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Intelligence Infornatlon Provided to Department of State

Concerning Guatemala

1* Intelligence Information concerning Guatemala has boon supplied regularly to the Department of State in tho form of babied Preliminary(PD's) Since the middle of Hay, memoranda have been passed informally to certain members of tho Department containing both the infornatlon currently being disoealnated as veil as supplementary material of operational interest to those officials fardliar with PBSUCCESS objectives and brought partly Into PBSUCCESS operations.

Ho advance information concerning Guatemalan intentions to take her case to tho United Nations was reported oy CIA agents in Guatemala.

However, knowledge of Guatemalan plana which counted on some form of arbitration to settle tho Guatemalan situation before the expected uprising led by CASTILLO Arras occurred was disseminated in the following two reports:

funanformation that Foreignhad said theremaster card" which the Guatemalansplay by requesting that the United States and Guatemala sit downat an OAS mooting in which the rest of the combers would act

funenformation that MinisteriaKJUl planned to advise ARBENZ toalk within which the Guatemalans would agree to get rid ofin return for economic concessions fron the United States.

U. Information was provided to the Department of State onndune for use in countering certain false statements made by the Guatemalan Government. The two allegations were that bombs hod been dropped on Guatemala City onndune, and that Guatemala wasnvaded by foreign forcos without popular support. The first point was refuted by material which shoved that eyewitnesses had emphatically stated thai tho aircraft of the revolutionary forces dropped only leaflets and osly fired bursts into the clouds, and that the house ofSOIA in Guatemala City sllegedly bombed was In fact set on fire by unknown persons in Guatemala City. Ths second pointuted jy citing disaffection in the Guatemalan Air Force as well cs ?adio Llberacion broadcasts stating that tho revolutionary forces3dditional material vas cited to counteract ARBENZ claim onune that there "was no reign of terror in Guatemala." Specific instances wero the deaths by

torture of Gabriel HA-.TIilSZ del Rossi, Perfecto VXLLEOAS, and the owner of the KAUF AN finca,

IS was provided with caily susauries of information, and -onitared radio reports during the perioduneheir use*

information which the Department of State receivedconcerned the following general subjects!

of army leaders with Communist nature of ARBENZ regime!

1eaction of Guatemalan Army Officers to Arms Shipment to Guatemala

"Incident dra aticslly demonstrated close ties of Guat and SovietArmy

3 Junethat Arbens Change Present Policy

"AH1JEHZ stated the Army trying to persuade him to get rid of Communists and change policy, but he saidlicy was his and unchtn; cable with or without

inr/ Requost that Arbenz Change Policy or be Overthrown

"Great majority) have indicated to President AHSEttZ their opposition to continued gov't alliance with

?ctivities of Guatemalan Civilian Bnd Military Leaders

"Unidentified cabinet minister has beer, conferring with Col. Jose Angel SAKCIEZ, Minister of Defense, about measures to take againstn view of apparent unwillingness AHHEIJZ to nodify his stand on

Actions of Guatemalan Government Suppressing Anti-Communists

uatemalan Government Activities against Anti-Cenminists

"Sinceune,ersons have disappeared in Tiquisate.ersons have been arrested in Kazatenan, o. Arrests throughout Guatemala run into the hundreds,

6ropping of Arms, Amounition fror. Unidentified Aircraft in Vicinity Tiquisate, Ouatomals

"Twoof prisoners taken by Guardia Civil So Escuintla from Tiquisate. Total number of prisoners"

6nrest in Guatemala


"Unofficialu&0in Guatemalawo liundred new agents oSlng employed by Guardia Civil (note that Government has made no corj^ent on number of poisonson-Guatoraalan Comnuniats engaged in tortures and murders of

8ttempt of Guillermo TORIELLO to Resign

"TORIELLO tried to resign given as reason hiswith mass arrests and tortures being conducted by Guatemalan

8eeting of Guatemalan Cabinet on Nightune

"ARBENZ asked for law authorizing any anti-Communist who wa3 arrested to be shot in three

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