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floatidtMrtMiher oosaVlsint of "ferelgafrom tu Anerican htN OomwiaalMU wee di ncJcomd today ky Qhaijman Udo CiiattmlUi of Hndoo.

Ooonenti This morstho Arbons Omm %Wm% la ftftledtlngsovrliy OouooU oxslmslnly ss lis diploma tie bettlagreund sad tbst it foregooa ell sotlon by tho Tjrtsr ismrlnrn system* Oust withdrew ooaplalntj*.Ua Peaoe Obmlsslssi lost night St. This was about li hro sftsroitagreedast ra^sest to suspend aotion nntil results of tho Security Ooantll'a oooso firs order haya been observed. In dolsf this. Post small Is In offset elepplmg all tha Wastera Ketdsphere nations In the face for the benefit ofonly one who oould fain whether tho present Oesttwins or loses tha fight In progress*

Psris AT? Radieteietype in Ebgllsh to the2

(Text)QfttsJl Klnlstsr without Portfolio KrnestS OS Is le said here lsst night he was in favor of as immediate reoetnltlen of the operations lead by former Col. Oarloe CastlUm Arams against tha Qustsmalen Oorernmant. bo seld that In taking this hereto aecieioa, CesUllo hadoar continent from trsgls hours.*

Oft Is Is addedt "Oer continent eannet permit soviet liiiamnlss to transform Oestamsls into ft ace Soros*1

Rerfev of Soviet Broadcasts (Baaed on Broadcasts Monitored1

andff JonsTJU)


Tba relualnetis ooranent cn tha Otutaaula fighting loaves little rooa for other ama on Western affairs* Addressed to severalilippevarticle reeophsalseo tho olsin that tbe current flfhtloc lakak reroltBveil planned and heavily subsidised- Aaarloaa Intervention against tha Aliens reffiiae.

An enonynoua talk in Spanish affirss that Ooataaala haa boon invaded by "eraed eai%c| paid and directed by Washington1 which is prepared to "adopt any neeaa" to overthrow the Arbena regime. Zharkin eoaseata that the proposal to transfer the Qeateaela oase ironecurity Council to the PsiHAnerioan organisation ess just another Anarisan maneuver designed to keepK oat of all oieeueeiona, aLnoa. aotaally controls the lnteraaerlcsn body*

Tha only report on actual adlitery operations in Guateaala io containedew Xork item* which oites Guatemala's Foreign Minister'a declaration in an interview that the Arbans Oovernaent is supported by the Amy, workare* and peasants.

Another sew Xork report, transmitted by "Ta&S" to Europe, telle of the Sovlet-Ajwrlcan elssh at the Security Gounoil over tha suggested transfer of tho Onctaaali issue to the oas. Lcdee, having lost hisdemanded that the Soviet Union "stay out sf tnisat lt was tha Soviet veto that saved Guateaala from the UiS.-eontroll ad Pan-Aaerloan organisation.

TogsoLselpe In Spanish to Honduras

(Text) froa lbs foreign mirtlmi Beoretartet ofwe hm just received offioiel netloe, which states i

AttonUrm, Uoeoolete Otuterfo J. Kedina, Dirwotor of thoKototlno"! for your lnforaatlon, wo ore forwarding tho foil owing notoi

Lioenetste ALajoDdro Yalladsreo, tho dally "SIhloh you tttrtet, has boon publishing reports on Guoteaelan oitltot* vim hovo sought eaylna In Honduras ond turn token up rooidanoe In Teguclgfllpe. In those editions It has boon stated thst tfcaoo QMteoalan citizens am using Honduran territoryass of operation for their activities, and core specifically, of carrying out sdlitary operations at tho Cuatsnalaa border*

In thisish to point out tiiat tho Scodnren Ocvcrraeot has iu trusted civil and nllitery authorities to adopt saaimres to overt tho violstlco of the eecurlV of Ikodur&e*

tn relation to the above, onarlos Castillo Areas, vho Is considered tho chief of the Guotetulsn opposition forces, vo* celled Into this SecreteriaVs office, end ho was warned that Honduras vlll not tolerate tho violation of its nations! security either by hist or by hlo peril sans. He was further warned that any feilore to coraply with this warning will result In his expulsion froa tho nations! territory*

The Honduran people oan bo assured that the Oovernaont will toko everyto naintajn and respect ita oonplote neutrality

la international affairs, and to avert direct or iixllreotthe affaire

Siitaed, J. S. Valansqele*


Tecvelsnlpa in Spenlsh tof

(TartJ The aendurim federation of Unlswo-elty Studonte espressos Ita support of tee snveroneat and people ef Ieeteroay afternoon. In socerdsnoorevious sail to agsesthlya tba nssjthiisii atedeotepaolal session at tha andltorian ef tho school of Aftrioulturo* umber of apaoohaat the asssnlily unsslBavealy agreed on the fo3lowing declarationsi

1. The nuiaauau University stoxlanta fell* aywnatMse with tho Ouatasslen Corerojaant and people in the battle agalnat the invasion of Guatemalan territory being waged by raaotlonary Guatemalan emigres and foreign

he studonta rapport the declaretioo sede by the On ifUniversity atudente to the free people of the continent In the faot of the present emergency.

onduraaill deasnd that the nenduren Osrlos Osstlllo Ames from, thearrltaryba la still bare, or returns to

I This student grown has sot

iu lhe ttnaonts willahlls deawsastretioa on /onein downtown Taguoigelpe to esprcea thalr solidarity with tho ftutaoslan people and the corsrsssint heeded by Ool, Jaoofao Arbeaa Ousmsn,

been heard frOfte

. * ,

This and itoa bolov raises ejoswtlemwntsg radio Tog? mm?

London atuUnr JUdiotolotype ia logllsh to sow2

(Text) Tto UrocMO-oo Charter of DopotUi lost night

esolution of losldsrity with OtotooaU, declaring -tho

aggression egolast Omtstolioooplrtogr against poooo

Lb AaorLeeonUl of too right of freopeeples totho notion, passed by J2 Totooo being sent to oil tho

notional ooogresoes of Latin Asoarloa.

Consenti la flow of Out action taking mat tor out of

for tho bensflt of thooil Latin ijnrloo| tMi veto

ulght to token again vlth other resulto.

Tegucigalpa In Spezdoh to3

(Kxoerpte) We have had the opportunity to hear the long epeoeh sad* byon Pro ai dent Jacobo Arbena on

Arbena called several foreign governmentsnd specifically Inolnrtad Rondure* sad Hicaregua in hia ettarjs. Ot also charged that several of the pleaoe vhleh he4 violated Oeateaalan territoryand thus violating her nationalproooeded free Hcoanroo ond Uesregua.

For its peril Honduras has steadfastly nalntained its neutrality as has been stated by Foreign Ministerelensnele,etter to the director of the dally "Elf June 1ft.

The Honduran Oovernaent oould in uo voy bo bleaed for the foot that

OwUmIau cvdgree haro ignored tba orders of sononronevsaBlsaa solitary ostirities, sad snhsjospetrU/ Irrrsiod Onstoaa'tin temWry. tho bordor ore* Is relsUrsOysad Ifore to bo offeoti rely patrolled, assnaroa ssttorlUeo wool* km to aoollisegroat sjoabor of sulltsry personnel to oovor oil too point* which eretotorrltory.

Aa to tha point of depaxtare af planes wbieh bare floen over tho Ouewwal* capital snd othar sec tors of th* sistor notion, it would bo Uroealbl* to speoifloally aaosrtoU that tbay had tohoa off froa: aooaMrsn territory. There is absolutely no eridenoo that th* Bondursn Oorernvant ho* supplied planes to th* Uuateaalan rebels, sndjrojrestono* oould only be prored by aotaWlshine; th* idoatlty of thein ausstiaa.

Thar* is, hoverer,als proof that no plane* of th* Bondaroa Air Poro* hare partiolpsted in tba a'-ore-etanUonod

Through official radio bn)latino th* Outeaalaa Oorvrrsaant assures that It is la ooapleto oontrol of thond that It eajeys th* support ef th* great aajerity of Guatenalsn people,7 that of th* Aray snds ef workars and poasnsta. If sash Lo th* ease, perhaps it vlll not be long befor* order ecu boad to* facts of tbe ease will bo troaght act to show that tha snndaraa Cwrmsnt Is free froa th* charge* oajarUy aad* against

Ott I Can't aoodurea bo vrgod to take linei "V* oantad opology for parnioious falalfiod Oherge* aad* against

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