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saa Offered for aoaleet MtlMU* J/ Thle weald MHaw ta indleate that

to Iftgtiywwri laaulrw With Oftto, Mnrtag Ma lathat ha aaatU

ae sale he aegetlete ramtbU terata, aad tea* JUT a* left aay

list with th* Egyptian rrweler. It -aa no urtiet of tha kind* ofMhlah tha Soviet Vaiao haiupposed list aaa net Included la aha

after tha fast, far wusaaua aa yet oudeteralaed.

tha aartaa offer reportedly aaa tuniil aahaur at JalpaepUoi, editor of rrayfia and secretary af tha Oaaaaal naaailltii af tha deaewaatet Party, ah tlonally ta sell doa hflppt. Shepllev la also aald ta it aaa aaea noted la aaooaw that aha lajrptlaa1 ctally replied ia aharare offer, wen* had action aaaa teaea aa the ptapaul adllaary edealVB ta tea aaaa ta taaahaaacrt thiahla last Mat aaal eoattadtoie tha peavtaua information that aedel-aeaeer had the chief, ah Kaaat. ofleelea. however,tateaant weald indicate that he had sat aaaa tjifaaaafl

with abdt 1 la thia camreaUea, Awsei-aaseerre alea ahutaala the BSd*


offera. aad itttet thatev he* tus effered pufl aircraft

end lataat weapon, with ealefc delivery. huaeela stated that

ha aaa aat aaaaa tha details of tha aeeelaa ailltar* after,

that that asdeldid at aaa pelat aantloakxfto and

aaa teats be ales aaatlaaaa jetwhiah tue.ia la etll-

laa ta sail for aam-aaaaar itwhcatod that ha toad

aat givesaf lalta reply. 6/

hussein quoted tbdei-teeeer aa aaylaa at thia aaa* seating

that three ar fawr days prevteua, haaaaw ladle had aaaeasased

that tha usafl aaa prepared ta (It* free allltary seelstance to

egypt, aatd ha had taken steps ta seep thia oat of tha

praaa. although tha fact thatt atad seen wade

aaa getting arooad, aad ha thua faitay tiled ta bring tha

taat of tea aaamtaaadup at tha naralutlaaary cee-

aaad cewaail (acc) aaatlag. of tha trsneorlpt was pah*

llauad after aaaalad daleertlsa aooheg with

wduteey eeataaatat, welsh waa taaaejatad aa fallaeai

tarj highly inihtfaad eoeoeeee announced that tha sortstta reeatp ta aaaptj isypt withaaaa taut anilesi eealpaaat free, fees* eewreee eeaeet that ssswttanueae weuod taha pataeteaeaten aaat^tit abeet tale aahjeat ia tha eealag days.

atated that tha zeeaeu radio had plated up thia pert loa

weed it in tee braedeeets. with appropriate references about

the tthbu

the reeus aaaltaj ef aaaeaaaaeaeap alaiae ta have lafadlo xareal ttwaaealaalan0 heave agyptlaa itae afttah atated that "eaaratent quarters" aald tha soviet


free aaa*. an ci.uui ateadio Iereel iMaiuaal im Arabia0 laT/atiaa tie* whieto repeated tha offer, attrlbatlag It ta

Beth boonaaatis alae aaiitlaaaH ceeneele aid error*

wean tee lean wee eel led te the at teat lea ha haa olroady hen id ef it. The frwiar reportedly ejare per-alaalea far eablleation af the wool tared story, eserrieed tha efrer wee deleted, aad taa ateryaaugust la Egyptian sewaaeujara, with attribution to rttrtaurtleo reeartedly we* sauted hy aa

neither British nor as aaaltata plaaawj aa either ef the reported transmissions. OS efflelala state they are eenrii that ebonland ether Karat ten efflelala are oineero in their belief that the trenemt.elon MM authentic, fclllty exhat tha) portion of the text re ferrlng to

of free asuws waa laahnraad late taa

ausnlsslon by peraoe, ar

OS emelala

far fruitleeeh the SB or

lt can afford. Potior eeaotdevet lane Mat poaaiolllty of eeetlag aaaoalraale piocadaiito have-hlthei to pioopoiiod tha SS froai noeedlng toerae, which offer aoaoatalj, tha report" af Soviet offoraegularly irooght to taa attention ef the V* raaaaaj In Cairo* In effort* to influence tha Mantlet tana, tho faot

of too

"cat* efforts tooa taa Oft owieian, dltbeogftSoled ia

to harelet ef availableawiaaai withletter aaa new

g lie* to at officisia, which eaavta ehenVt enexistence la fact.

of hia peeltiea and telahelp at taj

if aaaaii oo eoeare tela tape of aid eioewherc, aaa apt Serlet artillery end Miaaaln aaatetance la net at the nan ml entirely r, aett thereerieee rlafe that for lntoreel pelltleel reel htaSHlf driven to tela, la looting


hut te ffaeeeln, who In turn re peati It ta

tlea arleee na ta wayoelta aa ann? af tneoffer aot hi no, newrethus aUouourlyt of atree aa! cat aa enweehird iiiiiHij. nbdei-laaa heller.lace rely that taa irraaawaat aa-, aa ehwu net auaatloo tne plaaetblllty ef the Soviet Valea'a aaktas an after ef aaeh aaeMltaaa aaa en**ii'iiiasMp, la*lleatleosootle croaecait, rather ttaui officially end eecretlj te the head ef etete. The logic ofere aa the sort of the soviet Talon la doubly wheneat aces that the trnaenloaloonana hihird country.


Tha leak of

offer, aa well aa the oeeloae tornatraltloo concerning Sovietla Initiatingaeuwaaaad. releee tha aeeunlhUloy

iin. aaa luted hy paraaaa The Soviet anvolve

fa*eeeaVanet ef the'eavaa offer la proheoalOle, alnec each awould

the os to oaks ccuiilai erooaaalo. Several other eeeeUmtlea The pnipntii hid nay hareaive lialen fran the Oul ted States af

pwwittii Kith aaeee offer. Bat thie theory ueuld ateaa aaaaa aaaaata ta aaa rata a/ aaa-ty ta tee ceaeetlea, while aa afflelala be Hero that fee la alaaare. Tale laavee tea eeeelhlllty that eertala pereane la Egypt, aaaelhly aeneaj teaee edvtelag eaa Influencingara try lag ta aggrerate the lesaeurltj ef hi. position. The aatla leasee* attribution aaa aaaa*eveneaetua* before publication ef the at err, although tha Infor-aatiea aasuoeoaA/ aaa baaed on tha lareell broaaaaat. Tharaletlag ta tha unitary of far aaa deleted fraa the sreaaoriat before it aaa eeblisauwli it could jaat aa aaally hare aaaa laeerted lataanila* before It waa typed.

There ere elaeeatapt whleb would velceae aleearith the 9mm far their awn aaaa, possibly including the wrthm of Ahdal hoaatr, or at laupture la reletloea with tha united State a. Theae eleaaete eanreata* to areas for aeseptaase of bee let affoao ef aaa tat awn, the effere will alee apeat ta neutral feeeee ia Egypt, who eaa oooop tease ef aeaalaa aid ee ee axuapie of aheet'e fr-iaeaa ef saatee* Theree doubt that aeyrt aaaahieealaaaat. aar field artillery asoaleto ef little earelaces, ef which ellaalteere ef reeeat Spanish ucawafuetere ere eaeelete British aadala.TTorta to Increase the quantity aad iaarewe the quality ef artillery free vestem

n aad IX will be obtained fraa whaterer aarhet poeaibla. ahdel-aeaeer nay aat baoeltlea te delay indefioitely in treating the are tat effere.

ni. mm. mam

ktmmlBt that th* Soviet berter offer of area for cotton, oo opposed to thoro* offer, lc bona floe, the reasons ror the Buaelan aore ere readily apparent. negotlatloss with the wS being oo far IneonelusIre, the win aao psychologically rips for an offer free the Bast, area aaa* Sgyptlsnc who ma; healeoHy fear te so huelaeae with assala are sufficientlyla their efforts to jorh out erranoSBSTits with the -est to he euoccptlhic to aavanlaeasaa bide fsoai the Seriate. The eoeontacnee of Soviet aid ay the agjailess weald represent aa ashlosBonl conaietent with the orer-all CaoeBsnlst eta lo the are* Tenons atateet their dsoiai ta the Meet, with extenelvo Soviet allitarypt wool* saasnja aa the leading povntr in tea attaaU* seat, to the eclipse efnd ta* Sort hem Tier naiipt ef western data eathe Jaipas Plead

leave is aa ovtesnoslisi th* si lags It on that the seriate did Indeed neb* this offer em offer ef free military aid. ie* offer ef free aid naald be heand teounter-offer from the Belted Stales, which would be aore ee-eepteble te sawssl anasir asmaafas* nalllfy the soviet effort- There fore, if each aid aaa aaoiOsaielU the approach



*mmm within th* aCC aereto soviet frlendehlp. hat It slnost certainly would not here boon nana openlyadio broadcast for all tho world to hoar (Including tho possibility that It wight not ho hoard br Sayptlan officials at all).

available evidence Indloatoa hueeien capability to supply Igypt with una and omninltlon. tho Badortedly la replee leg aaoh of Ito art il lory with noser weapons, and it la thoaa discarded aedclo which would probably be offered to Egypt.ent spring* following tbe Oman Incident, Egyptian officialssoste ansa frost Cnochoalerakla,nd the Craehe hare recently alae offered military pianos In exchange for


an era* agroonant with Egypt could be preeented by the OSS*egitleate trade ai'iaiigeaant adrantngeoue to both sides, although te secure an agreensnt It la possible thnt the aovlete would agree to tones nor* fa voro*o sgypt. an stated, the Sortst onion probably haa sufficient surplus equipowotby never snwaels to fill aany ofneeds. Been if the Sorlst Bhlon Itself could not supply the arnanents, Csecho-Slovakia could, which would have the sane effect.


Th* poaalbllltyevertheless, that ia* Soviet offer am* modetto* expectation that it would be rejected hy the Egyptians.

A.are ofbeelenlly antl-Cia* islet attitude, arid poenlcly coasting oa hia refusal ta negotiate on anna mm sea at, th* Hussions any have Bought ta laahan hia pooltton in tho WCC, They may aiao nave boned to oow seeds of distrust of Abdol an seer la tha alads of OB efflelala, who could he expected to reeeat any Implication that he waa oeorotly deal Ine; with the Rnaoiana. At the eaaa tine, the Soviets could countf public opinion favorable to thees th* result ef evens aa offer- ftatlonallstte aalea would swell at the prospect efet be Ine; as pa infest ee the went for aldi the poaalbllltyne loo of sines, whether exercised or not,eady experienoe.



, Cairo, ecret.

ally Intelligenceecret


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