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Chief ef Station, Guatemala PliMISTOai

Prograaa Report4

Attached la PBHISTtttY prograaa report for Die period1

T. KyUcea

Attaohmenti Pro^reoi report





T Progress Heporti 4

1. On4 PBHISTORY finally became fully operative with tha arriTal ofuipment, whichapid reproduction of many documents of varying importance. wo-man microflla team went into action.

B. the aecondary aorting of tha documanta during thie period oonflrvmd earlier opinions that the material at hand for tho moat part was not of high-leral intelligence value. Rather the data contained waa thet which lent itself to research atudies regarding the Conunlat novenent in Ouatemela. It ls felt that at thia tins the ,oat important doouaanta have been already screened and forwarded and tha material regaining ia that which primarily will aerve research lntereate. Thus lies quarters canimdnlehlng number of documento for KUOOWH exploitation) and, if no further dooumonta become available,ew KITIHCan be hoped for.

S. urbulent politioal situation which might disrupt thea work during the coming month, it ia expeoted with overtime work the entire remaining bulk of doaumenta can be reproduced. on orctober.

equally important goal of developing tho Ccedte's aotlon arm

is currently coapletejy dependent on tha political situation, which fluctuatea dally. CALLIGEUIS, although outwardly in favor of tha Conite, to date has yet to give the Comite hia fulleet aupport ln ita organization problems. It la not known whether this is by design or evidence of his lack of administrative ability to get things done. tachment sow that the reproduction work bee movedoutine of operation, the FBMl31CttT chairman la planning to dedicate hia priaary efforts to aiding and asalatlmg tha developmentermanent Condte organization, Paul D. LANOiYIs, the PIJH1deputy, with lessoning KllOOWH activitiea, will be responsible for the closest supervision of the photographic reproduction operation. See Attachmentfor report of KKWWN activities.

Daring the reporting period, MYLKES hand-carried to 3SILLET more than forty dociMnte, which had been obtained fros the local Government's Foreignfiles and whichimited way contributed to the white paper being publiahed by the honduran Oovemment. Subaequently another set of doouaents which contained valuable information In this respsct was delivered to SKILLET.

In addition to tbe above primary duties, the PBUISTURY cJmdnaan, vie the Comite, has arranged various personal interviews with antl-Coemunlet Ouateaalana, so that Representative liillings, ceo tor of the Kara ten Committee, can obtain knowladge of Conciunist activitiea here and poaalbly meet aultable Individuals for hian the United States. These activities were coordinated closely with the Ambaosudor and rtiae well as with CALLIQKHIS, who had met Hillinga' preaa agent, MeMahon, ln Tegucigalpa aarller in the


According to instructions fron CALLIGStIS during the Initial Keating with MYLKE3ugust, another interview was scheduled for the purpose of obtaining froa CALLIOBRIS certain documsnts which he claired he had but whioh he would withhold until PBNISTORY waa ln full progress. With the arrival of the autoetat aa chines, fiTLKM arranged for thewith CALLIOERIS through the Comite leadersj and on SO August in brief tho following took place.

KYLKES outlined the activities of the CoaLtt as far aa the reproduction work was concerned. He advised CALLIOSRIS that tha over-all intelligence content of the doouments was limited and that fron certain Oovernment files which had been submitted lt was olaar that the Conrsunists and the ARBBJZ Government offloiale had destroyed or taken with them the most damaging material. CALLIOERIS agreed, stating that he personally knew that theiles had been burned in their entirety. MILKES reminded CAILIQKRIS that at thie point the Comite waa sufficiently well organised to receive the exclusive doouments which CALLIGERIS had promised to give to KYLKES. CALLIOERIS responded favorably and told KYLKES to get them from his private secretary. (Commenti The private secretary later reported he had no knowledge of suoh documents but promised to consult with CALLIOERIS on this soonest. Ho answer haa yet been received hy KYLKES four days later.)

is moatingurried one, and CALLIOERIS paoking his pistol apparently was preoccupied about bigger and sore important things although ha damonetratftd interest ln the Coralto'a activities.




KUOOWJ Progrsse

1, The principal activity of thia period waa the eysteaatio relaaee to tbo looal press of Individual doeunants. The bankof Krs.

the Caoerosfron the Soviet to the prealdent, informal receipts for aa aueh, and liata of Soviet booka purchased by ARBENZ were aar>ng the nany documents which reoeived prominent mention. In many cases the photostatic ooplas were roproduced along with stories. Ihe coverage of the documents also prompted Individual editorials ln oomo cases. Second batch of clippings alr-*ailed toeptember.

t. The FBtUSTOaT film was completed on SO August. Tha flrat copy was handed over to ths team visiting South Annrican capitals (seehe film Itselfraphic record of the documents and propaganda found by the Comite. Narration la by the three announcers of "Radiohe final fuur copies are scheduled foreptember. One oopy will be pouched.eptember, to be clipped and subsequent seenea sent to all -ajor newareel companies. Due to need of all available copias for present local use, we will sendopyater date. We auggeatuplicate.opy la desired immediately. . will also, lt ls understood, aonvert the film tom. for distribution throughout Latin Amerloa.

the two-aan teaa left Guatonalaeptember. Tite Wo Habere were Virgllio RODRIGUEZormer Guatemalan Ambassador to several South American countries, and Joee Alfredo PAlMKTJU, oolusnlst on "Blnown aa "Jap." First atop of the tour was acnedulad aa Santiago, followed by Montevideo and EfuenoB Air-is and later Quito and Bogota. The team will hold press conferences, demonstrating propaganda kits of Corvainlat publications, with photostatic reproductions of PBHISTOHY documents,nowing of the film mant oned above.

A prese release was written, ln English and Spanish, andfroa Guatemala onugust to some ninety principal newspapers in latin America, north America, and England. This release described the activities of the Comite and the documents uncovered. Plastio matrices, photographs of PBHISTORY materials, were attached to each release. Tbe matrices were made ln Mexico, through cooperation,

release, with photostat of letter insultingwas aent to principal Argentine ncwapapere.

release describing Chilean Conmunieta activewaa aent to Santiago papers.


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