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Sslvadoran Chief of Staff informedltary Attachethat Salvador Is calling0os to supplementSalvadornn Amy strength. This Is being doneprecautionaryoord log to thp SAlvadoran Chief of St*ff.asked tho Military Attache for dertaln field sup-lleeU.S. Amy.

wife of President ABBEHZ end their three children areGuatemala City, aooording to.)

en sir attack against the Shell Oil Co. gao tank Inon the earning ofune,0 gallons oflost due to aomooles In the tonks. Tho gas which unatransfer-rod to other tanks, ond repairs will take about Source etatod that an attack on other tanks would eliminate

the gas supply of Guatemala City.

nnoor^lrned report that the Oateml an Army la concentrating

atnduerto Barrioe la under control cf the Ooetor^lan GoTernmazt.

5. alk onaneergeant of the Guatemalan Amy who la stationedenamouglagcd tnnfcs In the southern pert of Guatemala City, thn sergoant stated that he end his men were terrified at the poss'bility of air bciaVrdnmnt. He addod that hisad atetod tho Army might turn apoinat AHBSK5.

The aergeont addodhere lo no oosejunl cations between the R'-se niltar In Atonal* City and tbe Presidential Palace, andany Doldlera had been injured in the straffing attack. Ho added that hetake no moro ofhe sergeant refusedve his name and only Indicated be was from the Bern* Hill tar.

The sergeant also stated troops were stationed along Oa Barranca "round tbe cemetery end north of Jfatamoroe (Velievtd to bo theot now called Maestraansa).

Source gained the Inrression from the aagannt and two scldirra he talked to that they wore Boared to deoth ond would welcone an or>ortunitv to "fold Up."

6. An uMdantlfod aircraft flow over the heart of Sen Jose, Costa Fionnune and drop-ed handbil's dcpletinr FXQOBBS rnd Rosailo BFTASCOURT In bawdy, suggestive cartoons nnd obscene Terse.




The following Informtlcm froBobtalnod through

Various maabars of tho military mission Intr/

at Tepaohuls

Leo CRUTCHKR nnd Douglno MDLFAR errlTod/frcsi San Antonio, Taxaa onuneriwtte PUT aircraft. Thoyflepnrtod from Tap*chain5 onune enroute far Bogota, Colanbla for aerial photo work but erodednell lake aboutiles inside QuntesBla due to notar fBllnre. Thewere picked up anane by the Panama Air Sea and flown to

prlwatelroreft of olfoManroglfltry piloted

oraBbed Into tbe oea off Puerto Hhdaro. exloo. onune dalle enronte fron Tapechain to El Salvador far crop dusting work, FT*IX samp he

aro,scbula, end srrlTod In Mexico City onune, Ee wasiewod by members of.n Mexico onune.

B7AIX reportedessna ISO left Tapoohuln ^preenagbly at the sane tine headrouble, but reaohed Fl Selwador. Tbe pilots of tbla pi*noB, fan, and hie eon,

H It Is bellered that the plane to whioh the Guatemalan Ambassador to

"Ice referred whoa ho requested the pilot be Interned by the "Vxioan Government Is the aaae pi" no as tbnt flown by CKUTCHEKFAH. Bovoror, thp Ikkaaan Aabasosdor talkedlane ere ah log near Puerto Madero snd of the pilot beingotel In Tapoohuln and it Is beUJmd that the Guatemalan Ambassador confused the two aircraft in molting bis statements to the press.

8, Attached far your Inform tion ere throe memorandum far tho record which ere to be returned aa soon as possible.


Jho Chief of the Aray Heaion In Guatemala roportod that tho Base Hllitar and Ouardia do honor aro practioally do sorted. The troops wore novod to on unknown destination tho night ofuno and early corning ofune.

2. Onuno at la CO hours localrain deported from Guatemala City to bring gasoline froa San Jose, but had not returned so of tho evening ofuno. Tho Guatemalan Oovozmasnt prosewjss that this train has been captured*

troop train departed froa the capital at0 hours onuno In the direction of Puerto Barrios. It le os-tinatod that tho train had five coachoootaloldiersui pront. econd train departed shortly thereafter.

h. ash-out in the road bod prevents trains froa proceeding beyond San Pablo. It was anticipated that this would be repaired bvune, thus allowing trains to proceed to the Gualan Bridge which at present, due to damage, permits only motor vehicle traffic. Thero is no train traffic beyond that point to Puerto Barrios.

5. argo steel bridge at Cristina,aileo from Puerto Barrios end between Wnera and Qulrlgua- was sabotaged the night ofoLO. There aro no communications beyond Qdrigua*

6* Zheru in reports thatmd Mor-aloo haw boon our-rounded by the forces of Col, Carlos CASTOL0 Armas.

7. On tho nightune,rucks, loaded with heavy

,U Lai^/Tae?oen. departed from tho Ouardia de Honor CP beaded In the direction of the Base Hi liter. Streets were hleeked out, and tho trucks moved without lights.


Tba following lnfanaitlon was received anane*

A 1. Cwetosnlana Air Force pilot fan ASEHCIO landed at Santa Ana, El Salvador, cmSPejQSt Two othrr unidentlfedAlp Faroe pilots soagbt

ananejOBt Two other unidentlfed Our Urn Ian Air Faroe pilots

asylum In the Salvadoran Qabassy In Ouataenia and are expected to arrive In Salvador onune,

2. exican aourooave the following Infarnatlom The arms ' recently shipped toon the ALFHEH ore stared as follows I

3 railway oar loads remain In Puerto Barrios

arloads In Tensdores, Cuatamnla

stored in basement of TOT at comer Iflth St. and 7th Ave In Oaitoaola City


On the night ofune, Guillermo TORIFLLO tried to reolgn the roeeon that ho dinner ood with the raise arreete and torturea conducted by the Guatemalan Government. Hlnlater of Interior Augusto McDonald told bin to Bind hie own buslneaa end Preeldent ARBTNZ refusedany resignation.

The body of Gabriel MARTINEZ de Roael, antl^ommunlst connected n5 student aotlrlties, was eeenedical student at the morgueody Mno horrIhlT mutilated and uno it una

o}0 rr-porW by the Hnbasay In Guatonslfl that MR TINTS do Hoaal had been

lee hour cabinet meeting onune, President AHBTNZ saidwoe no reel preasuro onand laughed off the p5 ,nnd thc clandestine radio st-Alon aa Victorand jarnerdo ALVaJuTW) ffanzon, leadln*

e/lP" Communlota, were also present at tho cabinet neotlng. Thewaa that. la too weak io'.apply physioal hoat to the

Guatemalan situation.

At this sane ooblast neetlng, ARfjnG Askedew nlleving

any anti-Coaeranlst who wna arrestede shot In three days, but no decision was reeohed on this point.

building at 6th St between 4th end

*rtTU- trf Conrral hasrequisition. ^v atoryill under construction.

In ^Kmtanolro store arras. The building

une late In the evening, the Gmten>len Aransas dor to HondurasForeign Minis teW with an urgent eeesafc frcn president ARBFHZ about the aotlvitlo.wten/lan exilea in Honduras andosition of the Honduran Government. The Aabsesador woe Ifeforred that the onduran policy of non-intervention etill eto^d, and the FoWgn M'nir tor told the Anbasandor that ho would discuss wi'th Prooldent OAtVEZ all the points they had covered.

to*ofane, 'Che ABbeasador waa callod to the Foreign Minister's office and toldould oonflm nothing, but that the Gove meat would put frontier offloinla on the aiert about the faot that many Oustea, lan exilea wertf leaving ToguolgslpaJ The Ambassadoralso Informed that the Rondure/Government wss asking strong nc^suros to tighten up entry into Honduras/and that all persons without dated papersXPrlled- hat this measure was nrooessry since somebody was sending In many agenta dlagulsed as exilos.-

thfltforeign Htnistrr fnr reports of mis resignation,

had beenhe Choral, and Communloteedge to split the ndminlstratl* '

- ^ that Col. earlioa Enrique DIAZ had visitedxc&Vn Salvadorne was In error. The visitor

A message from Panama reflects that letters from members of the Chilean Chaeber of Deputies addressed to Panamanian leftists contain an Invitation toonference of Latin American Parliamentarians and Personalities to bo held in Santiago, Chile,. The meeting willbe pro-Guatemalan in nature, intending to forestall and/or counteract heraisp'iero action concerning Guatemala. oc.)

A Two sage from Lima reveals that Leoneruvian Senator,etter recentlyroup called "Comite Parlicaentario de Iniclativa" callingonferenco of Latin American parliamentarians to be held In Sao tiego do Chilea, the purpose of vhtch Is to defend Guatemala's position and counteract the OAS Conference. The letter was signed by Fernando PIZAHRO and Jose COTSTO, Deputies.

The following waa reported ooune from Guatemalat

Preeldent AhfaKari ond CeatBunlat lender Viator Manuel GVTTTRREZ spent the night ofune dlaooaslng the situation. ODTTERRFZ atnted thet "If we do not loee our morale,will be well."

On the night ofunea Aurora airport was sealed off nil night, adillac aedan vlth Guatemalan license platepreered at the Guatemalan Air Faroe banger oo the field aecompenied byrivate and amy vehlolee. Several cases were removed from the car and via end in the hangar. Theoocupanta of the Cadlllao are unknown, 5 that samelroreft of the Guatemalan Air Force took off together with one DC-3. Thelater returned alone. Ouropinod that the poaeibUty existed that then7 have carried AKB*aZ's wife and theorn being used as an oooort.

It has been unofficially eatimetedersona boto been arrestedstemele City. Thoee arrested are being held at the HUltory baaes. Two hundred new agents era being employed hy the Guardla Judicial, the Oca tension Secret Police. Conn anti the Government haa mnde no oaranent on the number of pessono rumorede been Treated.

ffon-Guaternelans are engaged Isntcrtuxes and murders. The life of any anti-Coaasunlat person In Guatemala city le not safe, and the CoccuriatB in outlying districts sre talcing the lew Into th-lr own hendnJCODZlZ

The Government Is premising credit and mechanization of farms to the peasants end the Ouardla clvll has brought same armed peasants Into Guatemala City.

An unknonw amount of ems wss dropped from unidentified aircraft ott Guntalon, Quatnanla, an the night of 14 June.

Those arms wore picked up by Inhabitants who turned them over to the Guard le civil walhh lt turn gave thc nrne to the Army. The local Array leaders wero very Tightened at the sight of the weapons. Coramantiov-rnncnt so far has made no mention of the arms drops.

Qaatenalan Army haaotal of sixelGuetenale City airport at each end of runway and behind air club. mm entl-eircraft gun is mountod behind the obaervBteny at th- edgeairport. All gun emplaociaantB *re oaiwflmxged and fully manned.

ane one anti-aircraft gun, bellved tom, was 3oon mounted near the Air Forco building at Le Aurora airport. econd pit for ar.oth'r gun was beingards away.

Anti-aircraft guns were alsomounted inla City snd around Lake Anetltlanune.

Tvo GuRter.nlan Air Faroe AT-6'n were sent out on flight fron Is urora onorning ofune and nnd not returned by evening. Therying to find out where or when they landed. Thee ordered oct flifht data to the airport radio at tion but did not do so.

The following reports vere received co 15

Since6 persons hero dlaewcsred In Tiqulsate, OuntcBaln. It Is not known If poreons were arrested or fold feoring arrest.

ersons have been arrested In Hisntenango. Arrests thraoghout Qu'tnooUn Include women, Tenths, and old aoa end ran Into the hundreds.

loe Enrique DIAZ* Chief oT the Ountenalan Armed Forces,trip to. whleh had been sehedulsdune. He stated thatwould not allow his departure. (Field Consent, DIAZ land Jcse V SSSl aUovm ooheduled to lanrouon forDIAZ planned to be with his wife who was undergoing enbas also been reported that Dora Chinchilla de DIAZ, wife of. at Haw Orleans on A

une the daughter of President AHBEBZ departed Ou* tone la for *Wico and Hontreel sooxeuanled by tho wife of the Guatemalan Consul to Hartreal.

Foreign Minister OuUlermo TtstinJO requested adrloelose friend "Whether or not to attendnnhoemdng OAS conference and waa urged by rhBi not to attend and to resign Immediately.

President ARBFJE, accordinguotemalnn lawyer with oloee ooaneotlana among high military leaders, has ogroed to resign If the Army eooopta certain condition*rceloe that only "foreign" Ccramniete will be moleotcd The Army group lod by Col. Elf egoa ottempting to ford* the issue Imoediately and tnko over prior to AKBEIE" ansvor. The fooling of thoPj? thnta atalling, that his conditions are Impossible to meet, and that hefmse to reeign.


*fi^nt of natlonnliet Chinese nationality who lei

advisor lo tiwTchinese Consulateonbor of. Embassy

taff onuno that Col. Enrique PARIHKLLO de Leon was asked to PARIHELLO refused ond was restricted to his residence onune.

V This actionooting of army officers and ARB'NZ where pert of , the amy group, load bypposed the ARBFTS-approved plan to anas the oampeslnoo and workers. Tho meeting split tho army officers and there

sajontoiy conflict among the opposing groups. (Whether or not physical violence involved not clear In text.)

2, Onune It me reported from Guatemalaosaanber of IComlto de Estudientcs Bniveraitsrios^ as arrested and interrogated by members of the Quardlfl Civil0

J*nrsnsed that she geve what dotoils she knovs of CEOA aotivitioe jjr in support of the anti-CaDOBmiot movanent tn Gunlermln.

he following inform tion from sn untested informant with oloso contacts among Guatemalan Amy leaders waa obtained on or beforeunoi

reat majority of srmy officers,, have Indicated to ARBHIZ that they oppose continuedil lance with the Coomranlets. It Is purported that ABBFIIZ has been given untiluno to VO change his policy, kick out the Ccomrunlsts and roach enithr face an army roeolt.

b. The only officer who bos not yet node his position on this question clear Is Col, Carlos Enrique DDE, Chief of the Armed Forces. col. Elfego mram, Minister without portfolio. Is lining up officers against ARBYBZ.

c.Col. Joeo GOHZAira Segul, Chief of Amyefe de Cuartel del Ejercltp) has been removed fron his poet for unknown reasons.

Thc field station made tho cement that tho situation appears fluid and thc army may move If any trouble breaks out.


The following information hee been onllod from ploeelJanwmia reports oonoemlngctivities!

Police control has increased markedlyesult of the suspensionstltutional guarantees, ond many roods between major towns aro now

subj ot to spot checks. It Is believed that normal air travel may be suspendedterrpptod tarporarily at any moment.

nnti-CoisnoJiist elements fear that thoy may have to defend tnesv-

"solves against the possibility of armed attack by oanporfnoe.


racifio ports and the "ealean frontier in closely watched and the guard forces have been doubled.

There have been insistent rumors that Col. Carlos Knriquo DIAZ, Rogelio CKUZ Wer, end Col. Carlos AU1AHA Sandoval mayake uprising to confuse this issue. (Tnfamationune).

Quillerooad indioatedeliable source on fi June stated that/as long as the AHBTHZ rogire was going through an lu;rearlve phase of consolidation find the oprosition elements were fragmentised or subdued, the army leaders would not move. He added that the Guatemalan Gorernoont is firmly convinced that. has abandoned all thought of "going it alone" and discounts the Idea that there will be any effective collective Intervention.

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