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'M historical review program


JTEttDRABDOM yrjR, Mr. Prank ii. Oran

Deputy Asei fftjurt Director for AwericanA

Activities of tbe Social Research Group lit Guateauila


L, Tbe Cbairafln of the Group arrived in Guatemalaugust, and went inwaodlately to the United States Anbassador to explain the purpose and plena of the Social Hesearoh Group. Be was veil received and tho flabaaaadar us fiyapathetlc with tbe plans of tbe Group. ugust the Cbaixnan contacted Ountenalan leaders of the Cowl to' hacional de Defense Contra el CommJacio. Tbe latter useduVbsaolans to aid In the research effort oiTthe Group and facilitated access to docuaumta collected fro* tha various Cowman! ft organisations which had existed In Guatemala before the coup, from the peraaaal effects of ex-President Arbens and other officials of the Arbens roglne, and from gawernaent files. In addition, the Conlte' added in the aoquiaition of worfcinp accomodations for the Social fteaearch Group.

Onuan Klran, Gbief of the Coadte', snd the Chairman of the Qroup dincusawd plans In cattail. It van decided that, in addition to the study of the Conuunistlose relationship should be established with the Propaganda Ministry so that the Condte' could release publicity concerning any of the Group's findings which are deoraed valuable in the fight against GostnunlsBu It was eepbasiBad that the Group's purpose was only to assist the Coadte* in exploiting the documents.

On the eXternoonugust the second phase ofocuaent exploitation plan went into effect, with. end Guatonalon forces both conaenclng full seals sorting of Telashls end worthless aoterisls* No content selection was attenpted and considerable ellwl nation of worthless materiel was ac^oepliBtisd. In this preliadnary sorting, there waswell effort to eliminate duplication of documents,iberal interpretation was given to the possible value of documents. Jierertheless,hort time large piles of worthless paper were on the way to the incinerator, and hogs heaps of papers of possible value were being placed in boxes toecond and sore selective sorting.

lu ugust the secondary selection work on the mate rials already passed through the preliminary sorting routine, and the latter activity continued. The mors experienced sorters and analysts ware asEi&ived to the secondary sorting.

5, eeting ol the Chairman of the Social Beaearcli Group, Cruateaalan leaders of the Canite* Macional de Defensa Centra el Goojuulsao,


and the Guatemalan Minister of Propaganda, the following propaganda plan waa decided upon for exploitation ofeloped by the Social Hesearch Uroupt

1* Publications of photograph* taken by tha Group within the coontry of the aeaslve atack* of doeuwente, soaa with corner lxurat* of Itueslana Spanish, with Moscow postcarks on packaging, and othere with huge photographs, paintings and posters of .'italic. Has, Lenin, aalenkov and Arbens aaong tha confusion of docownli,

As laportaat documents cone to light, revealing Coaaunlat activities la Oaateaila vnlofa can be exploited for propaganda purpoeea, summaries of tbaa will be delivered to tbe Minister af Propaganda, fits raportorlal staff mOJ write articles, slantedcertain newspapers and sections, froa these suwaarlea. Photographs of docimente raaponsible far the arrest af Coaaoaieta will be printed with the artielee deecrlMng their apprehension, etc.

Preparationbort new ar eel sequence of the docuaente to be placed in all Owatemalan theater a.

li. Preparation of radioeefctag haa boon bald with the ulroctor of TOV who bas promised full cooperation.

b. Intematiivml

Release of iapertent photographs dirwct froa aba Ministry of Propaganda, to international pboto andneies, news-pepera and diplomatic aiaalona. This will be aided by USIA. Arrangement is being aade through USIA, for instance, for the fabrication of plastic mate la Mexico, to be released froa Ouateaala.

Artielee slanted for specific cewopapors will be released by the Miaiater af Propaganda, and alternatively by OSIAbassy channels. fat exaaple. If the Group uncovers

a document linking the Comaurdat Parties of Guatemala and Chile, appropriate newspaper releasee will be sent by the Guatemalan Minister of propagandahilean newspaper. The United states aabssey will be informed, and US LA will be info road for their noes! hie use or transmittal to countries outside of Guatemala,

3. Insertion of

3. Insertion of aeaavsol eeqoance in km international Bervioe -ill be attempted.

h. Bedlo eeterielj developed froa documents uncovered by tba Group will bs gei on TOW abort wave, reaching haxtco and neighboring Central American Bepubltca.

taaa, canalstingilitary offloar and awill be appointed by the Guatemalan oovemaent to make a

rapid tour of all Leila American capitals. In each Latin capital they will hxld en intimate cocktail party far the military corps andiving away kits of tbe atrocity picture* that are too rough for coraal publication, photostatictc. They will explain to "brother officers" the danger, for then, of infiltrating Coaaunlaa.

publicationooklet with photographsled translations of the docuwsrta uncovered willote la tbe book will say that the.oa display lm-errato andlace, and thattic represent*tivw* ars inrited to laepect theatime.

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