Created: 8/11/1954

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. Amy Mission and Militaryin Ouatemala.

Will you kindly, for tha PTES CHIT Information of the tractor and eyself,rief critique or commentary upon the performance of. Army Mission end. Military Attache in Guatemala during the period fromarch to the date of your departure from Guatemala City. In particular will you comment upon toe kind. Quantity, and quality of Intelligence reported or brought in tc the Ambassador by those two Amy elements during the period in question. elieve you are quite well awaretoe efforts wt.lch we made here to get "command channel orders" aant to tbe Military Mleaioa and/or Military Attacheto the end that they collect and report intelligence concerning attitudes and foattiana in the Guatemalan military. At one tine during the period in question, whan tabassaoor Peurlfoy waa up here on consultation, he told me that be was eiaply not getting any intelligence or significant reports from the military Mission and,ecall, it was following Oils discussion thnt we obtained the convaand channel orders, ntove referred to.

2. urther suggest that you lncluoe lo your briefumber of the particulars which you gave me orally in our converaatloo about certain current activities of the Military Attache. This is, ofighly sensitive business, since tbe Agency wishes at all costs to avoid gaining for ttaelf tha reputation of watching andon. officials. However, if you have clear evidence, the accuracy of which you are certain about and which indicatesealings with ammbers of the formerhink wc are entitled to know about this, at least for our own purposes andeeibly for the purposes of discussing Itoff thebaaasdor Feurlfoy.


Confidential neao from General Itidgway to TCIugust.

nuty Director (flans)

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