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1* tSnCAH EMBASSY. ital Konaady dispatch from Qumtemala City in BT Times of July Br

"Referring to Communists and othors who hare sought asylua In Latin-American embassies hare. Col. ttmson said 'Each oas* la being studied to learn of direct or indirecte hare not given safe conduct to anyone.* He added that..Arbens who..has taken refuge in tho Itadoan Embassy bad not askodaTe-oonduot pass,

"While rights of asylum will be rewpeotod. Col. Urajon said. It is -virtually certain that safell not be granted to persons guilty of commone listedersona a* having taken asylum hare. About GOO of these are In the Mexican Embassy, lnoln-dlng Quill arrao Tori olio, .ho added.

"Col. Unison did most of the talkingress oonfe-renoe this morning, at which all five smobers of the junta warm present.."

HSOttO TO IBSIST OH OIVUW ASTLuV, laaadllna an Sydney Orason dlspateh from mrxioo City in BT Ttmes of July

"anxloo la datormlnad to abide by established principles of political asylum in the case of tha hundreds ofsheltered in her Guatemala) official anaounoemoct baa been oade by the Msxicanut its views..are well known ond bare been reflectedwspapor ocuuent.

"the bxsio prioninle on which ttsxloo will standhat the reoexrW country alone has tie right to determine who shall be given asylum. This principle was upheld at the tenth Intcr-mnarlcan Canferoneo In Caraoss early this year. Imsverthelass, Ouatesmlaas new ruling suthoritlea bare made it clear that they consider may of tha persons in the mnrtean Embassy as felons who will hare to stand trial for orimes ranging from the robbery of the country'! banks to the Harder of

gnCAH gMBASST. Aooording to the same Orusanhe most ja-andnent OuBteesaajH in theo CHARK&ODnd FORTOBY.

"The wire of Sonar FOKTUal was reported to have given birthoy In the Embassy..

"In the oonfusion of the Arbons Govt.'a downfall, many Guatemalans fled ncross the border Into Tapaohula, iMzleo and acme flaw out In private planes. One plane carried ifej. Alme ROSsifflBRG, former head of the secret police, and Col. Rogelio CRUZ WER, former head of the national Police. Both men are on the new Guatemalan authorities'list.ntl-Comrau-niat popular front asked the Govt,xpel thorn as orisdnals, but tiwyhad been accorded poiitloai asylum.."


A oablo4Saw FOBTUhY at anxlosn Embassy. Ho refused to be debrl ofed*

A oablo dated4 Indicated that, at tbat data, the imcrloan Embassy bad given aeylun to "weersona. Includingtriello, cxdllenao MUTTERT (bead of Puatanalaw Touriatugusto Charmud Mm penal d, Julio ajajfA, and Carlo* Enrique Diaz,."

A&aT*able datedune reported that asylum bad been granted to "Over lo7 pano naaeeot all will stay when preaent trouble* are over* "

HlUftHable datedune reported that asylum had been given to "Overersonal no names given**

A oablo ofJune statedPBLLBCBS la reported to have neen allowed to escape and to ba ia the Chileann the ease cableinformant" stated thatenwdaa were in the Chilean Embassy*.

AUAPOBAM EMBASSI*ehle datedune reported that "col. Carlos AU1ABA Sandoval (sinister of TwwrW ccanuaioatlons and Public Works) and Col* Deniaad taken refuge in the Salvadoran Bateusy,"

An earlier cable reported that "Col* Oarloe ALOAHA Sandoval, mother, wifehildren took refuge in the Salvadoran Embassy0 of June

BOAPffi raoMablotfly reported! "Junta ooneerned with internal power problsma, has, not enesed down on OP aa hard ae may appear. CP and CP-oentrolled labor machine largely intact* Seoret nemo are still in keylocking investigations. Commies in wees alee getting out back door end operating illegally. Borders not seeled* era of Ooarde-dominatedP-penetrated Ouardla Civil obviously not equipped forbrnrsivo follow-up cotian-.'

Be OUTIBHHBZ, PELUCCER* Accordingable datedune Col. Carlos Bcrlqueoted that FORTUKT, QTJTXBSKBZ and PZLLSCE8 had been arrested but he wished to let than go into exile* Seither CBuZ WEE nar ROSESBBaj had bean arrested* (see

Accordingable datedune "an unidentified lieutenant who checked QuTIKRKbZ into the Ouartel Qeneral.*smid that at0 Juneol* Jose Luis uorales Ualgar, new Chief of the Cuardla Civil, let GUTIERREZ out the book door and his whereabouts areana oabloi "PfiLLECBB is reported to hare been allowed to esoaps and to be in tha Chilean Brftossy."

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