Created: 7/1/1954

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MemorsnduK to Mr.Wisner RE: Control in Guatamala

It became increasinply evident to those members of PBSucceas who were In close contact with Callerp.erle during the period leading upay that he was not an intelligent individual,lacked administrative ability and was easily penetrated and Influenced. In conversations with Lincoln Senior officers this ubject of much concern and 'iiscusslon and It was recognized that sone control would have to be maintained over him so that bis future government would not fall flat on its face. After discussing tho aforeraention with the WH Division they recomaendod that Wellbanks.preeently residing In SAN considered as the person to attach to Callerperis to furnish the necessary control and guidance.

Tour attention also is being called to the fact that one of the conditions for

turTI t0 ^'IeMay,was that the groupore

realistic look at the linltations of Callergeris andtronger position In controlling hia.

I fssl that our endeavoring to control 3thru Pare way cause usCalliperis who undoubtedlyo 'ollowing all of

and contactsonstant basis. Kurthomnre ^ as net indicated any ability to wield infl'ioncejon the rontrary, he nas reached Usposition through the process of eltB'natlon. Weave had any control over his actions nor has he aiv reason to be orligated tcus at the presenteconnend strongly thatke up our *iinds what ihase of tiie port wo are planning to back and follow this course Inasmuch as the Latin -iind ia soand withalent for Intrigue that they will perceive iramedia'ely our two-pronged device which to them will be very apparent and we will find oursulves in tfie pasittai where we wio playing both ends against tho middle when actually there Is nothing 'n tho middle, and so will really be playing aroinst our own interosta. In Latin Amorica you always hava two powers: The party that is IM Dower and the one intriguing to. We are IN powerelieve that we should take all s'epao regain la that Position and you won't accomplish this byfcorsws.


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