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oils, scheduled forbMbGbw Monday, June 7th)

THE principal THtWES OF THE dat, as reflect ad in spot announceBonts between programs, were tha following i

The announceaent by the proadnent labor leader about beheading anti-coauaunists. It's recaption ir. the country and in thepress. (The actual act of decapitation was not What aust the world think now of Guatamala7 They have heard so such in recent weeks and now this io all topped by tbe barbaric statement (published in Lonaon, Paris, New Tork) that was nadeeader of the workers. They aust indeed believe, now, that Guatanalaation of savages.

Aras being given to workers, toeople's amy, are being accepted by amtl-ccmueunlst elements,elcome addition to tbe supplies they will need on the big day.

The army has been stunned by the faot that tbe government sees fit to go over its head to ftomm "popular" forcea. This last breach of faith was the straw that broke the back of the camel with many officers who were doubtful before, if the army is not to be trusted to defend the national interactsj and must be superoeded by farmers, than there must certainly be something fishy in Denmark. This move, added to the faot that the army has only seen small portions of the recently arrived arms, convinces good officers and men that they are being by-passed to serve nefarious government plana for national and international treason.

"Kueatra Cgapana Radial"t Part onehree part series on Communist Penetration in Labor Unions. Onionsasic and integral part of the oountry, and tbe work and participation of unions in International conferences, such ae the Russian "peaceheir sympathy with North Korea, theirId behalf of the Rosenbergs, and all such things make them aboard of International relationships. Thus far, sadly, the world haa only been able to confirm its doubts about Guat-Soviet ties through tbe representations of the unions. Names and dates of Communist infiltration,etailed history of the WS labor movement, and the sly entrance of commies, agents of Moscow.

"laa Patrla"I Tha theme of this daily program, spokenoman, isLife Would Beommunist Guatamala". How the pattern of life in the home and the ohurch would be if Arbens is successful in hiato makeommunist beach-head. Description of tue life women have known in all Commie dictatorships. "Kov couldystem of modern slavery extend so farj Principally beoause lost countries have been hypnotised by false promisee ofnd thus blinded, they bad no way to judge the value of liberty until it was too late. It waa forgotten that their can be no dictatorship without tbe suffering of families, homes broken and children spying on their own mothers and fathers."

"SaoRre do riartirea.i" The 7theries of dramatized Red crimes in Guata-mal*.. Full radio theatre, with sound effects, musical back-I grounds. 1st episodeeries dramatizing the tortures * of Federioo Paiz Herrera. Hie arrest without legal pro-1 ceedure. The days he was hold without news of hisarrest beint made public. His family desperate, unable to locate hia. The scenes of hi3 torture in the basement of the headquarters of ths Guarida Civil.

"Pegando Cantro": aily short broadcast with ominous sound effects, which isolate ohe single commie and gives him hell. Based onreports when available, on notional and vagueor accusations when not. Today's example:

"Attention, Chaco Delgado. Attention, Chaco Delgado. Radio Liberation addresses iteelf to Chaco Delgado. Traitoryou are living for only one reason, because we had hoped to fight our battleslean and dignified way, to avoid bloodshed by violent acts andas were made Friday night. But we now know that you are currently workingalse document, in which*you will try and throw mm blame on innocents at the expense of tha anti-Communists. You have signed your death warrant, Chaco, and now you will die among theto." (Sound effect of falling bomb and explosion).

"Loe Acusaaos Oe Alto Tracion" : Oneegular series oi" pro^rsas directed to J. Arbenz, sealing his grave beyond all possibilities of back-tracking. This day he is accused as the nan whose hand operates tha Red guillotine which took the life of Arena, and who today continues to place the Army in the terrible position of having toall fairness to themselves and to their

belovedfight against the present government

"and now that (he has allowed) Communism to dominate our country, has tried to weaken the military forces, and has even forced some, butew, of our soldiers to act against tbe oath they havee must beraitor, and thus judged, and so he shall be punished.11


"Special Announoaaent",: ToAgustin, ofhanks you for the delivery of the package requested yesterday. Ha also asks you to send word to Alberto, of Brigade 3A, to carry out the mfJJJi EgAtt "plan of the seven banana trees" as originally decided".

"Quedonde Vamoe"l "Education inhasedart of the Plan of Tegucigalpa. The schoolontinuation of the home, forming the men who will lead us tomorrow. It is the oradmEof Liberty, forming the ideas which will make us great. Libertycience. What happens when am our schools are simply XmwOi factories turning out sterile minds indoctrinated with the subversive ideas of Communism. It is now almost too late to protect our own children from this, unless we teach them in the home, and remember that the overnment sometimes forces teachers, who must live, to teach their students the half-truths and hypocrises of Communism.

"tvews From Raoin Liberation": The final program of all broadcasts is this

Winehell style report of late news, with interpretations. The great majority quote national and hemispheric newspapers, adding pertinent comment. The comments are often black,

Eaamples: It is announced that the Government of Hondurasandlandestine radio station functionservice of Communism. hort time it was rumouredthat this was our station, but our continuedonce aaac more put the lie to this "hope" of thethen,ood time to remind our listeners thatthe only authorized station of the Liberatiohbas only twoother special times of

broadcast will be announced previously, so that tbe public will know they are bearing only the truth. Any other broadcasts you hear will not be ours. We bring you this message because our sources have informed us that the government, frantic because they have not been able to find us, iseception

going to tba extent of teaching announcers to

imitate ourthen broadcasting untruths so that they later can claim it is the Voice of the Liberation. Beware of such tricks, resorted toesperate and trembling government.

(Langevin's note: The above is to be repreated from time to time so that SHERWOOD willenial leg-to-stand-on in tha event we make some monumental error).

News report quoting interview with Col. Carlos Catillo Armas, published in newspapers of other Central American countries.

Report on tbe Guatemalan ambassador, un-named, who Is being recalled because he admittedatin American newspaperman that broadcasts. were deliberately slanting internal news programs.

Report that the Labor leader who made the famous "beheading" statement is now furious withhe President in reality instructed this man to meat make the statement in order to try and intimidate the Opposition, but now that there hasack-fire, nationally and Internationally, he refuses to let the man off the hot-seat by admitting that he was instructed by Arbenz and Pellecer to make the ridculous statement which has so abruptly lowered Guatemala's prestige abroad.

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