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M&DIiANDUH FOR: Deputy Director, Piano

Mechanicg for Exploitation of Guatemalan


ecords of the Arbonadocumenting its subservience to the 'Coraaunlst Party, as well as records of tho Communist Party itself have become available to us in Guatemala Cityesult of Castillo Armas* victory,

We believe that exploitation of these records by tbe

three Agencies with primary operational interest in then

State, DSIA, end CIAhouldo-ordinated exploitation, even though the interests of etch of these agencies veries

objectiveystematic search forwill help us act against Cgaggunisnnot Justbuturwill concern people who can beexploited to. policyesult ofebout them that theae records give us.

on tho other hand, will look primarilyreconstructing the pattern of Cconrunistsubversion in Guatemala. This analysis ia neededpolicy purposes, as well aa for direct use through

j Ambassador Lodge.

Interest parallels much of State's. addition it in for material which can be uacd to educate"

public opinion on the nature of the Arbenz regime andreality of Communism in

l^JUSVCQOfl TlacUllti




3- In spite of these variants between the co-operating agencies' programs, all three will be interested in about the same records. Consequently, CIA has invited State and USIA to join it iningle task force which will pool the records and exploit them for each others' interest. The task force will operate under the chairmanship of CIA, and under the general direction of Ambassador Peurifoy. CIA has reserved only two specific authorities: (a) exclusive control over relations with the Guatemalan Government, which maintains ownership of the records, and (b) veto power over the public use by State or USIA of information which can be used most effectively by clandestine operations.

4. CIA hasery quick preliminary sampling of the document collection; the highlights of this sampling are recorded in the booklet you have been shown today.V in addition, one member of the task forcetate Department man) already isthe documents in Guatemala City. The rest of the task force will go to Guatemala to begin work early next week.

[ ?

Chief, RCJK/0IS

he booklet referred to is "Documents Obtainedrief, Preliminary Sampling of the Documentary Evidence of Communist Infiltration and Influence inrepared by Staff C. Mr. Tracy Barnes is bringingopies of it to the briefing for distribution.

materiel, will yon please cause to beice, neat Job aunnarltlng concisely the nature of your findings and discoveries with regard to tbe extent of Cotsainlst infiltration of the Guatemalanto be illuminated with stations endtaken from tbe materialan exawlned and return to you herewith.ooklet of tbe sort which tbe Director could pass around to members of the NSC sons tin toward the Middle of next weekin connectionigh-level briefing which be has in mind on tbe subject of Ouatemala. It should be indicated that this Isrief and preliminary sampling of the aociinwmtary evidence of Conaeanist infiltration and influence and you should enlist the assistance of tbe printers and others. The classification should be according to your own best Judgment, taking into account the fact that we would like to have toee fairly broad distribution of thisat soawt future time and also the fact that you may have good reasons to want to withhold

knowledge of our possession of certain of thewhich you will include in thia dossier.



The documents described and exhibited in the following pages were obtained in Guatemala shortly after the fall of the Arbenz Regime. They represent the results ofrief and preliminary sampling of the documentary evidence of Communist infiltration and influence in

The majority Df the documents discussed herein were found among personal effects and papers of Jacobo Arbenz which had been cachedew hours of his resignation from the Presidency of Guatemala. Other documents were seized by military and police authorities after the fall of both Arbenz and his successor. Colonel Carlos Enrique Diaz, Chief of the Armed Forces.

The documents represent somethingiscellany, but they fall generally into two groups: those which reflect Communist influence in the Arbenz Regime, and those which deal with activities of that Regime in its declining days.

The documents are The explanatory text appears on the left-hand page; the corresponding document-exhibit appears on the right-hand page.

SEcawr^ U. S.

ARUENZ' Communist Library

publications found among ARBENZ' personal effects. Included are works of Marx. Lenin. Stalin. Mao, and Malenkov; copies of the Cominform organ,asting Peace,eople's Democracy!"; Soviet and Satellite books, magazines and pamphlets; the Statutes of CP. G.nd copieseport of the Central Committee of that Party.



Documents Reflecting Communist Influence in the Arbenz Regime (Summary Characterizations)

II. Report of Secretary General of CP Guatemala, given to Arbenz "with the deep-felt affection of his friend--Jo hc Manueluthor of the Report.

#2. Edition of Mao Tse-Tung's writings, given to Arbenz by person prominent in Communist activities. Book has special binding, with the name "Arbens" stamped in gold on the cover.

#3. Peking-published Chinese Communist materials concerning Agrarian Reforms in China.

#4. Note transmitting "Memento of the Soviet Union" to Arbenz. from member of Communist4ed trade union confederation in Guatemala.

#5. Moscow-published book, "J.iographicaliven to Mrs. Arbens with the inscription: "The lofty example of the great should inspire us with optimism."

#6. Originalemorandum addressed to CP Secretary General, found in National Palace (Officeecretary of Mrs. Arbenz).

#7. Letter torom Army General Staff, transmitting questions regarding the Regime's links with the Communist Party, and the tatter's influence on the Regime.

#8. Attachment to the preceding document. Specific Army questions regarding the Arbenz Regime's links with the Communist Party, the letter's influence in the Regime and its efforts to organize armed forces apart from the National Army.

#9. et of answers to the Army's questions (presented in preceding documents). Text reflects strong pro-Communist bias.

etter to Arbenz.rom Rogelio CRUZ Wer. Chief of Guardia Civile recommendation that visas of

Guatemalan delegates to Anti-Communiat Congress in Mexico be cancelled.

Telegram containing complaintepartmental Governor is loosely accusing people of being anti-Communist!


Certification given by Jose Manuel Fortunys Secretary General of the P. A.hat Alfonso Martinez (later head of the National Agrarian Department) was an active member of the P. A. R,elegate of that Party to one of the Electoral Boards. (Martinez1 subsequent close association with For|uny--Sccretary General of CP Guatemala--is well known. )

eport to Supreme Council of National Defense, dated

ecommending immediate re-establishment of National Army control over the Militia of the Republic.

ile of Guatemalan Foreign Ministry containing open/decoded cables to Guatemalan diplomatic representatives in the United States, Central and South America. The cables flatly deny the charges of the U. S. State Department regarding the origin of the notorious arms shipment. They also issue instructions re thwarting of U. S. State Department efforts toonsultative conference on the matter.

etter to "the Government of Guatemala"i rm in Italy, referencing previous correspondence, and offering for sale airplanes, submachine guns, and rifles. Shipment (of some items, at least) would bewedish port,

ecoded telegram.rom former President

Arevalo, in Santiago. Chile, to Arbenz. reporting pro-Guatemalan action of Chilean government, political parties, and people.

otesonversation with Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Concerned mainly with winning Mexican government and popular support of Guatemala's causeis the United States. Suggestions for winning good will of, or at least neutralizing somewhat, other Latin American countries.

Guatemalan Foreign Ministry document reflecting an apparent effort on part of Guatemala to induce President Osorio of El Salvador to use his "good offices" to persuade Honduras to check the anti-Arbene activities of Guatemalan emigres in Honduras, which arc being carried on with the "knowledge and patience" of the Honduras Government.

Documents Reflecting Some of the Activities of the Arbenz Regime Shortly Before Its Fall.


Memorandum of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations of Honduras,eclining tonew) Pact of Friendship and Non-Aggression which was requested by Guatemala.

Memorandum datedrom Guatemalan Foreign Minister to Minister of Government, protesting against acts of police brutality committed against "honest and respectable" citizens.

Two telegrams dated4 (the day after Army of

Liberation entered Guatemala) concerning the organization of support for the National Army on the part of the coalition of pro -Arbenz political parties.

ollection of telegramsoncerning the participation of the organized peasantsed by the pro-Communist Leonardo CASTILLO Flores. in the defense of the Arbenz regime. Some of the telegrams reflect that news of Arbens resignation was received with shocked disbelief.


wo telegrams concerning the shooting down of Chilean pilots by pro-Arbens forces who later regretted their error in having taken action injurious toepublic identified with our straggle.


u. s. osweflCLs only

La Situacidn Politica Nacioiw las Tareaj Inmediatas de laa Actividathfel Partido Comunista de Guatemala

* *

Informe del Secretario General, Jose" Manuel Fortuny, al Pleno ampliado del ComJt6 Central del Partido Comunista de Guatemala, celebrado el7 de Febrero


Hac* ya ilcmpo que ccWbramoi el ultimo Pleno del Camilel)?ide entoiKM han ocurrtdoan vanados luceio* >ln que Im enfoc&ramoi deb'<damente en relation con Uael Partido, que ae ha hecho auman-enteurccnte minlrto para eaamlnar. por lo menoa. un cuadro d* la situadon poll-Ilea national! Al paaar reviMa al panoramaue se ha des-arrollado de*de el ultimo Pleno haita hoy. new encontramo* con que se hnn acumulado lo* prablema* que ya debcrlamos tener rniueltoi, rayendo en la cuenla de que hemoi comerldo un error al no eonvo-car mti frecuentemcnte al Comite Central. Eitala causapor qu# en ette:enfocamos aolamente lasevoluclonartai mlialaclon ran (apolitic* actual de nucstroon las actlvldades del Partido, ya que era materialmen le im-poslble, eipeclalmsntc por la clrcunitancia de tlempo. examlnar lodoi los nsuntoB que deben ver tratado*

En nucstro ultimo Pleno al poner la vista sobre las condiciones political nadonales dljlmos: "SI triunfa ajtiastonle deeomoa Fresidencia de la ftep&btica, hae-fortar la poticU* de lot fuertatmtmebrajar lat de la reaction. El aumento incetanle de la presuto imperialuto co-mo consocucncia de lahina ]v4 ncutra!iiado por la action politico en aacenso de laa fuerta* demoerdtlcae, que al



Document No. 2

(From Arbenz* personal effects)

A one-volume edition of Mao Tse-Tung's two works. "On Practic and "On Contradiction. " Specially bound, with name "ARBENZ" in gold letters on cover. Bears inscription:

"To Colonel Arbenz, the two basic contributions of Mao Tse Tung to universal Marxism,

Matilde Elena Lopez

Also, inserted in the bookalling card of Matilde Elena Lope with the inscription:

"Colonel Arbenz:

I am placing in your hands the two basic contributions of Mao-Tse-Tung to universal Marxism, and other important materials concerning Agrarian Ref. inant to talk to you to explain my planonograph on Agrarian Reform in Guatemala which will gather together, in clear and simple form, all that has been accomplished. m awaiting your invitation, as you said some time back thatshouldTo your) health! (illegible notation; probably Lopez'"

Matilde Elena Lopez has been active in the Communist Movement in Guatemala for several years.




QEEiewm UWI.v

U. S.

Document No.From Arbenz' personal effects)

Typewritten copy of0 Peking publication, "Law on Agrarian Reform of the People's Republic ofollowed by other documents: "Report on the Problems of Agrarian Reform" (by Liund "Statutes of Organization of the Peasant Federation." This probably constitutes the "other important materials" on Agrarian Reform in China, mentioned in the preceding document.


Document No. 4

(Fromersonal effects)

A note to President Arbenz. written on stationeryhite hammer and sickleed field, dated4 at Guatema'a transmitting as an attachment (notemento of the Soviet Union. The writer is identified in the note as Jose Luis CACEROS Rodriguez.

This manember of the Communist-led General Confederation of Worker, of Guatemalaeelegate to the Third World

fr?VTr kFederation of Trade(WFTU) held in

Jose Luis Caceros Rodriguez, saluda atentamente al ciudadano Presidente de la Republica, Coronal Jacobo Arbenz, ad-juntandole un recuerdo de la Union Sovie-


Guatemala, Enero-


G. F. ^lodmirov, Af. R. GoUtaiiaov, V. S. KmiAW. If. fl.. D. Moehilov. P. N. PotpUUo.


. S. OFTTrTnin


Document No. b

(From lhe National Palace (seat offficeecratary of Mrs. Arbenz)

This document is an original memorandum addressed to Jose Manuel Fortuny. Secretary General of the Communist Party of Guate -mala (P. G. T. ) It is writtenoman (CP member) who has beer, under fire as Secretary General of the Sindicato de Trabajadores enuarderias Infantile* (Trade Union of Workers in Children's Dining Rooms and Nurseries). The matter had been given considerable attention by Mrs. Arbenz as President of the Association of Children's Dining Rooms and Nurseries. The CP member outlines her situation for Fortuny, and states that she knows what Party discipline means and that she is willing to abide by his deciaion in the matter. She adds that she is willing to resign immediately if the Party feels that the problems will be solved by the fact that another woman (CP member) is to be Chief of Personnel of the Association, according to word given her by Mrs. Arbenz.

SEpKETu. s. of-lUem-TrS^qnly

ysjamypDM presfj.tado alcss kaituel fortuny sobhs la si-


Esticado compacloro!

Antes de ml retiro definitive de laeuardorlasas que asf sequlero hacerle una ampliaobre mi labor desarrollada den-tro de la misma, para que Ud. laa Juzgue.

Ui trabajo efectivo durante nueve meses cqqo secre-taria de la seflora Vice-Presidenta de la Asociaci6n, Gloria 3runi dea cans a que notiv6 nia Uateraidad de Guarderias Infantilea, ya es conocida por el compafiero Fortuny. Hare" en conse-cuencia una exposicioni traslado, es declr sobre siete neses laborados en la Haternldad:

ha prinero de Septiembre del alo2 me hlce cargo do organizar un archivo que no exlatla ni slquiera en es-tadorlmitivo. Hlce entrega deone Harzo del corriente afio, dsspue's de haberedio de tarjete-ros sefs oil folders de xadres parturientas, en los cuales se puede encontrar todo un historial clinico de cada madre, durante tres aflOl que tiene la Maternidad de fur.cionar corao tal. Al haber dado por concluido el trabajo enconendado, me quedi sir. atribuclonesin ninguna labor determinada. osias de haberlo he-cho del conoclniento d- los Jefes,ien recibime en audiencia la seSora Maria filanova de Arbenz elelas cuatro de la tarda. Mi deseo era el de resolver miersonal en que me encuentro relacionada con mi trabujo . Lae Arbenz me pro-puso una plaza dentro del Instituto de Seguridad Social, ya queociacidn deomedores fllnfantiles no tieno dondei presencla dentro de las oficinas centrales es pricticamente imposible. ir, en forma corte| se ne propuso pusiese mi renun-cla. Inmediatamentea seriora Presidenta de laua hacia preeisaoente tresone una recepcifin dada por el Mlnlstro de Solflrzano


Document No. 7

(From Arbenz' pergonal effects)

Letter to Presidentent by order of the Chief of the General Staff of the Army,tatement of the questions of "the Chiefs and Officers of this Corps, which werein accordance with your own desires, in relation to the informal talk which has been announcedate in the nearhe talk was to be given by Arbenz to members of the Army General Staff (The attachment constitutes the next) in this series. )


[JHUiTN it r



Sefior Presidents:

Tongo el honor dod. con ol objeto de presentarle el pliego anexo que contlene las consultas resu-aldaa, de losficiales de eateue fuera-preparado de aouerdo oon los proplos deseos denon la platlca que se ha aervldo anunolar para fechaprcSxlaa.

Protesto al Sefior Presidents, mles



Anexoi Pliego de consultas, contenldo en trat hojas.-

cc. Sefior Coronel de Inf. Jefe de las Puerzas Amadat;

Sefior Coronel deinlatro de la Defenaa Naclonal.


Document No. 8

(from arbenz1 personal effects)

this is the attachment to the preceding document. it is prefacedtatement of complete support of the line of arbenz' policy, whatever it may be, on the part of the army officers who are submitting the questions which are to follow the officers want this to be clear to the president at the outlet. they also point out that he asked that the questions be formulated.

because of lhe significance of these questions, they arc being translated in full. the original questions are unnumbered, and they arereceded or followed by declaratory remarks.

"is there any evidence that our national and international policy would not achieve its desired ends, without need of the communist party?

"the government presently utilizes the communist party for its purposes; but: is there sny assurance thativen moment the government can nullify it or put it aside, without therebyisaster?

"would it not be possible that the guatemalan communists, and especially the foreign residents, should dedicate themselves wholly to the internal affairs of their party; and likewise (would it not be possible) that they should be separated from posts and positions in which they conduct divisive campaigns among the citizenry, at the same time that they defame and insult foreign governments--all of which is contrary to the ends of the said postsrincipally:

general secretariat of the presidency

national teaching profession

official press

national radio station

peasant confederation (of workers)

public administration posts.

"could not the government oblige all its collaborators, without distinction, to pursue the nationalist policy of the counlry; and

. prohibit groups and invidlduala from intervening in affairs of other

t countries?

"could not the government proscribe the practice of the related partiea of bringing incapable and harmful elements, both citizens and foreigners, into public administration posts, solely on the baais of (party) affiliation and not ability; and (could not thegive an opportunity to any guatemalan who proves he is competent?


"Would it not be more profitable for Guatemala to have an exclusively centrist policy,iew torue national unity, which is so necessary at all times, and indispensable at the present time?

"What is your judgment relative to the (much) discussed matter of Articlef the Constitution?

"Why not make an official, public statement that the organisms charged with the maintenance of national order are: the Guardi Civil in the first place, and, ultimately, the National Army?

"Would it not be profitable to deny authorization, in the same manner, to the calls and threats of leaders such as CASTILLO Floret who, under the real or assumed pretext of reactionary maneuvers, so alarms the public?

"Could you not likewise condemn threats such as that made by fil Deputy MONTENEGRO Paniagua, who said that at the first shothey will order the heads blown off the anti -Communists ?

"In spite of its numerical smallness, the Communist Psrty, thanks to its iron discipline, controls the working and peasant masses even when the workers and peasants are not Communists; nevertheless; they have to obey the orders issued by the leaders under (proven) penalty of death or, in the better cases, beatings, encarcelation, or confiscation of property Why are these things permitted; rather; why are those abuses not prohibited?

"Do you know. Mr. President, that when the Communist leaders harass the representatives of the military authority (Commissioners, Adjutants,hom they kill, wound, jail, or make subjects of evil reports designed to effect their removal (because they will not agree to register in theirhey openly manifest themselves as anti-militarists? and that on many occasions they have stated, in addition, that 'the National Army must disappear to make way for the people's militias'?

"Does Mr. President have confidence in the information which the services of the Army can provide him,onsider that this is the most truthful, impartial and sincere source on which he can count?

"Would Mr. President not care to bate himself solely and exclusively on his_ National Army.-which is blindly loyal to him--in order to followincere and nationalist policy which we all recognize? and in order to be independent ofthere are any--with respect to the groups which carried him to the Presidency for ths satisfaction of selfish ends?


"Some day* past the newspapersetter from Col. BARRIOS Pena. addressed to Mr President; might we know what thought that letter merited?

'According to Mr. President's definition, Communism can be compared to strychnine: it is beneficial in small doses, and fatal in large ones. Who can determine when the 'dose' ceases to be harmless and turnseadly poison?

"At the present time in Guatemala, due to extra-governmental influences, agitators and causers of disunity are protected, whereas PASSIVE anti-Communists are persecuted. (Of course, and with all good reason, conspirators are persecuted and punished. Would it not be advisable to apply the law without distinctions which do so much harm to the Government and the country?

"If all of the people recently captured because of the plota few days ago have violated the law, why are they arrestedarrant, and why is their detention later denied?

"It is known that the Communists are armed and that they give military instruction to their followers. Why are measures not taken so that at least they have their arms protected by legal license ?

"Why not decisively prohibit the organization of the peasant masses in the form in which the leader CASTILLO Flores is doing it. since that could be consideredirst step toward the organization of the People'. Army which has already been announced, and which ia contrary to the one and only National Army?

4 "



Antes de proponer laa consultaa expreaadas, la total! dad do losfloialos del Estado Mayor, de la Insoece la Ayudantla General del BJerelto, desean hacer saber al Sefior Presldente do la Republica que: Cual qulera que sea la linea de suualesquiera que sean los eropoaitos de la activldad gubernativa que el dlrl ge como Jefe del Ejecutlvo, laespaldan, Integrain reserves do nlngunauo solanonte por cumpllr con los deseoa del Sonor Presidents, formulan laa preguntas siguientoe:

Hay algunado que la poljtlcantemaclonal, no rendirla satJsfactoriantente los fines que se propone, sin neceslaad del partido comunista?

El Goblerno utiliza actualraente al partlco comunista-para sua fines; pero: hay alguna aogurldad de que en un mo-mento dado puede el Goblernopartarlo, sin que ello traiga consigo un desaatre?

Noposible que los comunistas gueteraaltecos, spoclalmonte los oxtranjeroa residentea, ae dedicaran Inteas coaas internes de suue por To mlsmo so les apartara de lososiclones on dondo hacen campafiaa dentre laa vaz queobiernos oxtranjeroa, todo lo cual es oa finoa del Ooblerno? Dichoa puestoe 9on, prlnclpalmente:

Socretnria General de la Presideneia, Magisterio Kacional. Prensa Oficlal. Radiodifusora Nacional.

Confederacifin Campealna {deueatos do la Adminlatracidn Publica.

No podria el Cobierno obllgar a todoa sua colaboradores sinogulr lo politics nacionallsta delasndlviduos quo lntarvengan en asuntos de otroa paises?

No podria el Goblerno proacribir la practice de los par-tidoa aflnes, de hacer entrar en la administracion publica'lementosoclvod,xtranjeroa, solo por el heoho de suo porar oportuualquior guatemalteco que demuestre competencla?

No serla rodspara Guatemala una polltiea ex clusivamento oentrista, con ol objeto do lograr una unldad na clonal vordadora, tan necosarla on todos los tlempos een los actuales?

Cudl es el criterlo do Ud. conlunto del Articuloe la Constitution?



Document No. 9

(From Arbenz' personal effects)

This documentet of "answers" to the Army questions set forth in the preceding document. Whether or not these answers were ever given to the Army is not known. The answers are translated:

"1. If we consistently follow the national and international policy which we have been following, undoubtedly we shall have the support of the P. G. T. (Note; P. G, T. is CP Guatemala. )

"2. The Government does not utilize the P. G. T. as an instrument; neither is the cancellation of that Party planned. Whether or not there wouldisaster would dependhange In policy contrary to the popular interests.

"3. There are very few Communists in official agencies and it is easy to prove that they do not dedicate themselves precisely to that, which is what the opposition press has been saying all along. In the General Secretariat there is not one single Communist. In the Teaching Profession, there can be as many aa they like, because neither the regulations thereof nor academic freedom permit discrimination on that basis. o not know how many(Communists) there may be attached to Diario de Centroamerica, but those who write mistakenly there are not Communists.

"4. In the National Radio establishment, the Director thereof is knownommunist, but it is interesting that he has taken great care to see to it that the Rsdio should noteans of provocation; even the foreign radio campaign has not been answered In the DAN there are several Communists, but they are precisely the most efficient people and the ones who do not sell out to the landholders,Withto the workers and peasants organizations, the

Government has nothing to do with them, unless It Is to act likeascist tyrannies and regimes (Batista, Peron, etc. )

"4. It is impossible and improper to violate constitutional guarantees in this sense.

" 5. An effort has been made to lessen that vice insofar as It exists,

but neither can one trust "just any Guatemalan" who often simulates an "apolitical" position but turns out toaboteur


"6. 'True nationalnderstood aa the denial of the presence of great antagonistic interests, does not exist; for thatolicy of national unity of the democratic forces against theand exploiting companies should be followed.

Said Article needs_no interpretation; international*criterion for considering one of thearties to be such, could later be applied to "all

The Ministry of Government has already said that the authorities will maintain order in the proper manner.

9- It is very dangerous at this stage to consider that there is 'an assumed pretext of reactionaryhereraitorous conspiracy directed from abroad and it is hoped that the people will help even more in continuing to uncover it, since our own security organs are nol up to it.

first thing would be to learn whether or not Deputythat; the second thing is to consider whether, if we areshould leave the internal enemies dedicated to their

is the first timeave learned that the gentlemen of have recourse to those measures, but the great(May Day,ive the impression that leadersare much beloved and the influence of thetheir devotion to guiding

12 elieve that neither of the two things is true; the majority of cases involving Commissionersnow of arise because they claah with the peasants and it is known that only some few peasanta are Communists. nderstand that the party which first issued publications pointing out what CEGUAGE proposed in its program to do with the Army was the P. G.t also appears that the Communists have always saluted the pronouncements of the Chief f the Armed Forces, as onarch.

lace much trust in it. but it is proven that it is notould not cease to rely on the Guardia Civil and the Guardia Judicial, and rather what seems to bc needed is better work in the three services.

u. s. official UNTY


'14. ully appreciate the role of the Armyelieveould not have continued to govern if it had not been for its solid support, but, together with theeed all possible support from the patriotic, social and political forces. To govern 'solely and exclusively' with theor rather with part of the Army-is what dictators like Perez Jimenes, Somoca,o.


That expression is not really mine,m not interestedin formulating one of my own concerning the matter. can do is make it very clearmommunist nor

e one in the future,m not, nore an anti-Communist,now where that leads.

question indeed looks as though it were posed in defense

of some who consider themselves sincere "passive ami -Communists, but the truth is those who arc being persecuted are vulgarsold out to the Fruit Company.

laws are so weak for the defense of the institutions,conspirators take such pains to leave no evidence, that itto do anything else, although when there is trueis done. It would be naive not to arrest those who are wellbe involved.

I. o not think that one should confuse with that the sincere request of some workers, peasants, and students that they be given military instruction. Unless you have some concrete informationo not possess.

D. No people's Army is being formed, although it is true indeed that the workers and peasants who know well what they defend in this Regime are disposed to do anything. For its part, the Army may rest assured that, maintainingirm and clear position, it enjoys sympathy and has no reason to fear the people. On two occasions already popular elements have taken up arms, and it will be remembered that subsequently they have returned them so that the Army could continue performing its Constitutional function. "

EVORfTu^SjManeniLH only

ee slgue cansecuenteaente la .'- acional e-ue nemos eegulde, indudableroanto tendremoa el a-

del .

el geblerne utilise cent instrument*lbunulaclari; el deeaatre dependerfa

de efectuar un camble de palfticaea intero-

% flayScSe'ceaunletae en dependenciesy eacemprotoar que ne ee dedicanea, queque ha veaid* siempre dlclende la prenea epoaitera.Secretarfa General ne hay una silo; en elhaber tedoe lae qua Bean, perque ol el Eecalafer.libertad de decencia peralten diacrlminar par eea;de Centr*ame*rica ne ai que haya, pare laa queequivocadasente allf ne sanEn la Radia Nacional, ea csnocid* au Director canto tal, ea lntereeante que ha cuidade nucha de que la Radleun media de provocacWn; haeta ha quedad* bina la camftftana de radio extranjera. En el DAN haypero sen preclsaxentey que ne


Enas ergsnizacisneBampeeinea, el goblerno ne tlene nada que ver, de no ser quelaaegfmenea faecistae (Batleta, Per**n,. Bencsnveniente vulnerar lae garantfao constl-tucienalea en sste sentide.

e ha tratada de aoderar ese vicio, en cuante exiate, pers taapace puede cenflar en "cualquier fcuateaaltec*', quevecea eimule*ndese -apelftice" reeulta aabsteader.a "unldad nacionalntendida coma la de los grandee lntereses sntagonicos no exlete, par ess de-be seguirae una pelftlca de unldad nacienal de laa fuerzae demscriticas contra leeonplflfas sipleta-dorae.


Que dicho artfcule no neceeita ninguna adaifUetraeldn inter-pretacio'n, que aquf no havartido lnte: nacional niue cualquier criterlo para canslderarna de ellee podrfa aer luegsados. Ya se ha dicho par ol Minietreue laa aute-rldadesl orden debidamente*a suv pellgroaestes alturaa que haysupueete de menisbraeay unatraldera dirigdda deade eljald que el pueblo ayudard ouieegulrla deecubttendo, pues nueatresganoB de seguridad naao primers aerla aaber si el diputado Mentenegro digsIs aegundo es penear que si nee lnvaden debeaaaaa enemigas de dentrous activldadea deEa la priaera vez que ee*aee medlee recurren laa ee-flereeero lae grandee demostraclanea (la. de Maya,an la impresis'n que dlrigentes com* Gutierrez sen auya lnfluencla de lea ceauniatas depende de auuaa-peainoe.

re* que ninguna de las dos coaaa ee clerta; la nayor par-

Document No. 10

(From Arbenz' personal effects)

Letter to Arbenz datedrom Rogelio CRUZ Wer, Chief of the Guardia Civilefers to the activities of the delegation of Guatemalans to the recent Anti-Communist Congress held in Mexico City. States that CRUZ has suggested to theForeign Minister the advisability of immediately cancelling the visas of all members of the anti-Communist delegation from Guatemala, to prevent their return to Guatemala.





Senor Presldentei

Tengo el honor dcon elde hacer da su superior conoclmlento que, con esta fecha envle al Despacho del Seftor Ulnlstro de Reloclonesos recortes de los perlodlcoi Eluestro Dlarlo, -correspondlentes alel mes que hoy flnellza, que sea propaganda subversive que algunos guateraaltecos estan haclei.-o, con motlvo del congreao antIcomunlste elec-tuado poralses amertcanos en la Cludsd de Mfxico,

Pemltlendopie oslmlsao Inforaar al Seflorue, esta Uirecclfin General ha sugerldo al titular de Rela-clones Exterlorea, la convcnlencla de cancelar lrunedlatamen te las visas de todoa los que integran la delegacies antlco-munlsta dc Guatemala, ya que sus actlvldades los colocan en un piano que requlerc acclon para qua no retornen al terrl-torlo Naclohal.

Aprovccho la oportunldad para suscrlblme con todo resons!deracl6n, cosio sueal servldor.

Sefior Presidents de la Republics, Palaclo Naclonal.

Centcnario prucfr uc la XUicrtaJi

Document No. 11

(From the Ministry ot* Government)

Telegram from Departmental leader of the pro-Arbenz Party of the Guatemalan Revolution5o Ministries of Government and Communications. Sender complains that Departmental Governor is loosely accusing certain people of being anti-Communist!

Klnlstro de Gobernaelon.

Klnlstro de. P.


Pude entarorne Gobernador Dental*actual emergenoia para rendircontra ere pleados aflliados PRG. oeusondelos dc4 tar serviolo Castillo Annas, como esta* haclendolo con.ntonlo Torres, telegrafl3ta Jare Comunlcacloneulen haoeos aitoa Tien aotuando cono se, oretorlo asuntos socialos PRG Psnajachel. 'Jori-es, no ha querldo lnscrlblrse PAR tlene serla ononistadcon aleunosflliados tal pertido. ^uJenes no mlden eonseeuenolas terribles puede tener denftncio relatlva estar servlclo Castillo Arams, lo -que no os clcrto, porque estoy posibilidad probercha politicsada uno directives PRG De porta-nento. Antes actuar ruegole no obstante tener segurl-daduen servlclo Jotfcee favor Goblerno in-


Document No. 12

(From personal papers of Alfonso Martinez)

Thisertificate, on stationery of the Party of Revolutionary Action (PAR) which reflects an early political connectioneading Communist and the man who later became the head of the National Agrarian Department (DAN) and who continued to hold that post as of the fall of the Arbenz regime. The document Is signed by Jose Manuel Fortuny as Secretary General of the P. A. R. ; he later became (and Is still) the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Guatemala (P. G, T. ). The document certifies that Alfonso Martinez (the above-cited Agrarian chief) was (asn active member of the P. A. R. and that he held the post of Delegate to the Electoral Boards in the Department of Solola.

Martinez'subsequent close association with Fortuny is well known.


1RW1TABIA DX OBOANIZACION Comltt EJoouHTo Nftclooal OailraiUC A.


Que el eenor ALFONZO MARTINEZ, es nlembri activo de esta Bntldad Palitica ocupi ndo en la actualidad al cargo de DE LLC ADO EN LAS MESAS ELECTORALES en el Departanento de SGLOLA. Debiendo lnforaar por escrlto todaa las actividades queo podri deseiaoe^ar nlnguan actiTidad extraordlnaria air. orden eserita eeana-

.n-i 'll V

da de la Central.


Document No. 13

(From Arbenz' personal effects)

Report datedirected to the Supreme Council of National Defense, submittedommission named to prepare the general lineslan for the reestablishment of control of the Militia of the Republic on the part of the National Army. Thefound that said control had been completely and deplorably lost, and that immediate reestablishment thereof was of the most urgent necessity in view of the threat of invasion and the inadequacy of the Army-


e Mayo-


Lot suscrltos, lntegrantee do laombrada para prsparar los Uneamlsntoio un plan ton dlent* al rastableolmlento del oontrol da laaa la Repdblioa porjarclto Haolonal, tenemo.

nt'onorable Consejo Superior eon el referldo eatudlo, en la forma aigulentet


JonaeJo Superior de la Defense Naolonal,feotuada ela loa0 noras, oonoel6 de la tooeldn praaentada por uno da loa jiiembroa, que aa relaoiona oon la urgent, naoaaidad da lnlolar una aoolonuldadosa oon mlrpa nltar an la forma debida, laa mlHolaa de lauyo oontrol dsagraoladament* est*a feeha.

Alto Cuerp0 en piano, oompenetrado da lamportanola del problemael oual seravadoa eituaolonda la apoaada oidid el nombramlento de una Comieidn de su sano, la que* tendrja oomo finalldad preparer un Plan General para al restableolmiento da praotioaa desaparsoidaa oonaa mllloiaa naolonalea, aunque oon las modlfloaoionea que exlge ol nuevo ordan de coses; ello oon el obieto da qua: una vaaonsolldadaa laa oplnlonaa qua

Slaaosl6n, aa ale vara dioho Plan al Honorable Coneejo Superior por lnter^ medio de laara disoutirlo. prsvla rsunldn del Consejo por oonvooatoria da eataudlda. Fl Plan, ya aprobado, en su oaao* aerlaoonoclmlsnto, debldamente argumentado, del Seftor Pra tldent* d*e los de-sets altos Jefea mlei* bros del Mando del Ejerclto Naolonal,

t.mreunion con loa jefea menolonadoe, la que ssrla solloltada por el Consejo an plsno, aaldrfan laa Srdsnss para que el Estado Mayor del Ejeroito praparara-

praetloa Inmsdiatamente.


lonal soslayaron por completo alda un CENSO MILITAR, la OFGANIZACICS deTR0J- d*lbi-

ilue tr*JoBl P'lnolpio -ei escaDieolralento de un nuevo orden da laa Fuersas Arms

dae, as deaouido d* llevar un Cenao Mllitar adeouado da

las mlllclas


Document No 14

(From Arbenz' personal effects)

File of the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Relationsemorandum for the President in which he is specifically informed of open and decoded cables sent to (and from) Guatemalan diplomatic representatives in the United States. Central and South America. The cables,etat denial of the U. S State Department's charges regarding the origin of the notorious armsand they issue Instructions regarding that Department's efforts to convoke an inter-American consultative conference in order to apply "the Dulles interventionist resolution and the Rio Treaty" to Guatemala, and urge efforts to thwart said designs.



.cl.cio.ijArnamento y


e ZEuU

Para el Cludadano

Presidente ConstItucloaal da la Republlca

le la maarusada queddaejnSalvador, el cablegramon laa slgulentes inatruociones:

" Afirmacidn Dept.Estado respecto material para eJArcito recibidos aqui proceden Polonla absolutamente falso. Gua--eiala no ha gestlonado nl rsclbido nunca material para ejArcito procedente de PolonlaoviAtioa nl nlngun pais mencionado en declaraclones Dept.Estado. Debldo rei-terada negativa EstadosUnidos vender material para ejer-cito paraefense Guatemala, se obtuvo en otro pals, en ejeroloib legltimo de soberania nacional. ADstengase hacor declaraclones prensa hasta reoiblr boletln llegara hoy".

Simultaneamente envlA al Emba;)ador *sturlaa el oifrado que

omunique Canclllerla Asa conceptoaa-nlflestele que goblerno EstadosUnidos pretexto venlda ma-terialpara el ejeroito pretende reunir consulta lnterame-rloana fin Intervenlr Guatemala apllcando resolucionSollolte apoyo."

ompleaento del anterior mensaoe, envlA otroSan Salvador, en los tAminos

"ept.^stado sigue maniobrando reuniAn oonsulta uaS2ll ?re2 pararesolucion intervencionlata Dulles apoyo" uatemala- visite Canclllerla aollcttando

El Embajador Asturiaa oontestd de la siguiente manera:

"CIPRADQ SanSalvador entrevlsta sumnmente cordial comuniquA Caneaa conceptoa alamo. Hostrose conplacido porljome creianoperar.te EstadosUnidos usaran pretexto convoca*-reunion interamerlcana.

A solicltud apoyo reapondldme estariamos en contactotenia inforaacidn al respecto. Conversando temadljome que previa consulta con Presidente Elnaoeree cargo asilados nuestra

iandalvador el cable con el boletln fljando la posture del Goblerno en el aaunto.

al EmbaUo? Kffi.VUS

^ Ay*r, hable ^oaoador runes rogandole Eaba-

I rsonaTV?Babaguate

and oner Managua. Presidente Osorio esa sltuaoidn y fe PM^oiPMion Guatemala enmaterial para el eJArcito reclAn

. MMrv

clnsfri(tl and c/cisoa/ cSertt'ce.

uubiishmihi ofovisoai for uchhicu &nb iNouinui sckmi: mfpu if MKHimur ahp miuim-pmciusiHGxrom of euiqpuh gobci

H k

HCOlfOOh.IMll to the

nnull ai Cm.

onau .of Guatemala


Guatemala cityxuiklumcy. ismut mm

it SIBI. ttV TOB

ioiiut. wmm iMtiwti


y 2Ath lc5i-

Ref. to our previous corroupondonce we beg tceroplanes DC6 Serieenginehitney zero=ed Airframe donehours Radio equlpnent .

2)Coneolidated vultaaeo Convalr

- CBnewX4

3 freahly overhauled

If the interestleaset lot us knor/ .

4)li'e offer furthermore towing aeroplanes and glidersctorles

for which we do export

Would such planes and gliders interest) We offer 1

4 Ex stock Italian arm's factory for which we are the export sales0 submachineroduced in exceas for large ordera for Italy and German borderrice CI? C - Por the lotX this lot intereeto you wo shall sende ofier to produce the sice ceapon in any -jaountit

oo riilea Kauser Carbines2 withelt, revised to. l> OB

Supply from Swedish port but sale through Italian em'e factory for which we act as exporter sales nspection inoo rifles Swedish, majority new, rent revised Theoo carbines are with looo roundaeaoh .


Supply froa Sweden

Seller the Italian Arm's factory asbova 7

Toure faithfully

JAMILnQ rjfrTfiiiipV^wv


Document No,From Arbenz' personal effects

Letter to "The Government of8rom the "Industrial and Technical Advisoryenoa. Italy, referring to "previousnd offering for sale airplanes,guns and rifles. The arms are said to be from an Italian arms factory for which the Genoa firm acts as "exporter salesome of the arms (at least) would be shippedwedish port.

Jl qTTlY

Document No. 16

(From Arbenz1 personal effects)

Decoded telegram, dated4 at Santiago, Chile from Arevalo to President Arbenz:

President Ibanez invited me to lunch. We conversedfor two hours. My impression optimistic. Senate and Chamber of Deputies separately will hold special session defense Guatemala. People and parties are agitating in our favor. Imperialiat press sole adveraary. Cordially.






1 Mayoja54


Conversant do, hora,




Document No. From Arbenz' personal effects)

1 4 at Guatemala,

containing notesonversation withilly) Toriello Guatemalan Foreign Minister. The writer has special knowledge o


w , (Th* Wr"er may bc former Guatemalan Consul in Mexico Manuel PINTOome of the points noted in the memorandu^ar'e:

1. Need for prompt appointment of Guatemalan Ambassador to Washington. Important Mexican opinions indicate absence oi same hurts our cause.

a"ignia* 'Pecialto Latin American governments to explam Guatemalan problem. Use Arevalo's

c" i'ne8- 1 ' eaBt thCy WlU If some-

woulHalfeKntOBU RiCa t0e

h< made- <ven though his

support is "precarious."

Mexican has suggested that we

should Bee if we can obtain the "good offices" of other Much emphasis should be placed on the Bogotawhicho gtve

vtuattaladocument to UN, setting forth

ws in the face of the aggression to which i, is being subjected

ies oft d the evil actlvi-

5. Distinguished Mexicans who have the ear of President Ruiz.

e?eBt t0 him the Usability of Mexicoriendlykeeping with the Bogotaiew to avoiding the consultative conference which is being promoted.

fmFriCnd8GuaWmala wil>publish an important document.


It is being said "very hush-hush" that there are two currents of opinion in Ruiz' cabinet: one in favor of the removal of Foreign Minister PADILLA Nervo, and one in favor of his retention. The one desiring hia removal is led by CARILLO Flores.

The very important work. "United States Againsty Ieidro Fabela, is about to be republished. Given the value of this book at the present time, could the Government allotr more quetzales for the purchase of the book? (Note: one quetzal is equal to one. )

(9. mitted in original)

tudent movement in favor of Guatemala is being promoted.

emonstrationeeting are being prepared. The Embassy has made some expenditures for these and other ends, but its funds are insufficient. um be alloted for these purposes? or should we abstain completely from these activities?

Unfortunately the Mexican press pays little heed to our constant rectifications. We make them daily, but little or nothing is published. We've adopted this policy in order to get some space for Guatemalan information.

A document of intellectuals, journalists, writers,s already being circulated for signatures in support of Guatemala.

The advisability of having. (General Confederation of Workers of Guatemala) call upon the (Mexican) Confederacion Revolucionaria de Trabajadores for an expression of solidarity with Guatemala. Similar action on the part of the Guatemalan Railroad workers' trade union (S. A. the Mexican Railroad workers' trade union. The Guatemalan peasant confederation should do the same.

General Lazaro Cardenas received me in his homeadn't visited himecause he was away. He is much impressed by the problem of Guatemala and has every intention of aiding as much as possible. An audience with General Avila

ac ho is being arranged.

Mexican personalities from different walks of life should be invited to visit Guatemala. The correspondent of "Novedades"be treated well; heery good fellow.

The visit made to don Romulo O'Farril, owner ofay possibly produce some results - He gives evidence ofery good friend of ours.



de que el Gobierno de Guscemala noxbre a

corto plazo su Embajador en Washington. Opiniones iapor^antes deuestra^ula6usencia de este funcionario ec EE.ITU. perjudi-

^aPoaibilidad de destacar ante los gobiernos deSspeciales paraasproblems de Guatemala. Aprovechar el

prestigio de Arevalo para qae en la America del Sur promueva una

HiobJetiYoa- Sisa obtiene un si de aquellosP0rmenosae,les neutralize un canto.osta Rica se

hecho iS^SSSioon Pigueres tal vez no habria

aeclaraciones que hizo, sun cuando su apoyo sea tan preca-rioi si se hizo quiere decir que fallen nuestras ap eciacionesj

- sf consiguen los buenos oficios de otros par-

ses araigos. Hacer mucho enfasis en la Carta ae Bogota paraue EE.UU. quiere dar al Pacto de Rio.sugerencia es demportante

sugerencia que se nos ha hecho: que asi como

UnCi* S1 ?Und0 entero el comPloC intftrnacionai, p a ONU un'documen-

via lnforoativa oficial- en que se concreten los puntos de

S aesta sisndo ob,iJ?o, la

fara? e J* Propagandaade lasEstetendria la virtud de laeuego, seria motivo de publicidad.d! uuaCenala, se nos dice, le felta nucha publlcidad de contra* nUeStroPflra contrarrestar le que se le hace en

5A" *lustre? mexicenos, de granuy escucha-

gorCi?ez-ofrecido, despues de algunss gesriones, acercarseal Presidents con el objeto de plantearle la conveniences de laraistosa de Mexico ono con la Carta ce Boffota-Qa!in dJ evitar la consults que se este promoviendo. Pars ello se necesita conocer si Guatemala acepteria esamistose de deguelmente conocer si esae harla en terminos muy generales para tratar la controversia con EE.UU.

l curso de la otra semens la Sociedad Aoigosemitirfi un importante docamento. (La apatia de aquellaque es reflejo de la cosa

"?oto, voce" see en ele Ruiz

orrie^es: lapropugna por la sslidad dela otra porque se mantenge. La primera esta encsbezada por Carrillo Flores, Ministro do Hacienda;

mp> t.Portentisima obra de Isidro Fabela; "EE UU COK

eeditarse. Dado el valor de esta obra en ei momento actual, cpodrla el gobierno cestinar unos as quetzales pare la compra del libro?


Document No. 18

(From Arbcns' personal effects)

Memorandum on stationery of the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Relations, undated, addressed to "Distinguished and dear friend. " Typed initials at bottom of page two are "G.nternal evidence indicates that this was written by GuiUermo Toriello, Guatemalan Foreign Minister, apparently to the President of El Salvador, and that it was to be carried by Salvadoran Ambassador to Guatemala, Colonel Jose Alberto Funes. The author thanks the intended recipient for the "absolute neutrality" which the latter's country has declared, in contrast to the hostile and provocative attitude of other Central American Governments. The author asks the intended recipient to use his "good offices" in inducing Honduras to eliminate the "provocations" effected by Guatemalan emigres in Honduras "with the knowledge and patience of the Government of that friendly country. "





tI-1'H'i M II||I

uerido amigo:

Aprovecho el vlaje del Embajador Coronel Alberto Funea, para envlarle estas lineas que le llevan ur.tento aoludo asl oomo mis nejores votos por su ventura personal.

Recientemente tuvimos con el amigo ?unes, en pre-senola del Canclller Guillermo Toriello, una cordial entrevis-ta sobre los ingentes probleraaaspecialmen-te loa quea situaoidn, artifficialmente creada, en Centro America. Le he pedldo al Coronel Tunes se airvasted, mi querido amigo, loa puntos de vista que sostlene mi Goblemo sobre este delicado asunto. Le heuo repito oon agrado, que lasumida por Usted oonuatemala, no solo has fran-camentemiatosa, slno que la he callflcado de extraordinaria.

La llamo aei porque en eate momento en que otros Gobiornos oentroamericanos han tornado actitudes hostlles rovooadoraa oontra ml pals, Uated ha declarado una neutralIdad abaoluta que, edemas de ejemplar, es prueba de una franca amis-tad hacla Guatemala en nombra da cuyoobierno le expreso nueatra profunda gxatitud.

Sobedor de esos sentlmientossuyoa, le he aolicitado al sen or Embajador Punes que le exponga el deseo de mi Gobierno de mantener Inalterable nueatras relaciones de amistad tambien con el Gobierno de la henoana Republlca deue pienso que .el major oamino para fortalecer esos lazoa amistosos serla

que Usted


Document No. 19

(From Arbenz' personal effects)

Memorandum of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Honduras,4 at Tegucigalpa, addressed to Guillermo Toriello, Guatemalan Foreign Minister. Essence: Honduras declines to sign Pact of Friendship and Non-Aggression (requested by Guatemala) on grounds that existing pacts (specifically cited)ull "guarantee of our cordial relations. " The signingew pact would cause concern on the part of other Central American Re publics.





i pi lira

Secretaria de Helaclones Exterlores de la Republloa de Honduras

e Junio



Tango el honor dea atenta propuesta de Vues-tra Excelencla, contenlda en au menaaje cablegrfifico fechado el 27

de mayoormulada en los siguiontes terminos: "

confirmacldn enfatica de nuestra polltloa de no intervenci6n, ml Gobierno ae honra enonsideraoidn del ilustrado Gobierno de Vuestra Excelencla, de manera formal, no obstante la existencia del Tratado Multilateral Antibelico de BoRio deigente entre nuestros dos pafses, la conve-niencia de la firoa inmedlata de un Paoto deo Agresidn entreonduras, oon el objeto de cimentar fuertemente laalejar toda zozobra en nuaatra3or-diales relaolones."

Permitame Vuestra Excelencla, como punto general de esta

respuesta, que tomee agradezca, en nombre de mi Gobierno, laue se airve haoer en el preAmbulo de su propuesta, de la polltloa de Guatemala enoaminada, segun se expresa, al mayor estreohamlento de la cordiala complete colaboracldn con el Gobierno hondureflo. ste respecto tengo el honor dei vez, lae Honduras de no intervenir, ni individual ni colectivamente, en loa asuntosxternoa de los demaa palses. Esta posiol6n, que oonstituye la base de su politioa inter-naoional, la observa mi Gobierno de maneraon el oelo






Document No. 20

(Fromersonal effects)

A memorandum from Guillermo Toriello. Guatemalan Foreign Minister, to Augusto Charnaud MacDonald, Minister of Government, sent via Arbenz, dated

The memorandum cites three examples of acta of brutality on the part of the Guatemalan police, committed against "honest and respectablend further states that Minister Toriello has been informed of "many other similar cases. " Toriello wrote, suchill gravely prejudice the prestige and good name of the Government and the Revolution. In addition, he wrote that such acts would be exaggerated and capitalized on by the enemies of Guatemala to portray the governmentbrutalnd that such acts add to the intranquility of the Guatemalan people.

Toriello also states,an of theespect the necessity of applying the law, as strongly as possible, against subversives;annot be in accord with acts of this nature, contrary to our laws and counter-productive in their effects on the defense of the Government and the Revolution. " "Besides, in my capacityember of theonsider this action entirely unfavorable to the Government, as much so internally as externally."


Guaternala, Junlo,

Democratlco Departmental JutlapajZaoapajQuetzaltenango.Suchltspsquez,

Urge pbnganse ooritacto Dobernador,quien trasailtlrales disposlcicn Prente Demooratlco Heclonal.

Oonialez Juarez

Alvarado Monzbn

Castillo Plorea

Manuel Gutierrez.

Augusto Charnaud Mac Donald


Gobernador Departmental

Jutlaaa#Zacapa,Quotzaltanango,Suchltsp6quez,San Marcos

seiba urgenteaeuts fronts deaiocr'atico esa, cor. objeto indicarles: prasentese Jefs Zona jurisdicclon, proporeionandole listas aflliados que ha/an prestadoue sean de absolute seguridad revolucionaria, asl corno el nombre de elenentos que puedan preatar eficaces sorvlclosue sean de Insospechablo flllaolone parti do. Debe darao el maycr nunoro poslble.alnendo preferos nejoros elenentos de los partidoa. Los que en proolos partldos son dudosos no deben aer admitidos. Inforciene rcsultadca.

Le. Augusto Charnaud KaoDonald Kinistro de Gobemaoi on.


lEWeraLs' ONLY

Document No. 21

(From the Ministry of Government)

Rough draft of two telegrams, dated4 (the day after the Army of Liberation enteredoncerning the organize -tion of support for the National Army on the part oi the coalition oi pro-Arbenz political parties--the "National DemocraticCommunists and pro-Communists figure prominently in thehe first message is directed to units of the Front in various Departments (provinces) of Guatemala. It urges that members thereof get in touch with the Departmental Governor who wiU give them the line of the National Democratic Front. The second message, addressed to variousGovernors by the Minister of Government, instructs them to call immediately the local Democratic Front and instruct them to go to the Zone Chief in their area and giveist of affiliates who have performed (military) service and who are of absolute revolutionary security They should also provide him with the names of elements who can render effective service to the Army, and who are likewise politically trustworthy. As many people as possible should be made available. Sectarianism should be avoided. Preference should be given to the better elements of the parties. Those who are suspected in their own parties should not be admitted. Results should be reported to the Minister of Government.



? an4*




Document No. 22

(From the Ministry of Government)

This documentollection of'tclegrams concerning the participation of the organized peasantsed by the pro-Communist Leonardo CASTILLO Floreg, in the defense of the Arbenz regime under the banner of "defense of national sovereignty,"

In summary, the messageseflect the following actions in various localities:

the peasants are "organized militarily"

arms are requested for use in driving out "the invaders"

airfields which CASTILLO Armas forces might use have been destroyed

peasants with previous military service have been identified and are available to the Arbenz forces

e> the Chief of the Armed Forces, Carlos E. Diaz, expresses his gratitude for CNCG cooperation with the National

0 the news of Arbenz'resignation is received with shocked disbelief and clarification is requested

nf nrtnole trlpuianteserribadoan Joss,encuentranse bajo trataniento en el IGSS de esta.dlcen ser chllenos.carecen dncumen-toa ldentiflcacl6ntencontroseies bolslllos papeles raros que puedeaiaportancla,los cuales estoy enviando conuardia Judicial Respetuoso.

Terencio Quilien Qnritto Gribernadir Deptal

0 mp

Puerto San Joae,

Laaentsoos tpdos caiepeslnos lamentableccidanta pllotos Chllenoa, republics identif ice'da nuestra lucha. Frater-IM_ _

arcia V, Srlo.Or'el.Dnion Camnaslna Los Tubos

secre^^u. s. omenrrs only

swcrflLs only

Document No Z5

(From the Ministry of Government)

down error.

This document consists of two telegrams concerning thef Chilean pilots by pro-Arbenx forces who later regretted their

The top message, dateds addressed to the Minister of Government by the Governor of Escuintla. He advises that the crew of the plane ahot down at the San Jose Base, who are under treatment in the local unit of the IGSS (Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social--Guatemalan Institute of Social Seay that they are Chileans They lack identification documents. Some odd papers of possible importance were found in their pockets. These papers are being sent to the Guardia Judicial.

The bottom mesaage, dateds addressedNCC leader at Puerto San Jose to the head of the CNCG. Leonardo CASTILLO Floree. It expresses the regret of all the peasants over the "lamentable accident" regarding the Chileanepublic identified with our struggle,"

Original document.

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