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MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD: SUBJECT: Summary Report on CIA Team to Guatemala City

two-man CIA teamuly) in Guatemala City in order to ensure the acquisition of documentary evidence on the Communist conspiracy in Guatemala, and to organize an ostensibly Guatemalan effort towards intensive investigation of the Communist complex for purposes of accomplishing its exposure and destruction.

The team inspected the headquarters of the Communiat Party, of the trade union confederationnd of other frontwhich had been locked by the authorities after the ouster of Arbenz. The Communists had apparently been surprised by lhe collapse of the regime, and leftast amount of documentation. Destruction of records by anti-Communists. and probable removal of especially sensitive documents by the Communists, however, occurred.

Documents available forapart from Government files--number over. They reflect, in strictest summary, strong Communist influence in the Arbenz regime, infiltration of Government, and the structure and personalitiesubstantial part of the CommunistCommunist Party and itsbelts: trade unions, peasant organizations, youth groups, etc. Some of the Communists* overt international connections arc evidenced, but no documents evidencing Soviet control of the Communist movement in Guatemala have been found to date. Available documents constitute

a firm basis for the functioningational security service inthe remaining elements of the Communist movement.

few documents brought back from Guatemala, after asampling, consist mainly of certain papers cachedat the time of his resignation, and communications addressed

to the Ministry of Government and to the Peasant Confederation (CNCG).




In summary, the documents reflect: Communist influence in Arbenz' regime, at the very top; Armyo induce him to eliminate that influence, and to base himselfationalist policy on Army support; his rejection of Army efforts; moves made by his Foreign Minister to. criticism and win Latin American allies in the declining days of thetrong protest by his Foreign Minister against acts of police brutality in Guatemala before fall of the Regime; steps taken by pro-Arbenz political parties and the Peasant Confederation to organize armed defense of the Regime; and consternation over Arbenz' resignation.

The CIA team stimulated the creationunta-sponsored Guatemalan Investigative Committee which will, upon approval by Castillo Armas, conduct open and secret back-track investigations in order to obtain the full picture of national and international Communism in Guatemala. The Committee will be under covert CIA control

This Committee, already operating on an informal basis, will centralize all records and information on the Communist complex, and arrangements have been made to secure CIA. State Department and USIA access to the documentation.

A joint CIA, State Department and USIA team will proceed in the near future to Guatemala City for the exploitation of the documents. Under CIA chairmanship, the joint team will divide responsibilities

as follows: CIA will exploit the documents in order to assist the Guatemalan authorities with the liquidation and exposure of thecomplex, in addition to guiding the formationiable Guatemalan security organization; State Department representatives will screen the documents for photo-reproduction and study in USIA will examine the same materials for possible exploitation.

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