Created: 7/9/1954

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Disposal of Guatemalan Coanunistc


believe that this problem, involvinguatemalan communists ofumber are in Jail andnot all necessarily communists) are seeking asylum, should be handled within Guatemala so far as is practicable.

It is suggested that the Government of Guatemala be induced to adopt two policies;

communist or not, who committedhumanity under the ARBENZ regimerigorously punished.

residual communists will behancetheir wayirst under strict buton,tretch of the Panand thereafter as they relapseunder some sortarole systemauthorities are reasonably sure of their


Guatemalan Government should delaythe exit of any of the individuals who arein foreign embassies in Guatemala City,alleging that all must be checked as to whethercommitted crimes against humanity.

Government should announce that it willto asylum for criminals, as defined in paragraph

a considerable number of the refugees

In asylum, provided their hands are clean, eventually will elect either to work their way back or tonon-communism and seek amnesty.

Guatemalan Government should undertake toin due course as to the substantiated charges

of crimes against humanity lodged against those refugees seeking asylum and of all sentences imposed on non-refugees for such offenses.

who contine to seek asylum andno criminal charges are laid shouldpermitted to leave. Prior to departureidentifications and physicalbe established. Their documentationvalid only for the country granting asylum.

Intelligence considerations:

a. Hone of the people who recant should be regarded by us as defectors, nevertheless, they have among them much valuable information on Party techniques, plans and procedures. However,elieve that from five to ten knowledgeable people would be enough to give ue all the information that we need. Several of these are probably already available and others may be squeezed out of their present asylum with the passage of time. Such people should be subjected to detailed interrogation, nominally by the Guatemalan authorities.

PP considerations:

a. Propaganda exploitation in connection with the above scheme obviously should be focussed on itsaspects. Kecessury punitive measures should be played down, with emphasis here on the established guilt of the accused and the fairness of sentences.

Defector Coordinator

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