Created: 9/1/1954

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1. The Guateaalan Government haa Bade no progress oo the problea of how to dispose ofaylees who have sought sanctuaryatin Amo rican nlaaiooa ln Gua teaa la City nor haa the governaent any policy on how to aolve the problem! otheretermination to resist preeaure that they be released, because this wouldoaaaunist threat to Latin America.


Department coneldera the most desirable solution wouldclearly establishing the principle that the traditional benefitsshould bo denied to international communiets. It feels thlabeat be embodied ln bi-lateral arrangementa between Guatemala andcountries, along tho following linos:

s. Boats withdraw benefits from ccamninieta end criminals againat whom chargea supported by prise facie evidence are. evict them to Guatemalan Jurisdiction;

b. Guatemala Immediately grant eefe conduct to the relatively harmless and guarantee to the others evicted that they will be treated humanely and prosecuted in good faith if they are accused of crljats; offer transportation to those who vent to go to aod ere accepted by an Iron Curtain country, release and rehabilitate the harmleea.

such bl-laterel arrangementa cannot be achieved. Stateproposes tbat dangerous coajsunlata be offered eefe conduct tocountrlea conditioned on their being transported and acceptedcountries.

action TO PB TAKES I

1. State Department will send Instructions along the above lines to. Embassy in Guatemala and the setter will be presented to the Guatemalan Government for their consideration, (if the Guatemalanadopts this approach, Henry BoHand of fitate Department will go to Mexico end present the propossl to President

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