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Minute* of Meeting Held in Director's Conference Room, Administration Building Centrsl Intelligence Agency,5

Director of Central Intelligence Allen W. DullesPresiding

Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Lieutenant General Charlea P. Cabell


Mr. W. Park Arrpstrong, Special Assistant for Intelligence,

Department of State Major General Robert A. Schow. acting for Assistant Chief of Staff,

epartment of the Army Rear Admiral Carl F. Espe, Director of Naval Intelligence,

Department of the Navy Major General John A, Samford, Director of Intelligence,

Headquarters, United States Air Force Rear Admiral Edwin T, Layton, Deputy Director for Intelligence,

The Joint

harlea H. Relchardt, acting for Atomic Energy Commission

Representative to the IAC Mr. M. W.cting fer Assistant to the Director,

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Central Intelligence Agency

1 Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligence Agency Central Intelligeifee Agency Central Intelligence Agency 'Central Intelligence Agency

of meeting

Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency


Central Intelligence Agency epartment of State , : Mr. Howard Furnas, Department of State Colonel J. H. Montgomery, Department of the Army Lieutenant Colonel, Department of the Army Lieutenant Colonel V. J. Fenili, Department of the Army Captain Bruce E. Wiggin, Department of the Navy Mr. Lawrence Healey, Department of the Navy Colonel P. D. Wynne, United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Van A. Woods,nited States Air Force Mr. John A. Power, United States Air Force Colonel John E. Leary, USA, The Joint Staff Colonel Robert Totten. USAF, The Joint Staff Captaintcalf, USN, The Joint Staff

1. Approval of Minutes

75 Meeting^

Approved aa written.

2. Watch Committee Report


3. Proposed:

Establishmentuided Missile Intelligence

Chairman stressed the importance to thethe US of doing everything possible to improve intelligencemissiles. He stated that he would not wish to takefor not going forward with some communitywas responsive to the need. He further stated that hethe suggested draft was not the only way to get at thethat he was more anxious to press for the principle ofcooperation in this field than for the details of the

Service members generally took exceptionto the proposed draft as an invasion of the weaponsallocated to the services under.

"ims nas oeenign pnurrty by the services and it is not clear how the establishment of another committee would improve current efforts.

c. The Air Force member referred to the Air Force program to attack the problem more broadly and indicated that while collection was an important aspect of the problem, there also were possibilities in the field of research and analysis. He suggested that an alternative to settingew committee would be to broaden the charter of the Scientific Estimates Committee.

i. The Slate member stated that he would support Jfagj proposal but Indicated that-his departmentess directf interest in this subject than did the other members. C member was in favor of thr proposal. His agency has been leased with the JAEIC spproach to an important problem and he felt that the establishmentight help AEC augment its contribution in this field. He believed that the biggest gain would be in the development of now techniques and methods for exploiting intelligence in thiB field. The FBI member bsd no objection to any proposal designed to improve the end-product but indicated his agency would not be competent to sit on the committee if formed.

e. The Chairman and General Cabell reiterated that the proposal was in no way designed to supersedeindivldual efforts

but to give them addedout that under

the present setup it is not clear who takes the action called for in agreed post-mortem findings in this field. The pulling together of all individual efforts is thus left largely undone.

f. Action: The LAC deferred action on the draft directive pending the receipt in two weekseport prepared by the SEC in coordination with EIC. The SEC report it toroposal of how the objectives of the draft DCID could be met by SEC. the changes in SEC's charter which an assumption of this responsibility would entail, and an evaluation of current Air Force efforts in the field of guided missile intelligence.


4. The North Africsn and


Chairman circulated for informationby the Board of National Estimates for him onand on the Arab-Israeli situation.

Chairman remarked that while the Northwas critical, the existing National Estimate ontook account of current developments,not urgently required.



c. Tension between Egypt and Israel in the Gaza strip was discussed, and it was the consensus of the Committee that although Egypt would suffer severe military reverses if Israel should attack, such an attack was unlikely and the situation will be eased at least until after forthcoming national elections in Israel.


Approved as amended.

AEG Representation

Mr. Reichardt announced that Mr. Traynor had been assigned to the delegation of the Geneva Conference and that he would be representing the AEC at the IAC during Mr. Traynor's absence.

Adjournment: 5


Secretary's Note

1. Atune meeting the State-Defense Military Intelligence Control Committee approved the release of


action was taken pursuant toara.


2. une, the Director, National Security Agency, accepted the invitation of the IAC to participate in the work of the ad hoc Committee on Information Processing and appointed

as member ofthe Committee and

as alternate. ara. 5c)

Onay,reliminary to IAC action, the Secretary requested the views of the Watch CommitteeHAPE request for intelligence on indications of Soviet military aggression.

Onune, the Secretary requested the views of the Watch Committeeroposal of the Director, National Security Agency, transmitted by the Executive Secretary, USCIB, providing for the flow of NSA material to the Indications Center.

The Board of National Estimates has recommended that5 "The Implications of Nuclear Plenty for the Communist Bloc and the Free4 June, not be released

(ONE memorandum dated)

ynMBB ODjeccion is raiseaember at theune meeting, the Secretary will release5 to USIA.. .

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