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Guatemalan Document Collection

In accordance with yourm outlining belowfew suggestions regarding the exploitation of the Guatemalan officialcollection,upplement to prcvloua BQM/OIS support onnd methodology, given whenberc organ!the project.

It seems to me urgent that aa early decision be madeasic piao of publication. Even though thia ia only one of the long-termf the project and will require extensive time aad review before completion, once the plan is outlined and announced, it will serveseful device to which all of the Immediate, piece-meal and other uses of the material can be related. Thia will beuseful, it seems to me, for the followinghe Guatemalan Government will be definitively establlshad as responalble for the documents, their exploitation and releaseubsequent news aad propaganda treatment of any aspect of the subject or of information derived from this source can- be repeatedly tied Into the announced Guatemalan Government publication program.

ractical approach to the basic plan, it is suggested that arrangements be made with the Guatemalan Government to publish several volumes of collated, edited documentsober historical recordcholarly, objective presentation of the evidence regarding events which led to the endangermcnt of the notional aoverelgnty through penetration of national institutions by international communism. This publication would contribute to the better understanding ol some of the main problems of modern constitutional and democratic governments and therefore would be of Interest and value to statemeo and students throughout the free world.

plan would have the advantages of (a) placing theof the document*evel of dignity and scholarship suitfor an official government publication, (b) publiclyGuateoialao Government as responsible for publishing the (c) presenting the new government as objective and sincere

in Its antl> Communist policy rather than revengeful and opportunistic; (d) giving tbe new government an opportunity to appoint distinguished Intellectuals to paying and honorary position* as editors and advisory board member*. (The Communiat* In Guatemala have givena lot of opportunity and glory to live (or. Thisay of bringing out. backing and Increasing tha prestige of another group of Intellectual* who can help to mold opinion In support of tha new government and Its program*.)

Announcement* of this plan and the appointment of member* of the local historical advisory group can be widely exploited for propaganda purpose* through release ofiographic data and statement* of the individual, concerned, while screening formaterial in the document* i* la process. Thia would giveto the subjects and farther establish th* undertaking as the work of the Guatemalan Government.

Continuing publicity could be obtained by scheduling lecture* on then various countries, by Guatemalan scholar,with the project.

Arrangements might well he oaade for translation andlu English, French, and Portuguese ofolume* or selected portion* of them under the auspices of some Guatcmalaa scholarly

and patriotic society, or some later-American organisation of scholarly

It goes without sayingaalc outline of the prospective content aad arrangement of the several volumes should be prepared in advance and Inay that It can bc usedasic guide for screening and related propaganda development. This should be worked up lo Spanish and represented a* the brainchild of whatever Guatemalan leader undertake* to *ponsor It before the Guatemalan Board of Editor* for their adoption.

A* Illustrative of the type of ultimate publication we have In mind, we have ordered copies for your retention of several volume* of captured German document* which have been published by the US Department of State. The translation and editing was done by Joint US and British teams.

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