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MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence

of those participating in

? -r/

1. Mr. Dulles*T:


Military InteUigence General Staff, U. S.u; Gniei of Mission Korea during Korean war

3rd Marine Division, WW Hi CIA Mission in rvorea during Korean war; Chief PM in PBSUCCESS and Field Commander. Will talk on PM and Air operations.

& 3

- Army Signal Corps, WW II, OSS,

CIA. Has been witn ulA without break since OSS days. Chief Comino in field. Will talk on Com mo training andoperations.

ombardier, U.h; Air Force, WWdown Wiener Nustadt. Newspaperman and lecturer. WillRadio Liberation.

U. S. Army World War II, U. S.

Army detailed CIA in Korea during Korean war. Will talk re living with Castillo Armas including negotiations in Salvador.

Intclliacncc 3rd Army, WWCIAl o* years in Germany for CIA.talklevel Guatemalan Army defection essentially will

Military Intelligence WW II,

Editor Neve Zeilung, American sponsored newspaper, Berlin, TIME correspondent/^ JWill talk ou lastoours, essentially the period of the Diaz junta.

v. i - wwi

10. Frankilluture plan



( 1) Entire briefing top secact and more. Danger in relaxing

security after operation completed, particularly if successful.

Fortunate so far in keeping CIA out ofIMES l> Luce (TIME)/

(2) Last August pursuant OCB action, initiated program to

eliminate pro-Communist government in Guat. Action program approved December. Team assembled from Korea, Germany, Egypt# Chile.

(3) Plan contemplated;

Internal revolution, spark-plugged by Colonel Castillo Armas from Hondurasost available Guat exile long subsidized by CIA. In several revolutions.

Defection of Guat Military at highest level.

Defection of individual Army garrisons at strong points.

Radio campaign from clandestine transmitters.

Subversion of individual Guat leaders, military and civilian,

/ Changes during Ops importance of air/

Also parallel State Dept. Ops. to hold

conference to take steps vs "Communist Guat. "

. diplomaticir reconnaissaince, etc. Program budgeted atillion dollars. Total spent slightly in excess.


Following fall of Dictator Ubicoendulum swang far to

left and Guatemala under left-wing leader41 when

Arbenz took over. Arbenz able army officer but slowly came under

complete influence of hard-core Communists, particularly Fortuny,

Pellecer, Gutierrz, and others who trained in Communist school,

frequent visitors to Moscow and satellites. /Prague School/

Arbenz controlled army; hard-core Communists took over labor


unions, radio, major press organs, and dominated Indian peasantry who had little interest in Marx, el cetera. Foreign properties taken over, land divided up and Communist type state fast being organized. Some thirty abortive revolutions.

Time running against us and faced early probability of purge in Army, arming of the laborers, and further liquidation of the intelligentsia. Also critical situation Honduras (elections).

(7) Via intelligence channels information obtained regarding Arbenz negotiation toillion dollars worth of arms from Czechoslovakia. (Refer attempt trace

these arms ran down wrong ve ssel (German flag arrival of Alfhem at Puerto Barrios. This

arrival really blessing in disguise since publicity

brought entire situation Guatead. However,

resulted severe reprisals and due indiscretions one of our main chains within Guatemala completely

liquidatednd danger that our entire network would be rolled up unless we moved rapidly.

Summer rains impending which would impede ground

and air operations. Castillo forces augmented by defections

following Alfhem incident but still the total of his forces on

D-Day representedodies trained in guerrilla operations by CIA anden In all went over line on

D-Day -f- . Necessary move immediately or lose psychological

opportunity and control of assets. Reports from Guat and

outlying regions indicated popular expectation built up by

our radio and by events forced decision to move or lose entire



Operation run

Policy control; HQ Wash --


WHol. King


Esterline, etc.

Ops Control and Field Coordination:

Lincoln HQ 33

Field Control:


C l

L 1

Guat City



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