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I*Ton Bergir. Alberto Vazquee



elorkroports officerfroo

ntelligence Analyst


Author,D. Iangouine (Onef of r. newt;paper in Santiago de Chile.)


)jyron 'fergin, Deputy Chief (I'otc Herg.'n viJJ probably return

touringer rert Of August.)

Johnicrrayhic duties

Albert?concrics enr. research

p- "eeny


Joserf'istorian airecisntist


ne4 lo COS for Ambassador

Energetic auti-communist action le needed urgently and ia sorely


a. Communist Party men continue to bold the government positions they held undernapectorea del Trabajo and of the

DAN. etc.

b Communists who took asylum ba Embassies have left those Embnii'i and re turned to active life In the city, eome under aes*med aamea.

C. Tbe (rentiers are open and the eecepe of comm unlets ia not


d . Men reaponsible for the torture and merder of anti-communist under Arbens have not been arrested even though their identities ere known. It ia reportedol. Prera oi the Guardia Civil blocked these arreeta.

e. Tne CGTC letill active. The eleaing of Ua central office la not

enough to curb th* acflvitloa ei ite ctmaulM leaders end comrntmi' mtrabtri who arc accustomedands atlne activity.

Z. Tbe Junta abeald designate and fellyan with whom we can deal in tbe elimination of communists from all poeitione ef influence in Guatemalan government and society; In their arrest, detention and interrogation- in the eelsure and study of key documents in the communist conspiracy] and in tbe effective denial of tne claim of commentate to the right of asylum and ealvo conducto

I There le argent used for:

a. entral repository of information on tbe Comauudal Party, its members, fronts and related groups

h apable, energetic antl-eubverelve squad in the Guardia


A thorough check of slli

ffless (headquarters) (national, regional, mnnictpsl,f the CP. the CGTC. ths pesssnt federation, all communist fronts;

Z) ConmmtBt offices demlaated or etroegljr lnflMDced by communists;

1) Thr homes and offices of all leading CP members, sad ol sU their relatives and friends where they may have cached document* ,

rder to be sure that the Junta has In its possession all Important document! and records which will

evidence tbe foreign direction af the common 1st

move meal;

identify not only all leading foreign and Involved bat all CP members sndthat they canrendered Ineffectual and canenewed bid for power.

. 'Airy: PlfliSTBT

.ntroduotloni rollrroject summary ia .sing submitted In accordancehe verbal request :iade by Mr. Frank Wiener, DD/P. lour con-urn tn and approval art requested for eerlleat t'reject

I^urpoaai To exploituatemalan Conouniatintelll.-anee and propaganda aotlvea. TO provide record and-instructions to the Ouataaalan repressntstlves of tbewill servs as the basisecords and file system of a

Th* tack force will Include elonents of State Department, L'SJA snd CIA, th* latter to hold tie chairmanship of the group. The Anbssssdor will provid* general instructions for the group for the Joint benefit of the Ihiltsd States snd Guatemalan Government. Suitablename suggestions lavs been submitted to the Ambassador for an overt title for this task force.

Tasksi Ths State Depsrtawaat, 'JSIA snd CIA will concisely their priorities of information. This is necessary to utilise thsaumber of persons sod enable the maxlmom satount of rapid document exploitation, in order to schisvs ouromplete spirit of cooperation snd knowledge of mutual information priorities la absolutely essential. This principle of operstion bas been sgroed upon by th*. Kovurnment sgenelss involved. Priority lists of the three groups are attached.

Halations with th* Guatemalan individuals, who will be working under ths ruidsno* of tba task fores, will be directed or coordinated by theirman. Conplot* ccntrol cannot b* openly exercised| honeTer, through demonstration of the services which theforce can psrfom for the Gusteaalans, it is considered that fullest coop> ration wiU ba obUlned.

All efforts will be nsd* to obtain Important data now existing in the Government FOrattN and other Guatemalan tjovarnmont agency files.

ate efforts will be devoted to ssoertaln any onal implication* which can be utilised by friendly, neighboring, antl-comeuniat -ovemeant* for their intelligence or propaganda exploitation.

f-roce'dursi Action will be Initialed soonest to ascertain the svsilsbility of the documents to the PIHJfT'HT team and what the restrictions, sttitudoa of theuateinalan Government will be. sttMd ate requests will b* made for ths Guatemalan Gtvemment to provide clerical peroonnel who trill be needed to saflst in the Immediate and monumental laal. of preliminary p'-aica) sorting.

Coce It la ascertained that fullest aupport Is assured by the Guatemalan Government and the eartlng has progressed to the point where analysis ia possible, allask force personnel will commence their scanning act.vitlee. Proa this point on, the highest degree ofwill be needed, since the priorities of the groups involved will vary and overlap.

Another factor to be considered in the use of the documents has bean tha tine factor, as opposed to operational needa. T0RY chairman will eddeavor to strike aaalance as ia poaarihla between t'eee two factors, Ha has no preconceived lntentlona to particularly favor either the propaganda or the operational aspect.

For lnaadlate docuxeot exploitation by the agencies represented, use will be made of autoatat photographic equipsent. Kicrofiln equlpnant will be used with those docunenta which land theneelres to nasa reproduction. It is considered this process will be used prlnerily tocrmanent record of naae lists, bound volumes of official correspondence,eries of chronological papera. RI has been requested to furnish personnel capable of handling this task. They have agreed pendingl.

t'ork on the project ia to ccomence with tha arrival of the personnel to ba indicatedollowing paragraph. Pending final project and State Departinent docunentation, PfiHISTORY paraocnel are prepared tougust. Travel orders are currently being readied and State Department was advised onuly of the CIA personnel who would be leaving.

At the end of eachrogress sunmary report will ba submitted to It is not contemplated devoting any of thiaiod to detailed progress or operational repjrtan laws of secretarial help is planned. It la believed tret tine ia of the essence. Frequent uae of cable faoilitiea for operational queriea is expected, teres ted rtersabers will be encouraged to visit tha field unit, particularly if conpllcsted or long and involved problems sriae which night uDneceaaarily bold bock the work of the field analysts. These visits could be constructive since additional requests and information priorities could le nodifled.

Atd of the aaoond month the chairman and various other project personnel will ba replaced. omplete sunr-aryegress to date will be writtenecoDssuided modification of the PUIISTOnT structure as it is to continue willrested.

aced adain intra live plan is baaed -n he consideration that tie team in itself will be eelf audficient. Itelt tnat beat relations can oe maintained fron an adninlatrative viewpoint with bothbassy and our station if only emergency calls are for their sup urt and assistance. Therefore fromersonnel and equipraent

standpoint the groop aa planned ie thought to be complete enough to sccoapllah lie task without interrupting and overburdening the operational or administrative aotivitlas ofassy or our station.

SiatVART: Without ths full support of tbe Guatemalan Goveroavmt this

ill be faced with long "Banana" type of delays. Also it aust bs realised ths Guatemalans ttausslves will be faced with various politlesl presauros which will cause them to exploit the documents in manner which our team may consider inapt or disastrous, froa either sn operational or propaganda viewpoint, headquarters must be prepared for such eventualities. Ths chslrman has already warned the State snd USIA representatives of this possibility. The reported value of t'e doc-jeant* is not being underestimated, however, it is ressonsbls to supposearge percentage of th* sate rial is valueless. Kvsry effort will bs made to achieve th* most rapidkeeping in Valance th* ope rational-propaganda aspects*


CIA teen will cone let of the following i


Chief of Tean

fl Officers

PP Officer

I Analyst

1 Reports-Adninecretary

9 (Sab-total)


1 FI or PP Officer



(Hosdqosrters Personnel to be assigned Guatemala Desk, firnnch

III, VH DiTision)

costs of Operations for three noathet

Salaries (svsrage OS-U)


(everaceer or.rs. per week per individual)

of two automobiles incloding gas, oil sndpar week per veMcle

and Per Diem

msohinee and Supplies (reprodnctico) C

pcrtade microfilm Hodwlnd supplies

Mctaphane machines complete

^ocurenent office supplies


furniture (if not avail*tie locally from cvrrnnont installation)


lasted costs of Operationald tures as distiaguiahed froaxpenditures

includes purchase or procurement of documents fron Government and non-Ooverossmtfi ourcee.

Adrainiatratlve Supportontd.

of authorl^r

he Chief of CIA teasctane, ted as the Dia bare Ing end accountable Officer for all CIA funda expended In the Field.


B. Tha ChiefHrlalon, ia designated as the Din burs ing snd Accountable Offiosr for all expenditures at Ksadaaarters In support of the tesou

C Any additionaluired over and aboverored bersln will beproved in writing by ther COP.

for use of CIA tsam in Ih* Field t

Ths sua authorised herein for Operational expenditures In the Field will bs advanced to tbe Chief of Station, Guatemala, to bsavailable to Chief of CIA team. The Station will separate account for these funds, and the Chief of CIA team will eubait repeipts sad/or documents to support his expenditures through the Chief of Station to Headquarters.

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