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HBIORAKDDH FOR: Honry Holland, Esq.

Asslutarrt Secretary of State Latin American Affairs

of Containedt of State and

CIA for Action to Exploit Asyleo Situation in Guatenala

1* Situationi The reduction of the Asylec problen by the Ouatenalan Government has not been effected. Propa^andictlchas not on the other hand succeeded in turning the Asylee situation against International eonrrjnisn.

2' To exploit one aspect of Asylec situation inry as further to associate the Asylees and Arbenz Regirae with iioscow.

3" jfethodi iplomatic appeal by the Guatemalan Government to the Governments of the USSRexico, aslcLnc the former to receive the Asylees. KB-

Co^cepti We do not really believe JSoscow will accept Asyleos or that they themselves would wish to go to Russia. However, Irrespective of what results from thisould have at least onesin, via: lplivistic linkingoscow with tho former Guotcnalai Ccosides and even to some extent, Arbens as Kremlin agents.

Assuming tliat the Russians decline to invite or to accept the uuateralan Cotnunists then wc have anotiaw excellent propaganda terabit, via: "See what happens to Moscow's unsuccessful agents andn this circiffiotance, propaganda would follow up by recalling tho fate of Spanish conmunists who did go to Bussic.or Latin American consuapUon, the El Carapesino story could be (CIA) Some public action might be taken by him. (CIA)

lib Tids does not alter our basic policy which seeks that tho Asylees be brought to trial in externals and that on the other hand none of them be allowed to spread mischief abroad, particularly in other Latin American countries.

$, Proposed Plan i Cause Guatemala tol plana tic appeal to the Mexican Government and simultaneously to the Russian Embassy in Mexico. (Department of State) In the first note Mexico would be requested to grant safe-conduct to the ccnvninlste in their Eirfcassy Tie hoxlco to tho USSR. This note would also lnfora the Hoxicanaequest to the Russians tc accept these people.

Tho ccraunication to the Soviets would probably have to bo delivered by the Mexicans. In any case it shouldequest for the Rusr.iano to accept and receive back their scents aiu* renrcsentativoa. Obviously this is tho key note and should be carefully worded to get the best propaganda impact. thia In Kind, the note should, in fairly subtle language, make reference to the countless visits and periods of residence of Fortuny, Pellccer,t al, to Moscow and it should be suggested that in view of the cloec friendship and support thus evidenced, tho most happy place of disposition would appear to be the USSR (Soehortly after tin delivery of these notes, the Ouatenalan Govemraont should make then simultaneously public. . official mediaew relirble newspapers ohould be given an advance tip-off. (USIA and CIA) Consideration should be given to alerting IRD to the forth-coning dovolopxjnt. (CIA)

6. Ratlnwibe of Foaslbllltgi

rucards sonding asylees to Ruosia or othorcountries, Padllla Nervo said that they would beany solution that leaves these people in Guatemalathur. elaewlicru than to Mexico. They will beby the provisions of tho Montevideo and Havanaor aaylun and If Guatemalaafe conductand Russia agrees to receive then, Mexico will beturn then over for thatEabtel from Mexicoiwpertawjnt, fill of Julyxcerpt).

regards Ccmciist asylees, Aswnalo staledhad persuaded Salvador an Ambassador ask Guatemalaarrangements for transporting Comunista in hispoints behind iron curtain. It is planned that hasuggestion in writing, and Guatemalan Govcmmontrespond offering safe conducts on thisinduccrient, Guatenlans are offering pay transportationnoes and Asonaio said US assistance in arrangingwould ufidouVitedly be needed." (Ilmttelf Julyxcerpt).


c* Juan Cordova Corns has discussed the feasibility of such action and has expressed enthusiasm and confidonce In his ability to convince Castillo Areas of theof such action.

pohclttaio"' In viov of collateral action being taken by or agreeable to the Gevcrnoanta of Mexico and Salvador and in view of Cordova Coma's attitude, the plan is readily feasible. CIA hastate of readiness tho propaganda outlets appropriate to exploitation of this proposal. De-balls of propaganda exploitation by CIA will be the subject of another nocKH*andun.


FRANK G. WISJKR Deputy Director, Plans

Attach! Chart of Quatemalan Cops^unista

Travelling to USSR and Satellites




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