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Intelligenoe Requirement fop


Is requested thst youoordinated intelligence requirement for PBHISTOHT to loo lade the attached roq;iiremonta whloh were previously submitted.

The orientation statement for other offices and agencies may be given as follows i

Shortly after ths fall of toe Arbena regime lo Guatemala,oouments became available for possiblo exploitation. These dooanenta were from the following


- Confederaoion Maoional da Ca/npealnoa dm

- Confederaoion Oeneral ds frabajadores de Guatemola

- Partido Cuatenalteoo del Trabajo (The Ccowonist.'Hiiartido aevoluelooarlo da Quateaala

- Slndioato da TrabaJadores de Kduoscion de Guatemala

onfederaoloB de TrebaJ adores Gjatemaltecos

file for Correspondence and records of Harts V. ds Arbens

3. documents represent what these organisations left in their files after en apparently hurried seleotlon and destruction of some papers. Thay are aot complete records in any sense,earch of tba material night unearth apeoifically required inforas-


J. C. King-

Chief, WHO

Heeds of CIA/OCD with reference to Guateaalan Documents Collection


Interested in any data pertaining to Individual industrial plants, Import organisations or research operations.


Interested in biographic information on all foreign scientists and technological personalities.

a phi C| Register

Interested in photographic coverage on coasts, beaches, transportation, villages, public gatherings, and significant personalities.


Would be Interested in foreign publications that may be available.



Categories of Documents which State wants Reproduced

for Transmittal to the Department

1. Correspondence of POT, CWSO ond COTO with each other and with the following

groups and individuals


labor unions and politis! parties

groups interested in agrarian reform

Frente Universitario Democratico (FUD)

Allanza Feaenina Guatemaltece (AFO)

Allanza de la Juventud Denocratica Guatenalteca (AJDG)

Conite Naclonal de Partiderios de Paz

Consejo do la Protecclon de la Infanciaand professional organizations

Saker-Ti and Sindloato Naclonal do Periodistas (SNP)

?, Minutes of executive sessions of tho PGT, CGTO, and CNCO

a. Also minutes of certain local committee meetings 3. Documents dealing with the following aspects of Communist activity!

of non-Communist organizations

with parties, groups and IndividualsGuatemala in both Communist and non-Communist countries.

on the Government re Guatemala'sand international relations.

with Indian groups and individuals,CGTO and CSCQ

J. Plans for underground operations.

li. In screening tho documents for biographic information special notice should be taken of the following!

a. All lists of Communists, whether or not they are actually members of the party and whether or not they appear to be

Communists of small significance. Information on tho top Communists is of the greatest value.

documents containing information about any of thein the CIA document entitled "Revised Check Lists

of Guatemalan Coaimini3ta%U

documents which contain information aboutcountries other than Ouatemala and theirthe Communist movement in Guatemala. Ofin this regard are any documents which throwthe direction given to the Guatemalan CommunistVicente LOMBARDO Toledano of Mexico and Pablo HLRUDA

membership lists or other documents containinga biographic nature about the members of the CGTO andCommunist fronte in Guatemala.

documents referring to diplomats of Guatemala and

documents which throw any light on theCommunists and officials of the former

documents pertaining to anti-Communists.

Mr, Kiron Burgin



Identities of U.ltissna who collaborated, or were sssoolatad with Ocssninlsts or Comunist supporters, Avallablo dstslls regard ing the background snd sstlTities of such individual a.

Information concerning Soviet espionage operations. The veiy proxinity of Ouataaala to tbe United States woaldtrong possibility of links with Soviet agents In this country.

' vi donee that the Coanuntat Party USA haa ueed Ouatemalaafe haven or any other evidence connected with underground operations of the Ceamnxnist Party USA.

u. Evidence of eorrospondonce between Coarounlsts in Guatemala and Individuals In the United States.

Evidence of cryptographic material used by ConaunlotB or espionage agents,

Ihe nature of the liaison between thearty ln Guatemala and Cosmainlst groups In other countries.

Partlnsnt data concerning any specialised training on the part of the Comnunists in the flelda of sabotage, riot instigation, and the manufacture snd uee of arms and aneunition.

6, Any data concerning operational nathods and techniques of Soviet espionage agents.

ny evidence of pertinent financial transsotlons between Conawnlota in rhtstemala and the United States,

r. C

of USIA with

tc CcEsinisn in Guatemala.

order to educate public opinion, especially In Latinalso in other areae of the world where Communist propagandastrong influenco, with regard to the nature of theand the reality of Communiam in Ouatemala, the Informationthe tack of demonstratingommunist strategy in Quotomala

wae directed from abroad for tbe purposesoreign power, and therefore conatltuted intervention in Americanommunism ln Ouatemala with Government backing, was pursuing expansionisthe Arbena regime was in opposition to the will and the rral interests of tho people.

While the State Department "white paper" and the expose whloh tho new Guatemalan Government ls expected to produce will be of groat value, thoy cannot constitute sufficient ammunitio. to enable tho Agencyi oue its task effectively! first, because they will not be readyattor of months and lt la now, while Guatemalan news is still timoly throughout the world, that we should betoady flow of materials to correct misconceptions and establish the correct final lmpreosionj secondly, booauso theue documents will necocaorlly preaent tho evidenceondonsed form, devoid of tha circumstantial detail that is frequently mo.'t effective in stimulating popular Indignation.

To supDort the above themea, therefore, the Agency urgently needa the following categories of evidence!

a. Directives to the Party or to any Promt organisation from abroad. Letters or memoranda discussing such directives in fairly plain language.

Material bearing onravel documenta that can be photogra .vied tooint, discuaelons of ths choice of delegates, etc.

revealing Communist planning for the futureicollectivisation of expropriated farms, ulano forthe Judiciary, etc.

indicative of active subversion Ln otherof visiting Communists, reports, any correspondence



night be aade public. Any reliable evidence of subversive activities on the part of Ouateaalan diplomats.

Documentation oflanning concerning any Front Congress that actually took placet labor planning of the mid-aOU involving the WFTU and CTALj records of significant meetings.

Documentation of tho campaign againsteasures involving the press and radio, cvidenco of persecution of individuals dating bask before the last days of the regime) any evidence of discrimination inof the Agrarian Law, etc.

Also important to the Agency would be any material that could be released concerning key individuals! hard evidence linking Arbenz to Communismi compromising material on Arevalo; identification of well-known Communists throughout Latin America with Guatemalan Coamunlwo.

Any photographs ehowing manifestations of Communiot association with theommunist symbols

government buildings. Cabinet membura at Communist demonstrations, etc. etc. Also material that could usefully be photographed, such aa an Agrarianignificantartytrikim- collection of propaganda.

Ralph Hilton IOP/A


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