Created: 6/25/1954

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1. Sendes.iare to Lincoln with ra?ardnc's reuly to Oust Cit-'s cablehe tral:.. ThekclI,ellil arreed that Unc'sf replywr.' hid cna indeed and that Line ahorld be specifically told ttio t. wi:ereas sone pilot error isir ops, we are expecting ti'en to do everythingheir :jower to .'isir-tain the necessary de.'Tree ofin the conduct of the air ops to t're end that trains carrying

citizens and the nationals of other countries siall not be bos-bed or strafed. Tt.is applies specifically to the trains running North and South between Guat City and Mexico.

A message should be sent to reurifoy telling hin that whereas we understand that the lins between Guat City and Puerto Ka-rius is not being used fcr anything other than niljtery purposes,ould make :iure (tn view oTny reports of air action) that nc American personnel or citizens are riding on tris particular line withour prior noticeand pr-su-iably in connection withvernment-erranged evacuation olan.

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3. Sandnc cijsaoprov*rigrac'cA target. This should, arefully-phrarcd rtersaVO brvg

idy of thisre jrndaees* trenssly difficult $nd unprofitable sir this rsouest disapproved on this fround.

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c. Apree that this is extrenely vital target but urge that evary effort be nade to attack by sabotage since this type structure is profitable andie sabotage Job if possible rat at it..

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