Created: 9/28/1954

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SUBJECT: Fropugand* Exploitation of PPIilSOTRY Dooa-nctlts

Documents were revealed to the lonal press in Guatemalaeries of news conferences designed to show tha public the extent ofpenetration in Guatemala, and to pcqjaint the people with various aspects of the insidious Communist conspiracy. Binety special kits of documents, photos, explanations, and special articles were prepared by the Social Research Group and sent by the Guaf-eraolnn Government to TAtin American and European newspapers. Documents were given to the Honduran govemm :nthite Paper on Guatemalan Cow-turdinterferences in Documents were furnished to Representative Hillings, Clflirmanfl tatin Anerican sub-comi-dttue oi" the House Ccr'irdttee on Coanunisti on, headed bystsn.

A two-man Guatemalan good-willvent to Cjiiie, Rioevidco to toil the story ofGuatemalaistributend documnbs to interestedinguvomrients and tc local ne-.isnnn. ^

A movie short was produced locally showing how the Cosiiitinjata fliodetscountry- with propaganda. TMso;fr. in Guatei-elvi t'lefi^r? ansd sent via OSIA for further tatin /uT-rican distribution.

Indocuments wer*toS1A,u>i1 the Kersten Committor. Conies of nswsnaper articles, photos, and *iocun=nts were sent out to W. field stations for propaganda 7urpesos.


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