Created: 7/27/1954

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of arms to Tegucigalpa

1* Asthasssdor Wlllauer haa expressed extreme unhap plnsss with regard to our failure to deliver to hla tha entire tree shipoont Intended for the defenae of American oitisena. Be haa requested that the shlpnent be oample ted snd Kr. Wisner has approved of this and requested that ho be advised in writing when it haa bean scconpllshed. Therefore, find out how ouch arrived, where the rsaatindsr is snd neks plans for getting it to Tegucigalpa. When you are in posaseslon of all the facta, please see ae before starting action.

I antlolpste some kind of reaction fron Ambassador Paurlfoy on the above subject when ha arrives in Washington in tha next few days. Therefore, pleaseaper aa to whether or not the original snail sms shipment was delivered to hia, what part of the large shipment arrived snd where the ranalnder, if any, now la.

Hr. Wisner has approved the Genera requested by Aabessador Willsuer whloh la for the photographer of Prooldent Oalves. If tha exact modal originally requested la not available, Ambsasador Willill accept afacsimile". For your Information, tba camera la to appearersonal gift from Ambassador WiHsusr to President Calves,

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