Created: 8/25/1954

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FCP.: Deputy Director

the Acting Director's meeting thisecent cable from our Chief of StationCityointing out that this messagehis rind the question of who has responsibility for thoin Guatei-ala on PPSUCC53S. tated to him that you!oa):in- every effort to indoctrinate the State Departtaentaseople on the fact that the activities ofGuatemalan Government are the responsibility of StateCIA raist draw back to its proper role as the providerintelligence and psychological cction in support ofpolicy es determined by State. Conors! Cabell agreed"follow-up" "ss State Department's Job but said that hsasr -ot State iras fully mindful of theve were drawing bade and that this problem vss iie kept repeating thet he was afraid that the"fall between two stools". :r. Bisscll te:ided toCabell on the point that ther* mightertain lackJ kept emphasizing that yea had been aakir^net only in lor- sessions 'ith Ambassador ?eurifo- butappropriate officials of thertmeni to sort cutjf the- discussion, itthat General CabsU still tt't son: sort of .* y us to the State Department setting forthrol? unclcr current Ccnditijrs. ^

saidould draw this problem to yourupon your return andure that youir. toucheneral Cabs 11 reciscIjre thijt:-ed.


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