnatlonal relations and infringing tha sovereignty and independence ef ether countries.

Tba events La Guatemala alao show that tha Anerloan poll cry "from poeltloaa of strength" la oomlnguup agalnat growing roaistanoe.

RU de Janeiro ASAn Portuguss* Korea to}

(Tart) Del*Communists damaged th* front of. Consulate building during tha early morning hours of They painted offensive slogsns concerning UHlted States polloy toward Guatemala, writing 'Down with tba United

ATP Radiouietyp* in English to the Americask

(Text) Santiago,Chilean Government Intends to send an observer to Guatemala, foreign Minister Roberto Aldunat* revealed here tonight. Beh* Chilean Government bold* to the principle of nonintervention.

The Chilean Ministry of tha Interior has authorised th* holdingemonstration, organised by the frisnd* of Guateaals for Thursday. Tbe association haa called on all workers to stop work0 and to march through the streets.

Badlo Llberaeioan Spanish to Guatemalah (Sxoerpt) Liotaners, attention. Ao cording to nave* inters

our radio station, tha first frea government of America has reoognlsod the first liberation govaromeot of Ouatemala and haa rooogniaed Col. Castillo Armas aa she preaident of Guatemala.

Ladlaa and Oentleaani Aooordlng te the ttmnsnlsslon Interoeptod by radio llberaelon, tha brother government ef Cube baa been the first.

Guatemala City (Official) Guatemalan HomeU

(Text) Qustsafoil owing neaaage has boon forwarded to His Rxscllancy Dr. Lois QulaUnilla, Chairman of tho Imter-emerloan reaoe Committee, Pao-Anerloan Union,

In vtsw of the request msde to another organisation by tha Honorable tabes ay ofave the honor of informing you that my Government would have so objaotlon to the Inter-American reaoe Committee, whioh your Htboi Taney prealdca over, determiningsponslblllty for the sggresalons against sad invasion ef Guateaala by land, air, and ass.

aould not agree that this natter ba brought before your organisation before the Security Councilthe offSot that tha asatsr Statesan giving aid to the criminal acts ef aggression snd Invasion sgsinstfolly complied with.

The taking ay of this natter by any organisation other than tha security Council st this time could be asadretextada the binding nature of tha shove-mentioned deelslsa of the Security Council.

ulUermo Toriello, Minister of PoreigB affairs.

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