Created: 7/19/1954

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IKtTRSCTIOMS: OK**'thould b* vted in tha "TO" column. Undorcommaine thould ba drawn acroit aktat andconvnant numtctd la correspond *rfh Iha ngmbw in lha "TO" retaam. Each oNiotr thawkf initial (chart mark inititf xianO bafore forlnar routing. Thia Routing and ftacerd Snaat should ba rotumad to Bajirtry.

MEMORANDUM FOB: DeputyLatin Aaerlcs).

tlae ago tbereiscussion at an OCBthe revlev of U3 policy toward Latin America, particularlypolicy. Reference vas made to tbe Rio Conference nextveil aseneral belief that aof oar relation*America vas In order. General Cutler at that time saidwould be helpful to KSC, specifically to tbe Planning Board,OCB vers toeport containing ao evaluation ofaet forth in KSCrom the point of view of theagencies together vith suggestion! as to gaps in policy. that the Planning Board would get at tbe review of lUt/lend of July, and would try to have ESC action daringwas also made to tbe Cabinet Committee and tbe workvas doing.

OCB Working Oroup on NSCprepared arepresents tbe views of the operators. It Is deficient assines It suggests specifle language to be incorporated Inof tne BSC paper. It has been agreed that OCB workingnot attempt to draft language. It was felt, however, thatwould be of some use to the Planning Board, and ratheruntil It was rewritten, the OCB Board Assistants agreedOCB Executive Officer should send it on to General Cutler point-out that it represented only the operators' Judgment onit hid not be fully ateffed in any of tbe member agencies,oy the Board itself. Presumably, this document vlll come

to you via NSC channels in the near future.

3> In connection with the OCBeen In touch vith Um Western Hemisphere Division, and they tell ae that so far as po:iry statements ore concerned, the present NSC document is adequate for our pjrpoeaa.


Special Assistant to tne Director




1MrC. J


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