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soon tha victorious Amy of Liberation will descend on the Rational Palaoa. Our troope hare emerged viotorloBe,

Unfortunately, the An/ la aiding tha Ceaawntlata la tha oapltal. Hi are going to borab objectives In tha oapltal alty.

national Amy, we ahall throw off tha tyrenny of Hi year a, Wa wuatar without quarter agalnat all who oollnlDrate with tha regime.

Inhabitante of tho oapltal, wo ahallaust otay In your bee*ae.

For God and forI Tall all tha people of Ouateraala wa ahall repeat tha waaaaga. Tbla la Radio Llberoalon.

(Id. Kotai Radio labored en bad previously oigned offha announcement that it would not returnea

Oludad Trjjuio In Spenlah to tha Doalnlean$

(Text) SanKinlater Roberto Cancan, baa replied to tha Ooatanalan note regarding tba Ouatawalan Ooomplaint to tha Onited Batlcna that It waa tha viotia of invasion and aggraaalon.

Tba reply atatod I

'Regarding tha note wkimta your Exoelleney hai just aant to tba Da

topnTiouJ oonplilnt efOwtftlin Corenaant to tba sea* eeuaell. ish to repeat that ay Oovaraaeut at tbat time ra jeoted tba charges unjuetiflably aade In tha ooaslaiat and aontinuaa toIta traditional polio/ ofand reapect of Inter^lnerloan daoialons oonoerning the eeowrlty

of tha "t V

Hbsoow tiSS ia English bellsxiuraibex te Europeh Tbe Appeal to tbe Doited Nationshe events in (hiatemalei

The International Confarenoe for tha Beduotion of World Tension held lak, perturbed by the invasion of Guatemala and the nonbing of her oapltal, oondamae any asslstenoe offered to the eggreasore by any nation whatsoever, and rasolutaly urges the UK Security CknaasiX te take all steps to end the hostilities sad to oompal tha invading troops to olaar out and to re-establiah tba atate of peaea tbat hltberte haa prevailed.

ggsj International Confarenoe oo tha Redaction of World Tension telle npen tbe penplat of all nations te support this appeel to tbe Seeurity Council.

Development*10 SOT

Ouatemalei Radioe ahall ba la Ouatemala Cityfficial Chutenslan radio reportsonflict has taken on obaraoter of "guerrillauanoe Aires cress Service)

Buenos aires API Spanish Htm to Aathoriiod$

(Summary) It waa learned on Jam tit that the argentine roraicnwill sIvb Ita aott OMUid support to tbe daedalona wfaleh tba Intor-amortoan Pmm nawaalsoloa ant/ adept la iu efforts tojjaallUtlnn La tbamvmsU.

Jfgantlaa hu always eanalatnd that it la op to the Inter American Peaoe OomniBBlon to take action la tbe conflict. The plana of the Ifttar-Aasrlcat Peace Ooamdssloa an oonaldered to have an auspicious bo^inclng, eLooe beoldea tba Argentine support, It le hollered that tbe portlee directly ooneerned will we 1pome tho Comal esloc'e efforte.

Ooatomala City (OffioLel) Ooafemelen Boom Sorrloo$

(Text) Son Joan, Puertolate allSr. Jeoobo arbenz. President of Guataamlai This la to express tho solidarity of tho Independence Part/ of roorto alcana with the Ouatomalan causa. Ho repudiate invaeion at tho mvioo of Imperialism, Hj words of edheroaoo and solidarity oxprooo tho feeling* of tho roorto Sloan Basses, Ho Identify ourenlvea entirely vlth your pooplo In their sorrow, their atru^ie, end (one wordigned, OUberte Ooooepcion do Oreola, President. ySbo

ity (Offlelal) Rome$

elecreat that abaw the nature of those traitor*. Lo the telegrea Franco states that he will not ferret Jorge Uoioo,was thert to reoognLae him* And saw Proaee bee been the flaof to

reeegniae the OesUHo Areas *sdat;UtriUon,'

Austrian Freea5

"The independent "Una Oberceeterreiehieohe JUni.riehtaa"aJuneditorial that tha OS-initiated economic boycott of Ouateaela has 'driven tho Arbana Camrnaawt ta tba lefter givingredit to tha Arbeas Oovwi anect for trying to ralaa tbaing standard of tha people, tha paper coooli-doa that the) solidarity of tho iaartcan ooetlnest haaraok baoanaaa* banana fields. Tba question arleea as to whether Aaatrieaa preatige in tha world will not loam mora ground than aver ba conquered by tha rebels in Quatmmala, tha paper conclude*.

Writing in tha socialistUitung* of June t$ Chief Editor, Oraoar Pollek, aays that tha anrrantin Guatemala Innot only supported by noadnrae by alao by tha unitedut Pollak adds tbat if It ware really an aaariean intervention aa al alaad by tba Communiata* tha inTadtng emigrant foroaa "woold not baitiable, poorly equip pad handful of earn feeing possiblebe paper add* that in the rise of the freojoent Latin American revolts. Itbe eaid that foreign support given to tbe "Oiatemalan rabela* does 'not exeead customary proportions." ttitude toward Chiateaala* although it may be justified* will at any rata lead ta aa increase ia antl-dmerlean sentiment throughout the world, the paper oonolude*.

The lndependeat "Ma Freese* aaye editorially that it la neder-atandable that the united States seeks ta prevent say hostileactiTitie* lathe rtrmUgieelly important parte of Central Aaeriaa.

The paper iUIm that oooiwwaJoia Oentrel Jaaarlee erne Bade possible only by suoh jbaorioea tmete ee the united fruit Ooaneny, whloh le the "eooaeadeand the actual peoar* la Ouatoaeli.

Baaaoe Aireela apealsn aeree to aatherlsed Baoipienti$

(Buaaurr)Qoeteaelea ooafliot has begun to take on the nature ofairfare"eeult of tha infading Insurgents* relnoteaoe toull-seals battle with the forooa loyal to Pre aldent Arbena.

The rebels* taetioo were In orideaoe again on Am*bee the Oowornaent troops arrived ot various polats doannoted by tha insurgents who laoaadlstely withdrew to avoid decisive action with Governmentithdrawal which waa followed by reappearanceow angle of attack on the abandoned center.

This nodus operandi has Uocne evident despite thessued by both belligerents, ooaaennioaee which tell of wore allltory action than haa actually taken place.

OnateeaU City (Official) Soae Sorrioe$

Having been thoroughly defeated on all battlefields where the Guatemalan Amy forced then to fight on equal arms, the traitors are trying to check the victorious offensive of the Ountenalan troops by terrorising the aititenry by savage bo-bin re and strafing defenseleas cities. For the first time in the history of America, and perhaps of the world, war planes, piloted by wen ofsame nationality as their

Innocent vietlae, boob civilians of their ova homeland, and versa at ill they are aided In their orlnlnal Job by foreignfliers hired by than. The free peoplea of the Jbasiiean Hemisphere lock on horrified at tha criminal acta of the Invaders, and with one roloe condemn thiand demand prooct, effective pimlahmsnt of tha reaponsihla man.

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