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Women ol' Guatemala, because the pro-Cocmunist government of our country now has imposed an even stricter censorship on the news in order to prevent you from knowing what is happening here, we hope you are listening to our radio messages and passing on the information *toich you hear over this station.

One of the latest items of interest is that the agitators of the Confederacion Nacional Carapesina and other Comnunist affiliates within the DAM are giving dangerous instructions to the fanners. The Communist agitators are ordering their members too-called People's Land Amy among the farm population. Arms and ammunition will beto this army. Thetr instructions are to terrorize the farm families, confiscate their lands, burn their hones, and suffocate all resistance by Means of violence. AH land so seised will become the property o? the Arbenz government.

This is the type of Communistic terror rule about *ich we have been warning you for some time, tn the Coraaunist conquest of other nations in Europe and Asia it was successful onlybecause the farmers were not warned in time of ways to defend themselves.

Therefore we urge you to spread word among the farm families about these Comnunist plans and instruct the peopl' in ways of protecting tiieir families and their property. They are to arm themselves according to instructions and must not leave their hones or property unguarded. During the time in which they are working in the fields or at anyfrom their homes, trusted friends should be left on guard in order to warn them of any Communist maneuver.

A leader should be designated to direct the protection of the village. Lach farmer should be responsible for the defense of his own hone and property and croups shxdld be formed to defend the village and larger tracts ot' land.

In each village the inhabitants know which persons are patriotic, dedicated anti-communists opposed to the communist control of Arbens. Only such persons can be trusted. Ho instructions are to be taken from anyone else. Each Tillage should have its leader and defenders chosen and ready to protect the people if the farmers are ready to defend their hones and their land^nc so-called "People's Land Array" can confiscate them. It is only those who are unprepared who can be ownseneurprise Communist move.

If any attack is made lt should be repelled with force at once. Then complaints should bo lodged with local authorities, with the President and with all those in positions of influence whoa you know to be trusted anti-Coaraunlats. They will help you to overcome your enemy, the Communist Party.

President Arbens and his supporters are provoking these attacks, but as soon as they realize that they will meet with instantthe danger will be over.

Those who are listening please get word to the rural population at once about the plans of the ao-called "People's Land Army" to seise your homes, so that farmers and property owners can protect themselves. Remember, combatlr el comunismo esa patria.


Women of Guatemala, according to the latest information we have received, the Arbenz government is now planning to embark upon one final effort to maintain its power. In order to keep its actions hidden from the world and to stifle protest, it has now revoked all the Constitutional rights of the Guatenultecan people.

tie should like to tell the Arbenz government now that all its actions of this natureasteime and effort. When the people are united and determined to throw off the yoke of oppression, there is no power on earth which can stop them. The President foolishly imagines that he can subdue us by terror and further tyranny.

Does he not know that our liberation movement has been growing for years and that we have noted and remembered every act that he has taken to turn our countryommunist slave state? Does he think the people will ever forget, for example, the hoax of the Agrarian Reform Law? Does he think we do not remember how he called upon the Communist agitators to push this bill through Congress and impose upon as the evil of collectivized farming? Does he imagine we cannot read the papers and that we do not know how this Communist method has failed in other parts of the world? Our. people know that in Russia and in the satellite countries this agrarian system has resulted in decreased production, starvation and misery for the entire population.

Today, in all Communist countries the production of food is less than it was before the Communist Revolution and the first Five Year Plan. Communist leaders know this, yet in each new country they conquer they force colloctiviied farmpon the people. After more than thirty-five


years of crop failures, as soon as China fell to Communism, Uiis sane system of collectivized farming was imposed upon the people of Asia. For what reason, since it had proailure in other parts of the world? For only one reasonitotalitarian government complete control of the people. That is the only reason the Communists insist upon lt and If thousands of people starve or dieesult, their feeling Is that thatoodt gives the government an added weapon of terror to use and fewer mouths to feed.

Mbcn the President, over our protests, forced this law upon us by moans of hia Communist friends and gave then control of thi3 great sector of our national economy, he knew what he was doing and we knew what he was doing. There was no one in this country, including the President Dim-self, who believed the Agrarian Reform Law would benefit the farmer. It was passed simply to give the Carotin 1st Party control over our vast rural population, many of whom did not have sufficient information to realise the hoax that was being perpetrated upon them. But the President knew, and we will not forget that.

President Arbenz was given his last chance at Caracas to redress the wrongs he had committed against the Qua teniacon people and to renounce bis Communist supporters. He refused this opportunity and chose instead to send Torlcllo and tho Communist delegation to uphold tho cause ofCommunism and to side with the Soviet aggressors.

Revoking oar Constitutional rights and other terror methods will not help the President at this late stage. They only add more acores to the ones to be settled. Voma of the listening audience, demand restitution of your Constitutional rights. Notify our Communist government that the Ouatemaltecan people are determined to be freel


,Xtnen of Guatemala:

In the present period oi" crisis and terror, with the burden of strictures the pro-Communist government has imposed upon all our citizens, we mustcaljaly determined to protect our rights and those of the futureof this nation.

This present period Is due to the efforts of the Conmunist&to suffocate once and for all the people's rights and to silence forever in this once-free land the voices of those who dare to protest against Communist enslavement. The Communist Party uses force and violence to impose its will upon the people. We, the anti-Communists, do not.

tfe therefore are neither surprised nor alarmed at the reign of terror which President Arbenz and the Communist Party have instituted here, fcverythat tho president and the Communist Party take to enslave us makes usunited and more calmly determined to rid our Guatemala of this tyranny. This will not be accomplished by violence and -nurder on oure leave those methods to theut rather by the silent determination and ir if-Bistable will with which we will protect our rights and those of our children.

We do not object, at this stage, to informing the President that his army, his party, and all the organisations which he believes loyal to him and his Communist cause are by now thoroughly infiltrated by persons who are determined anti-Communists. This has been going on for almost two years. Do if the President everignal for an all-out assault upon the pe.ple orommunist uprising, he will find that hia signal willnanswered. The people are against you and the Cowmnist party, Kr. President, and they aro now ready to defend themselves. Within Uie very heart of what you believe to be loyal Communists arc those who, the moment comes, will turn against


The Arbenz government and its Communist supporters are right to feel weak and terrified. They are weaker even than they know. Their imposition of terroristic methods, however, was (oratal step, for it has shortened the period tnat they will remain in power. The time is not yet, but it is coning, Mr. President. It is almost here.

t* say sincerely to you now that it would be the part of prudence and good Judgment on your part to relax your strictures, to restore the people's rights which you have usurped, and to denounco your Comnunist supporters. Whether you will do so or not depends ownonscience, but whichever way you decide, your pro-Comounist governmentooned and its days are munbored. Any further efforts jn your part to inflict violence and terror upon the people will only shorten its days and narden the hearts o; the people still further against you.

Vfanen of Ouatemala, please sec to it that this message is repeated to all our anti-CoTLTunist friends in the usual ways which we nave worked out. And lot us give thanks together that the period of our Comunist enslavement is raiurly at an end.

aan locks at aw.UNiffl


WOMa of Qu:iteriala, tho Arbenz govenuant has noweriod of tension and repression In which our people are living with all their civil rights arbitrarily revoked. Ms should not be in the least alarmed over this, for these are the usual measures takenyrannicalwhen it discovers that it is about to fall from power becauso of the people's opposition. All Communist governments do this regularly in order to impose tneir will upon the majority, and wo must not be in the least surprised or afraid because our Communist regime has takon such neasures.

However, in these days of crisis, it is our duty to protect our homes and our children against any acts of violence which Communist terror bands may attempt to inflict upon the unwary. We hope, therefore that you will take into consideration the advice which we are about to impart in this broadcast, and that you will instruct all other women to do tho same.

In this situation ot crisis, it is our duty above all to protect young and defenooloss children against the ruthlessnesa of tho Communists. Therefore, on (MIME AN APPROPRIATE DATE) allchildren should be removed from the public schools and taught at horn or in private groups which mothers and teachers nay establish. From now on children should not travel on public conveyances without their parents or ather adults acccepanying them. The should stay close to thoir hones or in other places where they may have protection and supervision by trustworthy adults.

This unfortunate absence from the schools of thy nation is made necessary by tho facto-omunlst party has complete control of the Ministry of Education and of the teachers through their Conratnlst Union, and might conceivably, in its ruthless determination to maintain its power in our country, take reprisals against innocent children. Vie have hesitated recommending this step of removing the children from the schools and have appealed previously to the President to remove the Cox.-minist Minister of Education, but the President did not heed this request. Therefore tho removal of the children frun tho schools Is necessary at tola tiae. The history of the Communist conspiracy is filled with incidents in which the Ccraunists take reprisals against innocent children and we cannot expose our youth to this threat in these days of crisis.

While the children xe awayhe schools, they ahould be taught privately and instructedove at their country. They should be instillededication to protect Guatemala against Its groatest enemy in this present moment of historyInternational Coaninist conspiracy.

hope ail mothers and guardians of young children will hood these warnings and that you will follow the advice which you hear over this The future of our nation is in the hands of our youth. It is up to us to protect their lives and to instil in theirove for their country and for the liberty which will forever keep our people free from Comunist domination.

Script rf'oii

Women of Guatemala, this broadcast is to urge you to support the loyal soldiers and officers of the EJercito Nacional who are now pledged to rid our landomun^sn and to restore freedom to Ouatemala.

Ever since President Arbenz betrayed his oath of office by giving control of tho nation into the hands of the Communist Party, our future and that of our children has been in jeopardy. The National Army, pledged to defend us, to uphold the Constitution, to maintain public order and to guard our freedon, has been infiltrated by Cosaunist elements whichto destroy its morale. These opportunists, hoping to gain personal power, placed members of the Communist conspiracy, loyal only to Soviet Russia, within the ranks of the Army and thusortal danger for the country. Fortunately, however, these Cosminists found littlf support among the honorable ranks of the National Army.

Tho overwhelming majority of officers and men, trained in the school of honor and patriotic tradition, resented this betrayal of the military and knew its danger for the security of the nation. Bound to defend thoir country, they were being .sked to betray it. They refused, preferring to follow their glorious and patriotic tradition. They suffered for this. The President did not trust then. He ordered these honorable men jailed, assassinated or exiled. He formed his own secret forces to punish them and to crush and destroy all those who opposed the foreign doctrine of Coorcunism.

But the President misjudged the Army. Though he betrayed his oath.

they did not forget theirs. As soldiers they have now pledged their lives to save Guateaala and to die rather than permit their nation to becoim another slave state in the Soviet Empire, They have farmed an Army of Liberation to savo Ou.itemala and to free us and our children from Coruminist tyranny.

Tfl these brave men wo pledge our loyalty. If they need help, we will give lt to then. If they need arms, we will try to procure them. If thoy noed recruits, our brothers and sons will join their ranks.

are nowrisis in our history. Thereimeountry's struggle against the evil forces of Cjcmnisn when the blow for froedoa nuat be struck, "piathas come for Guateaala, and we rejoice that it is here, if we hesitate, this tine may never come again.

The hour of proof ia at hand and each patriot will fulfill his duty. Women of Guatenala, pledge your supportILL IK HAKES nd transmit to everyone the message you have heard over this station today.

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