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PP Activities Resulting fro* Events in GUATttttLA

Outline of Recommendations

I. Immediate action to be taken in Ouatemala:

aH useful evidence rei

activities, especially Communist influencein government, laboreasants unlona, etc.

including wrdtr of anti-Communists bytorturing of prisonersnhumane methods ofpolitical "undesirables" (piling then sick andaooting of houses of political prisonersetc,

interference In the affairs of otherHonduras, Salvador aid Nicaragua, using theservices for the clandestine infiltration offinancing strikes,ossibly also role inassassinate President Somoia.

evidence may be obtained through!

a. Documentary evidence to be found in government offices (Presidency, Foreign Ministry, Policen politicalQ of the four government parties, especially the Communist Party, TOT; and of the Communist-con trolled organisations, especially the

Labor Union Federation (CGTG) and the Farmers Peoemtionnd in the hemes of Communist leaders, government officials, etc.

b. Interrogation of knowledgeable witnesses, both friendly. victima of police brutality, leaders of non-Communist groupsnd unfriendly (officialr of the Arbenz regime, Communist officials).

Some of this evidence, especially concerning Guatemalan activities abroad, may also be obtained in adjoining countries, especially in Honduras (fomenting of strikes, printinglandestine Communistseveral Guat consuls declared nan grata because of interference with internal affairs) nnd in Nicaragua (part in assassination plot, possihly also propoRanda).

XI. Action depending upon steps to be taken by tbe new Guat Government:

is essential that the first declarations and measures ofgovernment should help to refute Communist and other hostileespecially with regard to the following points!

new regime endorses Agrarian aeform, too, onlyCommunist coloring. There should perhapsovernmentof the past performance of the agrarian reformof the activities of the Communist-DominatedAgriculture, to prove that this past performance wasommunist purposes, (b) not conducted in the best interestpeasants and farm workers.

new regime is not at the service of foreignof the United Fruit Company. (It might submitto international arbitration, before tho World Court,other suitable body.)

new regime is not anti-labor. It will removefrom the labor unions, but not destroy basic labormight be demonstrated by callingelegation fromor the (KIT which could confirm past Communist misuse ofUnions, perhaps through public hearings.

(KOTEi Castillo Armas, in anew days ago, was quoted as stating that he was to forbid any central union federation and to permit only separate unions. This attitude is likely to bring him immediately into conflict with the international labor movement and to confirm the accusations of non-Communist liberal media which branded his movement from the beginning as

new regime ought to take steps to document its caseonly for the benefit of the people of Ouatomala, but foropinion as well. Such steps might include:

rite Book, Justifying the overthrowArbenz regime along the lines ofbove, documentingcharacter of the uprising etc.

of its case before. and/or.

o. Public trials of persons responsible for tbe conditions under the Arbens regime, especially for atrocities, misuse of government offices and government funds for Communist purposes (it seems, for instance, that various trips of Communist leaders behind tha Iron Curtain were financed from government funds) the output of official government propaganda followed also strictly the CP line).

III. International Action.

of Communist atrocities, of the Communistthe Arbenz regime etc. (for instance, survivors of Salama,labor union officials) should go on lecture tours with thepubllcityj throughout Latin America, this might beSummit, for Europe and perhaps some Asian countries

international organizations should be invited:

send delegations to Guatemala to convincetheir international membership) of the true facts.

assist in the democratic reconstruction of the country.

Such organizations might include the ICFTU, the International Peasants Union, the National Committee Free, etc.

writereutral countryeither fromLatin American country, or perhaps even better from ancountry elsewhere, such as India, Indonesia or the Philippinesbe induced to visit Guatemala, toersonal study ofand of ite background aid toell-documented andbook "Tbe Case of Guatemala" which would then be given thedistributionorld-wide scale. This book shouldthe lessons which other undeveloped countries may derive from

the experience of Guatemala with international Camennisni.


Above recommendations should be understood to be in addition to the obvious routine measures required in this situation, such as}

a. Providing adequate guidance and background material for all pp outlets not only in Latin America, but in all interested parte of the world (which ought to include particularly Asia,


the Middle East and predominantly agrarian European countries, such as Italy and perhaps Greece and Spain).

to combat the expected revival of the GuatTarty, whether underground inside the country or in exile.

the capabilities of the world-wideapparatus (especially in the Western Hemisphere),performed throughout the Guatemalan cases and decidingcf weakening, if not destroying this apparatus orof counter-balancing it with more effective PP assetsown.

our own PP operations in the cast for theof deriving useful operational lessons for future cases ofnaturo.


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