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Probability of Son-Fulfillment of Transportation Plan; Northern Sea Route

"ACTS; . Shaehkov, Kinister of the Karitine and River Fleet, in his,

report to the All Union Conference of Party Members of Workers of tba

Maritime and River Fleet,4 stated that eight epoaaship

companies of the Kinistry'aailed to fulfill3 plan for

transportation in both indices, that is, tons and ton-miles. Among

the companies mentioned as having failed were the Murmansk Arctic

and Vladivostok Arctic, No figures vers giTen.

COMMENT; Both of the companies mentioned are under the jurisdiction* of the Main Acbunistration for tha Northern Seahe OLA? which, prior to its inclusion in the Ministry of theand River Fleet was responsible for all work taking place along tha Northern Sea Route.

Zt is presumed that this OLAV has continued its effortshe Northern Soa Route and froa the indication above, has not done toe well, even under the direct supervision of Saaohkov, who is supposed to be an excellent If tho two companies

VodriyiyMarchU, p. 2.

U, p. 3. '

SUBJECT! Probability of Hoa^ilflllawnt of Transportation Plan3 via tho Northern Soa Route

failed to meet the plan It oan be aesumad3ad year along the top of the world.

The reasons glTen by Shaehkov for ths general failure to seat the plan Include laxity In the handling of oargoes, tho low level of leadership, and unaatlafactory use of the" reeans available. Onethat wouldefinite trend la dealing with shortcomings along tho northern Soa Route would bo the replacement of BurMianov,

who was reported as Chief of the Mala Administration for theTrans-

Sea Route, pcwdn. Chief of the Murmansk Arctic Steamship 1

and Fodoaoev, Chief of tho Vladivostok Arctic Steamship Corpany, were still holding those poaitloco aa of tho date of tho report.

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