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bsear waa shipped to SHERWOOD for setting up their station.

uno orders cane through to now to SOMERSET, the advance base for purpose ola dispatching bundles and supplies to the troops, also making up of new drop bundles to meet requirenenta fromproceeded to Somerset, arriving there the nightune, at which time thoy remainedays with the XMFLUSH troops at tha local air base. They reported in toT, and were given the assignment of preparingew air drop bundles consisting of rifles and anno, in addition toundles on hand. During this tins shipments were received of supplies and equipment froa FJHOPEKUL, and they supervisedunloading and its storage at Somrset.

On approxljuatelyune first flight took off from Somersetundles. Prior to this first flight the crews and kickers, both indigenous and PBPRDG had bean given several prelininary flights for familiarisation with kicking of bundles and behavior of the aircraft, tnle being under the supervisionthaays there was loading and unloading of aircraft because of lack of reception parties in the DZs which ran mpp until approximatelyune at which tiro signals were received from tho ground to drop.

Upon arrival ofob of armor was placed on ^

as the other work on the cargo ships, this work consisted

of antingal. machine guns and loading ammo for sans, fusingP*lusters)at which time some difficulty arose as to the detonation of thato have boon from the arming ant wiring of sane. It was foundwere fusod properly, all equipment waa oheckodj afterwards results At this tine the safety and arming

wires to the fuallage of the airplanes asking aura that if the bombs were dropped they would explode or would be known to baub. During this time results* detonations.

the arrival of the bomb expert, all bomb^ racks, firingchecked, arming procedures were chaoked and found to be correct.each pilot out onockpit chock no nore trouble occurred.

" 3de-briefing

10. During this tine, being rather

approximatelyay, working both cargo and fighter planes to keep On approximatelyune the cease-fire carw into effect at whichoperations cameery abrupt halt, Thoovt placed anon all aircraft and supply buildings and PBPTtrME personnel wore notgo near the aircraft or take any suppllea or tutorials otherowfrom tho warehouse. This ban was liftaduly at which timeof Somnrset took place In the aftorn oon. Then the first shiploadMM which waa left over departed Somersetassengers,and tha mortar expert. This left tho final loading of thi

ircraft in tha handa of ]and anotherarrived at KJHOPEFUX atuly and departed thore

3 July, reporting to LINCOLBuly.


Complete support was received fim FJHOPEFUL ia the procurement of packaging materiels and extra help from personnel assigned to that base. Supportremendous holp In the procurement of matorlale, on short notlee, that wore needed for complotlon on packaging requirements.

It was found that the aingls wrap of muslin cloth was not sufficient to prevent some of the tar that penetrated tho outer wrap of burlap from getting onto the weapons. The amount that penetrated was not enough in nest cases

to rondor the weapon unserviceable.

very good cooperation from the indlgneous personnel ofloading and unloading alroraft there.

lit Cooperation and support of all branches of PBSUCCESS personnel at Somerset was exceptionally good.

$. The pilots and crews of the aircraft taenad toense of security as to discussions of flights, places thoy had bean, also the work that they were doing. Several times it was necessary in publio eating places to call their attention to tha faot that they were not to talk of their activities In which thoy wore engaged. This was observed raoat especially froa thsxx;crews as there was more contact with them than with the pilots.

A. The7 Pilots woro not familiar with the bombs, bomb reloaseeairoraft, this being eapeclally true of

These two men hadit of trouble with bocbs that did notis believed that they were dropping them with the chemicalnot arming them.was very aggressive In his

actions and runs, very truthful in targets hits or missed and probablyetter record of this operation on hits and damage dons than the other 2.

fi. 7 pilots were very much interested in tho monetary returns'

received from their flights and drops as wsre their kickers*

C, The li indigenous kicksra and one (jre ind crew man were exceptionally There

good in their work, fits? were very few complaints from these men, they worked hard and did the very beat Job that they could possibly do considering that thereanguage barrier botween them and the crew.

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