Created: 8/24/1954

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Chief, .

Chief, of Station, Guatemala

PBHISTORY Records, ReportEFi

X. The flratort of the material on hand haa been completed aa described, in the referenced despatch. Prlriary attention has been fclvon to PGT and CNCG material in the secondaryaper, .However, new loade of matorlal arrive from day to day, and leu) help la .used to oomplete the rough sorting of these papers,

The secondary sorting of material ie being done by Department, whicheographical subdivision, comparable to the various States in. the United States. Experience thus far has ehown that the laiger portion of the material will lond Itself to tltlg breakdown. one to this deapatch is a. copy of the oaae book which we have drawn up for the material on hand. Operational security de ai da that all our writings be kept in Spanish, which accounts for thefase book In the Spanish language.

Tie central file sot up at theosent time coneistsuniboring clorkupervlsor, whose Ability to speak En,h haa been of greet help. The checker also doubles in filing and alphabetizing of oaj-ds. Tha index at the presont time consists of appro0 curds, but is growing rapidly. More personnel la being requested.

Today the additional burden of answering na-ic check requests has beenon this section. By the end of tillsow unit will be ostanlishod, if new personnel can be acquired that eoon. Tho locul personnel la very oooporntive and uproars to be rapidly adapting to the system in spite of the newness of the operations and the language barrier..

The reproduction set-up is now in oporntion. ft conslts of one rocordak and one autoatat. Wo expect to have two additional autoatato by tho ond of tliisnd therotroni, possibility




that ft second camera will be raacio available to ua.

will forward individual reportshat endyvisMM.,

Attachiaenta two and three to this despatchopy of tha identity card drawn for local us> ample of tho blockeing used In the claaalflcatlon of documents. The English aanguago draft of the identity card waa forwarded In referenced despatch.

Since much of the material on hand consf many coplea of books andnomplftc set of Spanishaterial aat asldo. Thia includes the works ofWAtfi, etc.

If the Library is interested In these works, please advise meill have them forwarded by soa. They had previously boon elated for destruction.

If additional personnel is made available, the contemplated sixty days should be aufflclent to complete the task. However, no action has beenorn, organizational linos* It is still folttaff vlalt would be very beneficial. otal records briefing oould be Includedart of that visit*

Thanks) for notifying me of unsuccessful results, best J


- Csae Book

- Identity card






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