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to chief of station,

GEHESAL Operational

STCCmc Report Submitted by WELLBANK

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Transmitted herewitheport given by WELLBANK covering current events and border activities.





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rip to the frontier Sunday,uneas escorted from Candelerie to San Cristobalustoms Guardas unable to open the trunk of my car (resalts of damageecent and minorhis Guardgarulous and told De about the hO CALLIGERIS men whom he and his fellow guards arrested on the finca San Antonio Abad two weeks ago. He confirmedlready knew; that the men were released inSEOJJIN's care after they were releived of their anas. In order to check ERRATIC's story that these men were picked up because they were boisterouslysked the guard how he found out about them. He said that the Customs Service in Candelerla had been informed of the place and time that these men could be picked up. (ERRATIC informed the PBPRIbE Ambassador that they were picked up because they were drunk and practically out QfECJ1IN told me inith this subject that an old light weight soldier. Col. Anton!In GONZALEZ,told plans of this movement to RECINOS (an ERRATIC man who told it to SAAVA vJ, who is unreliable.) SAAVADRA and RECINOS visited theew days before the proposed movement. Por this reason SEOJJIN is sure that ERRATTCwas behind the exposition and capture and is very bitter and highly emotional when ERRATIC's name is mentioned. He feels that heremendous threat to the whole movement and wondered if it would not be better to have him shot.ountered that such action, althoughwould be disastrousropaganda standpoint and that we may find some way to neutralize ERRATIC without causing the program any

SEQjJIN informs me that ERRATIC has approximatelyen in Ahuachapan ready to inarch across the border when they have sufficientas alsoby the Customs Guard that the Ouartels at Jutiapa and Asuncion Kita had defected. SEQUIN has been unable to confirm thisave not been able to corroborate it from any other source. However, SEQJIN feels that ERRATIC is perfectly capable of taking advantage ofituation to use these Gnartelshreat to CALLIGEfilS and thus improve hie bargaining position" In the final showdown. SEGJJIN is convinced that ERRATIC wants to be nothing less than President. (Note: Inclosedlipping of ERRATIC'S speech where the part of CALLIGERIS is not stressed. Forwarded under separate cover.)

On my trip to theas interested in seeing some of the0 Salvadoran troops stationedas unable to see any in quantity anduperficial examination judged that the border would still be fairly easy to cross at night.

SEQUIN asked Rodolfo i'ELHAEO whether PRUD was pro-ARBENZ and was an important factor in the neutrality of OSORIO, which had been reported as being the case by other sources. UELHADQ answered strongly in the negative and said that PRUD WAS DEFINITELYbut that there were some who were trying toa wedge between the Salvadoran Army and PRUD by declaring PRUDto the ARBENZ Guatemalan Government and anti-Salvadoran Army.

cporV-WELLBAXKune 5Ai

Col. Oscar UEHD02A, brother of lliguel and Rodolfo L'KNLOZA, has Joined the CALLIGERIS forces at tho front presumable from his post as klliiary Attache in.

SEQfJINtory and it is widely circulated In Salvador that Col. ARRASOLA, Artillery Officer of the Guatemalan Arty, defocteden when sent to attack CALLIGERIS at.

S3JJIN feels that most of the fleeing anti-Communists will go to Mexico rathor than Salvador and Honduras since the atmosphere In Mexico is quite friendly and the border practically unguarded.

A atiipoent of anas destined for Guatemala was uncovered in Mexico. SBJUTN is not quite suro if this was for the Guatemalan Oovornoont or ERRATIC. He is highly emotional about ERRATIC and in connection with these arms felt that ERRATIC could easilyairly powerful movement in the West where he has extensive support. He did, at one time or another,arge number of friends.


It seems to me that SSQUIN and some of the CALLIGERIS forces are getting very emotional if not hysterical about ERRATIC at thia point and should be restrained from any rash action.

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