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fluMceti Mexican Leftist flelp for Arbenz Hoglaa Datet 4

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I, Brer Blue* tha invasion of Onatssa la by tbe rebel army of Colonel Carlob CXTTJUfl Inu, rumors ban been circulating around Mexico City of Mexican Leftist elements sanding aid to tbe ARB&S2 regime and of tha probable formation of aBrigade" to fight oh tho aido of Colonel ARBHE. Booh mon, while Baking good newspaper stories, era probably no core than Just that. Of tha Leftist olectents In the Hepublio of Mexico only two poiitloai parties, tha "Partldo Popular" and tha "Partido Cceumiataould be sufficiently strong to send any soon aid to tho AflBSKZ regime. The only other Leftist parties worth mentioning In this respect would be thaObrero-Cssposino Merloano* snd the "Union General daarpealnoB Hexlcancs". Zt la highly doubtful whether either of these parties would attempt to do anything In this direction without tho direct support of either tha Fartldo Popular (PP) or the partido OoannlBta Mexicans (PCM). Certainly, If they ahould attaupttop alone, they would get absolutely no where. Thus, tha only two parti ee worth considering at tha moment are the TP and the PCM. Aa the following paragraphs will ahov, It ia extremely unlikely that either of these parties will attsffpttoVolunteer Brigade* la order to fight for the ARBBCZ regime. On tha other hand, It la alsoartalnty that both tho PP and tha KM will aount strong propaganda cnnpalgna attacking the United eVttaa ond praising tha AfiBBsZ regime.

2. Tba position of tha PP baa already bean Made quite clear. tha opinion of Vicente LOKBifiDO Toledano that the AEflEHZ regimethe manpower lt needs, and that what it needs Tory badly isnaithT tha PP nor tha Confederaolon de Trahajadorea de(CTsX) isosition to furnish arms to the ABBESSartalnty that no direst help will ocnee from theseatter of faot, LOHHARDO has categorioally come outsending of anyBrigade1. Instead,nhie PP andeaders, has deoided to mobilise all efforts inpropaganda campaign. This campaign la to be violentlypro-ARBSHZ. Aabe controlled and master-minded by

UMRAHDO, lt night Tory wall prora to be affeotlTe in some quarters.



Certainly,, will not bo lacking, as it will be furnished through World Federation of Trade Onion (UPTU) channels, and PP and CTALufficiently strong to ensuro soae success. The PP will hendlo thiscanpalgn Inside Mexico, while the CTAL will guide it throughout the reet of Latin America. Definite plans to this effect have already been convened to discuss this matter fully,

PCM, under Dionleio tXCDU,ifferent picture.

One of its top loaders, Manuel TEHftAZAS, cane outersonal statement that the PCM would try toVolunteer Brigade" and send it to Guatemala. However, shortly after be made this statement the PCM Political Commissionnd aererly reprimanded TERMZAS forout withremature statement". As of this date, it is not yet known what the Political Commission has decided to do, if anything. However, the Indications are that it will not attempt to form aBrigade1 at present. However, even if it should formVolunteert doubted that it could muster moreew hundred men at the Tery most. Ae the PCM has nomeans to apeak of, it is doubtful if It could scrape enough coneyto send snub eto tha Guatemalan border. It le furthermore very doubtful whether or not the Heal can Government would allow them to cross the frontier into Guatemala. Thus, it appears vary unlikely that even the PCM will attempt toVolunteer Brigade" to sand to the aid of tbe ARBUJZ regime. However, it is very probable that tbe Politicalon will decide to embark the PCM on an all-out. and pro-ARBBlZ propaganda campaign. This will notovelty for the PCM, however, ae It haa been harping on "lankee imperialism" for years.

present situation in Mexico with respect to Leftist supportARBatZ reglnc can ba moaned up as follows I

First, It Is highly unlikely that Leftiat elements will try toVolunteer Brigade". onoentrated and somewhat violent propaganda campaign can be expected In very abort order. This propaganda canpalga will bo directed against the United States and will bo strongly in favor of the ARBZKZ regime. Among other things, it will very probably accuse the United States of I

Planning and directing the invasion of Ouatemala by the rebels.

Of financing tbe rebels and of furnishing them with arms, o) Of direct intervention by the united Fruit Company, and its

furnishing American technicians and pilots to the rebels.

d) Agitation for the United States to be accused of indirect intervention and aggreealon in Guatemala before the United nations Organisation.

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