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Statue of Plane end Action re TTiiit email If Jtevolutloa

1. Asy /ese, according to Mr. teddy of tbe Dspartxwnt ofhe following le the etatue of plena and actions to be taken In regard to Guatemala if the rerolntlon la these are la general baaed on tbe Hat dram up by Stata-CTA -Defa nee group onJune.

*- PubUo auteagnta

Aaalatant Secretary or statela following thle problea. Leddy etated that they eaat be rery cexeful tmtil tha eltuetloa le quite clear. They bare not done anything about Senate or louee eteteearcta.

b. Dlploaatlc Recognition

They believe lt la desirable to have eeverol Central American natlona recognise the new goverrejent prior. recognition. Leddy agreed that oahlee ahould go to tha appropriate Aaheaaedora alertingn tbla natter.

o. Pending. Recognition

. ahould unofficially give new leedare assurances that recognition would be forthcoming. Leddy thought Arheaeador Peurlfoy could probably hsndl* tola) If not, nr. Wiener ahould discuss with Mr. Holland the nee of aoae covert channel to accoapllah thia end.

d. CcnpOdltlon of hew Aiitl^cenanlB'. Oovcrnnent

Thle will be deteradaed by the people oo the epot and by areata.

the sponsorship ef the aew apvejaaeut willittle tlae eadmelt tha completion of the other aattan aentioaad above.

f Qui tedcegeny

ThU vlll take tlae. Leddy said they will probably wait until Br. Mootgoaery of the Coapeay return* frtai Honduras. Uddy eaid that la the meantime, he hoped the rebel leedare were saying tbat tbey wouldard bargain with tbe Company.

g. Military

State la not doing anything about tola at present, h. goonoalc

Bare they need aere Infometion aa to (l) vhat funda. If any, the nev goverDBsnt will rind when it takes overhat la needed. Leddy la going to aak the Ambassador for this Infometion. FOA is working on the future eooooaia problem, but also neede this information.

1. Psycboloaloal

The only thing that Leddy had to say regarding this was that they would aak the Ambassador what relief ouppllea were needed.

RICHARD M. BIBSRIX, JR. Special Aeeietant to the Director for Planning and Coordination



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