Created: 8/2/1954

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2 August 4

Mr. Dulles:

Mr. Wisner asked me to give you the following message on an urgent basis.

Subject: Attempted uprising against Castillo Armas Regime.

We have just learnedcuffle which took place last night between cadets of the Guatemala Military Academy and units of the "Liberation Army" in Guatemala City spcead this morning to take on somewhatproportions, State has had telephone contact with Peurifoy 'wSpsTates Armas proceeding vigorously to put down revolt which does not appear to have been carefully prepared plot and which for most part carried on by cadets of Military Academy.

Our station is working Panama on emergency commo link and will be on two hour schedules for nextours.

Some reports have appeared on news ticker in what would appeal at the moment to be slightly exaggerated form. This does not minimize danger of spark igniting brush fire.

We will keep you currently informed.

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