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MEMORANDUM FOR: Deputy Directorreport on PBSUCCESS

wiH receiveopy ofreport

on PBSUCCESS which he completed on or aboutuly. Me submitted five copies, one of which has been given to theou are receiving one and the others are being sent to RQM/OIS, CWH andm taking my copy with me in orderan study it at home but to avoid your haironill tell youafe at home which meets all tho security requirements and the report will be kept in tbe safe.

Aa you knowshop is alsotudy of the record and plans upon hia completion of the study to discuss whatever is found with individuals who participated in the project in order to see what conclusions, if any, can be usefully drawn.

Of course there will inevitably be other conclusions drawn In the Interim quite apart from those which have already been reached. This, however, explains why it Is that both C

fj" ere particularly anxious to have shop

receive one of the five copies ofreport. Since I

have not yethance to read the reportavesuggestions to make noweel sure that after wereadumber of other places within the Agencyto us as appropriate for further study of the contents. hink it is safe to guessthat one of theseshould be training. m convinced thatbe the PP Staffould urge that if you agree, youhave Kim Rooseveltopy on his return possibly leavingthe interim.

plan to be in touch with1 havereport so that wo can discuss any thoughts which may occurof usill ace to it that you are advised of any


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