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PisKlSTOkY rV.Uiiifa.SSb August lfci>4


tuts periodteem devotodefforts to the preliminary soriinw of tensof documents ana to the sec undouna wereof siuterifal whlcn nail boon previously aortea by

P .MwTOift. Initial explanation of tlie Comite's activities to tho local proas wns arranged bylxiutflc and certain documents were released with the promise of more to follow. Since the Comite atill hud been unable to entern operational phase there was no chance to exploit anypossibilities. ack of autootat machineseally effective ittiuuu'N dispersion of (iocuments to local sources and tho lack of the microfilm team prevented anycale photography of chronological files.

KHaQrffj ProAreas

eck of contact between stationEssence on overt or semi-overt matters,wore confronted with demands for Immediate help

ly inatter's butnural problems which Essonce appeorod to have neither the time nor exporionce to resolve. However, followingnstructions end an agreement with Sanniater, it was decided that Station Kbi-Oi-i. personnel would cive attention to Essence's general problems end PwiiiSiCKY officials would concern themselvos solely withfcTOifl offnirs.

6m The following arran^onont with Essenceapid and effective local placement of kovUSi-Oitffficials will pt riotiically release documents from ti.f> Coalite's headquarters, always notifying Essence ana givingopy wiu the credit. The material,rowritton covering, letter by Essence, willdirectly to soloctet. local newspapers, buch an agreemont assures prompt oquitaDlebution with local officials receiving tholr just share of creui t.

4, te at si tiiflcsntevelopments were as


a. Preparationess handout enu press

p.eeifi Comite Ortst, at

wirienJoisltero explained and scute dooupenta released tc local doilies: cuewea nlsoto all intern.-tlpress services.

ost significantcont.)


made of Communist propagandaat Comite headquarters. Film tointo five-minute documentary toin Gnat movie houses as soon asfrom UiS. Copies will be sentfor placement. newsreel Briefs were used by NBC TV inonugust.

magazine representative was givendocument forocumentation was anonymousfor Arbene to Army loaders,

U.S. news editors visiting Guat CityPBH1STGRY propatandaof photos,ress release re

the Comite, They were also shown grey booklet documents of Arbenz book dedlcetions

o. essence is in the process ofwo man Guat team to tour Latin Amerioa to show PBhlSITOHY slides of captured propaganda ond docunjents, compromising photos, plus itoms of general interest which are favorable to tho new anti-Commie regime. Separate uiapatoh follows to describe PJliilSTCiiY planning and support.

f. Although Kersten speech was pleyed to some degree in local papers no unusual reaction followed. It is aJgnif leant that neither Comite members or Easenoe even mentioned it jto PdhlS'fOiiY officials, indicatingY does havo only minimum press vol ue.

G. When the arrival of PuiilS'fOflY microfilm specialist and autostat equipment became known, arrangements were mads with Comite to secure for limited time covomment ministry aocumonts, heretofore not in possession Cowl to anaCitt. Special request was tnaiie to obtain correspondence between Guat diplomatic representatives in Contral American countries ana Guat( See note equipment)

h, aLa .jrvo uc-on orderoa for world wide di .uirUutiont/Ki photos.

X-Il progress

r moved slculyi;tion with priority OU Matters tnvl because of clone

Station roletlono with current Comite loaders inottors. Another important factor in tids field is that the Comite to date has received no legal authority to procoeaanner which would ^lve them tho freedom to make house searches or arrosts. PBM1ST0RY offiolols, with the cooperation of Station officials, did draw up an or^rn ization plan for the Comite which will be used for budgetary considerations. This organisation plan, when more firmly decided upon, will be for-warded'to Hqs, nowever, to date constant changes of secondary Comite personnel, Calll^eris1 vacillation in really supporting the Comite and the constant confusion which Is attendant upon the pot boiling political situation makes the formationard and fast Comite organizationUFIHu standpoint virtually Impossible at thia date. PUKISTORY hoa stressed to Bannister end to JfcPLUG the nocesslt. of stiffening Calligerla1 attitude towards the communists and Arbens supporters, so that the Comite can operateorceful but legal manner. Currently thore la no union of thought on the latter point andosult tho executive Juridical section dominated by Espalier has stalled the formationomite action aim. POulSTOKY In the near future, once the eecondery sorting has developed further, willreat desire to offer KUFXKL leads to tho Comite and to tho Station to show where they can obtain PBHiSTGiif documents from the residences of Communist sympathizers or fellow travolers.


to departure forHYLKL3 aoviseduouiu bo essential for PbhlSTGHY to havo at Its disposal

at loaat two autostat machines to exploit immediately the vital documents for eithor ItUPIWg or KUuGWh purposes. He was oasurod that ouch machines would be air exprcsaod on the week aftor hla departure. Tho unexplained delay of tnese ttachlnoa has aeriously .larapered the exploitation of these documents and Ki'lStS wishes to point out that as cnaii-ciaii he PbdISTt/dY groupcan not be responsible for tJio apnrcity of documentsent sacks. or tc the local pressunder these circumstances. Secure photo lab facilities to hauuiauantity production job are not avallablo locully nor io the personnox for such an undertaking. st efforts will be achieved withquipment is available until thai arrival of thoci.ines. Xt Is Ironic in view of Claw necessity to note tiiet oil other equipment oruorod by Pbila nrrivod with tho exception of the auton tats.

coilcborotlone Comite leaders'-alnteined byr.i ajio a una cut withS and UAIK an interviewn ue.-ii.iat<y HXlAtfS with Calll^cria

ro prorroaa of PiiJilSTGKY, to toko place on or about1 August, Halations with Station havo become even closer upon the return of onnistcr. The Station haslpful in expediting administrative ffittorsovsreoii Interestto bo manifest in how best tho Coaite can be developed and controlled by Within tho Embassy the USIA section has proved helpful as noted in, It should be noted that the expense for the operation, although suggested by PbHI6'fGHyf ia being borne by USIA. The Hqa. USIAalthough offered the fullest opportunltleo to suggest and exploit riuterial for that agency's use, ijis fnllod to proaont any suggestions for local use of Comite matorlal and thus all local exploitation has been handled by KUUUWfl. The OACli) repreaentativea nave proved cooperative and have blended into tiie operationoat riarftonlous manner. The bulk of their desired material la expected to arrive at ifcjs, in microfilm form. LKES visited JKPLUG upon hie return end gavehort summary of the results to date and tho plans for future progress. JliPi-UG expressed his Interest in the work end requestede be advised periodically as to PBHISTON* progress.

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