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Chief* Veatom Hemisphere

Chief of Station, Guatenala

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attontion should be fclvon toCtfl,or written to Geraon Amos PiiAlX,omnunlatwho reoently Bought eaylum after the fall of the

Arbenz retime. 1'he letter is written by hia father.

letter, althoughimple emotionala theme which could be exploited by the emotionalin tJio Statea and In Latin America. It la stronglythe letter and the circumstances under which it waa written

von exclusively to Billy Graham.

<3* In brief, tho le Lter wrlttononscious stricken anti* connunlst Tether, who still loves his only son, is pleading, thst his oonaouniat Influenced son return to vod end tho olmple virtues. Ho requests hin tos feleo (Communistj associates anu listenn tu hie family and elders. Tho father states that only by faithfully edi-erint, to hisuvicc car. helennse hlBatelf of his Comnunlst sins.

4, If Ureiiam saoululvo, religious letter, EVUbeic> uiao tj.is ooulu easily be iraprooulvo ofdiv^Y


Francis T. &3





ca sell:, tanbien por variaauoss EgAlrltuerdad te onrilo pemltie:iao que enlilapita ls hia-toriaolno que la bendlclon ii- Dioaue en tfomos lo vide <ie Jacol: en suaran.

cea pien-nndo en lo uajoa ons linen*e) pad- cs.

'lc voaejns iras tf: una madrescr res-tro:;odo ornos Lmpacable wuerra, un padre cue aa que Mso nal enor arte pues viresarranta > dosue te han amado ue oulzi no sil-'firasos hermanas queio: noaedlr lo queortldano3 tfo3 entre loa cualcs habra qulen tuda les aeo ro-tunharenteuesc tuas blen hay qqtenes aonrlan sardon^camente ante nuestra presencia de seresompungidos por lo que 'ce pasa.

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esiones: "Prudentes cocoires al vinotrase auavenente, mns al finolor."

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A contlnuaclon te lnserio nueatro decslo^o1 (cla tu padre que se lee vlda de tristeza or. pensar en su hijo quee una madrc queolas re dolor por lasvonldas llora aun da noche en sul nencionarlentras quo la.muerte no ven&a lo herida le aancrarae no^hc)



continentather regarding his only son has been th/it you would remain with us for Various reasons; but, if you must leavo, for various reasons also, nay my God, who is Spirit and Truth, Bless you, not permittingrepetition of the history of the prodigal son in your lifo, but may the Blooslnj; of God allow us to see,in you.thc life of Jacob in his flight lo llii ran.

You are goingy, and you leave behindother with hor love crushed as if by the most terribleather, who at tines thinks that he did wrong in begetting you as you live within hia uith great pain, two grandparents who have loved you and whoa perhaps your eyes will sec no aore, two sisters who innocently (proportionally) do not yet realize what your leaving means to your parents, and soae aunts and uncles, aaong whoa there are those to whon your leaving will bo profoundly senseless and nothing nore-but, no-one was your friend. There are those who will sardonically smile in our prosence,as humilllated beings, grieved and repentent for what lato you.

Innsert ourecalogueather whoso lifo ls snddonod on thinking of his son who is lonviriR, andother who woopa alone along the streets and imlks, who also cries in bed at night andthe montion of your name, and, as long as death docs not core tbe wound will bleed night and day:

Love God, in Jesus Christ, and abhor all that oppoaes thin.

Don't forget the advice of the only ones who, loving you, do not ho troy you.

Struggle against all thehat surround youriendly or loving Banner; women, liquor, vagrancy, gambling etc.

1. Change tho kind of friends and books that, behind our backs, have undermined the funnfiTentals that we instifTed in you in your youth.

Look for and practice tho virtues that will makeettor person so that if you return ono day you may erase youronor your parents, your country(hut not In politics) and above all honor God.

Don't squander your tine on superficialities; make use of that whloh softens or eases your misfortune, offering an opportunity to reach an enporiua of light.

Save your money, your strength and your t'ac, end your old age will be prosperous.

Avoid arguments, debates or entanglements which sooner or late-will destroy you.

Read the Hew Testament and Proverbs continuously and go to church oiien. Heed this.

iiL.!feStaI'!?a s serpents, meek as doves"

t outers

he eDd'en>ent, it will bite andragment of glass Will cunse you pain".

Rood newtill be your redemption and theTUS)its COBP^tlon will be th? balsam which ^itagatc our pain, and perhaps your happy return would miraculously remove the scars left hy the cured ache.

Your parents,who could suffer anything with less pain than your forgetting God.

SiteleaV6'b3eSSine of^company you.

write If It is possible even on the

Goodbye Gerson, my son!


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