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as railed by tho Cable Secretariat on ft nunbor o*t-f On arrival at"tho Cabloegan to uoai with7 ami IZUC odiato rootion toas that the proposal should not bo approved. Soswtioeolophoned Hr. Wianor o' this and several other cables, and gainod his afreonent that LIN2 should bo advised that poraission

Mn to tho oifoct that we did not approvo thla request. Jieon thin subjoctrrtot*ne and was narked is past accusations

directed ara' pooplo here, Jr. thohat we wore w' tVioldlnfsteriol or actions nBCo;:sory forrod te ertrae'. free hia hisortriku re; Mist vbon lMfcd not knot. Tor soreut the vo ool norits Dtn. lis was qolte ivipatlant about thisoul not anuwor ne ercoTt. to nay, "Wall, you haw our roc? laend-vtion."

- attemptedrnhond way L'nco bonronsonableocklesa nvuort,L

] turned tho conversation by ototint that it would DOt natbarjr.uld notthifl anyway' becauseadt: ha; .tovolopod, andwould prevent us* o. airehis target. Tho conversation lasted ia thia ve'nera! utos. id net proposo to core ir.ta the office In theoft with tho Cahlaand-wltten note for Hr..toner'bfnr ryn this natter.> not have this BOta at theropernr th'o nonorandun.

atisfied at tho tt-io,r. st'llKaapproval of Line's rt-nuost could not havo boon nr" Sor oovoral hours thereafter,wae warkinj-ther ;iotoniiinatory tolofran because 5'. woo o?*

tltrt our convo satlonultru in!

I;.nnvor fallod, to ay knovlojfo, to jvcori

n s'nrl< convnrowion with wo on tho telephone, asxiio thiawaa recorded and request thst tho tapoo be obtained In order to wrlfy cy atatataonts above.

aaty study o; 'Jm fUoo thisid not findC ropllcd toathorltinr than perwlsslon to execute 'hoorind any cable havlar as Itahich reflected ayor nMch answeredU27. The onl" oil'-; LT1IC cable Id this recard la ono which refers to: an!n Ita laoto aWpplnrth-oriiod."

7. aw preparedamnderetaruistated ln effect that ho was not told that tho bonbinc oi on unidentified ohlp in Son Jooo was not approved*

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