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of Station, Guatemala



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sources. If properly prepared, it would minimize the poetibia antipathy by governnent heads, increato the Conrite's prestige, and reduce unl'avorable newspaper opinion which mijchtomparison with the Gestapo of KVD. MIRON was in favor of such action and agreed to arrange an interview to be attended by MTRCM, KSSShCE, HYTJCEi, and LANGEVDJ, At thia meeting UKGE7IH will propose various sethocb. of exploiting documents already found after KYLEES has described in general tho necessity ofood press for the Comlte, For LANOEvTN's plan of document propaganda exploitations see Attachment

4. On the" afternoon of ti August the second phase of the documents exploitation plan went into effeot, with. and Guatemalan forces both comreonclng full scale sorting of valuable and worthless materials. Ho content selection of material was attemptedonsiderable amount was achieved at this first preliminary sorting. KTLKES delegated the RI member of the teaa to organise and dlrcdt this sorting operation, which proceeded quite rapidly despite general lack of familiarity with the material.

b. It was stressed at this sorting that maintaining duplicate documents was in order and that the moot liberal interpretation should be given to the Bortlni; of the documents at hand. hort tine large piles of paper were on the way to the incinerator and the huge heaps of paper were now bvingq sorted into boxes, toecond and more selective sorting. It was noted that all members of the three agencies were conducting this work on the most harmonious base possible,

0, ugust with Increased Guatemalan members (total oortlnj. crew now involvedpeople) the basic sorting operation picked up speed, (detailed account of the details of the sorting will bc forwarded bof RI.) Inugust the secondary selection worn oegan. This work was conducted concurrentlyhose of less experience who were doing the ba.-ic sorting. The second-try sorting war doneUACIDUBARK mnmbers.




In accordance with the Ambassador's instructions, Krieg called for an appointment and later in tbe day Krieg waa advised by the President Secretary Sr. COR0NAD0 lira. MTLKES and Mr. Talleo had their appointments with0 hrs. For convenience sake Mr* Vallen was included to meet CALLIGERIS to explain this labor organization activities. At the appointed hour Kr. Krieg first presented Mr. Vallen who described bis mission and then left this office.hen went in to the CALLIGERIS office and was greeted most cordiallyuite surprised CALLIGERIS. Krieg immediately went over MTLKES cover story, stating that the Department had been selecting men from private business, librarie and Universities, to conduct the documents analysis work. CALLIGERIS asked no questions and then conversation turned to MTLKES mission. MTLKESeneral statement described the importance of his task fron both an intelligence and propaganda viewpoint. He stated the purpose of Committee was to assist the Guatemalans In every way possible in istoediately exploiting tbe commie documents. To accomplish the task, MTLKES carefully explained the calibre and qualifications of the various specialists who would soon arrive. It waa pointed out how these people would be able to assist the Guatemalans in organizing and their Oomite and exploiting the mass of propaganda material.

CALLIGERIS stated that our people should request the Comite leaders to place one of our people in direct contact with Enrique SALAZAR, who is tbe director of the Guatemalan Ministry of Propaganiia.

It was also discussed that SALAZAR would be helpful in arranging for good press for the Comite and its activities.

Bis interview ended mostly cordially with an exchange which regardedfrom Guatemala. CALLIGERIS stated that heduring

these trying reconstruction days. He said he hadhe effectnot return to Guatemala City beforeugust.

Finishing the meeting which included CALLIGERIS' congratulations for MTLKES usual latin saludos for each others and families health, upon leaving CALLIGERIS' office it was noticed that there were large groups of people lingering in the presidential palace. All of these people had**Jhe look of office seekers clearly stamped all over them.



Propaganda exploitation of documents uncovered by the "Social Research Group" fined up on Monday 9th Augusteeting attendedKXS and LANGEVTN, leaders of the Conite, and the Minister of Propaganda. All were coopletely cooperative and accepted the exploitation Ideas set forth. esult tbe following projects are now

a. Local

1* Publication of photographs taken by the tean within tbe country ofstacks of documents, some with cornsr insets of RussianSpanish, with Moscow postmarks on packaging. Others withpaintings and posters of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Malenkov and

ArbenE among the confusion of documents.

As important, revealing documents which can be exploited for propaganda purposes cons to light article resumes will be delivered to the Miniate of Propaganda. His reportorial staff will write articles, slanted for certain newspapers and sections, from these resumes. Photographs of documents responsible for the arrest of communists will be printed with the articles describing their apprehension, etc.

Preparationhort newereel sequence of the documents to be placed in all Guatemalan theatrea.

Preparation of radio material. eeting bas been bold with the Director of TGW who has promised full cooperation.

b. International

Release of important photographs direct from the Ministry of Propaganda, to international photo and news agencies, newspapers and diplomatic missions. Tho covert and semi-covert aide of this will be aided by USIA. Arrangsmant Is being made through then, for Instance, for the fabrication of plastic mats in Mexico, to be released fron

Articles slanted for specific newspapers, when tbe teamocument linking the Coaanuniat Parties of Guatemala and Chile appropriate newspaper release will be sent (by the Ministry of Propaganda)hilean newspaper. This procedure will be uaed concurrently with direct delivery thro our Station or Embassy channels-

5* Insertion of newereel sequence in international news service.

Radio material for use on TGW short wave, reaching Mexico and neighboring Central amurican republics.

A tean appointed by the Government, and representing it, toapid tour of all Latin American capitals. One ranking officer and one civilian. In each Latin capital they will hold an intimate


party for military corps and attaches, eiTlne away kits of

atrocity pictures that are too rough for normal publication,

documents, etc. They will explain to "broUier officers"

danger, for them, of infiltrating ConmunisBi. This trip will

also be valuable to the new Governmentpot check on thair diplomatic representatives abroad, many of whom have been extremely uncooperative with tbe new regime.

6. Eventual publicationooklet with photographs and detailed translations af the documents uncovered. ote in the book will say that the documents are on display in such anlace, and that all diplomatic representatives are invited to inspect them at any time.

The above represents the general line of exploitation being followed. Naturally there will be other on-the-spot innovations and preparation of black material whenever possible. State and USIA representatives are working closely with the KUBARK team, and the local authorities are definitely tractable.

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