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Mexuat enwila

Formation of New Party by Gurltomolan Exiles


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ouRCEr Individual well acquainted with Ouotomolon exiles in Mexico (BJ. Apnralsal of Content: 2.

exiles in Mexico have united toew party, which has iiicon the nana of the existing Partido de Accion Revolucicnaria (PAH) and Lata adopted the same political progran as thst cf ths Partido do la Revolucicn Gu&tenaltecn (rTtG). The Conrunists snd the wing of the Partldo deacional (HiK) hosdod byDIA2 Kozzotio, fofjer secretary-general to the Presidency, abstained fros Joining th* now party. Tho National Executive COTtittee of the PAR is coaposod of tho following:


of the comnittee

soukzmk> MarccAXAH Hector FION Garraa Ouillermo OVAIWO Arr.olo

abstention of therom unification is no surprise. WhenO was for-nedoali'-iono revolutionary parties darin? thnne of former President JacoU kkslvj* Guzman, tht CQramuriists were the only ones who did not Join. In addition, they did all they possibly could, with success, to disrupt th* unity of the other parties which collaboratedverment.

The Coariunlsts refrained fre* Joining the new PA* ir. Mexico, as they had refused to unite with other groups in Guatemala previously, because of the instructions tr.ey receive froa their superiors in the fcxriinforsi and the Soviet Union and alsothey consider politics! unity prejudicial to themselves, since theyood deal of their strength to the factionalism of the other political groups.

Th* PRK wing headed by DIAZ refused to Join thezed PAR becauso DIAZ, as in the past, continues to follow tho orders of th* CorxTjnists, ovene is nor a However, ooiait of thoa* who favored unification, especially Alfonsoormer loader in the PRO, told DIAZ very plainly that, among other things, he, DIAZ, did not represent anyone Ken GO, the ariwrnent DIAZ omrloyed aga'.nit

Is, that it wes rejected by the id.iYi, the PRKen-Jed by "Hector FlOii Camis. -

5,ttcu.Hias had to bo overcome to achieve thismstjm. ir addition Ihe iteslra of seme leaders to continue the politicallcr.s, the fiivittoaiir.aK and LWcreated by defeat have aggravated'a problem which hat! it, roots In This oroblem is the nnti-Corxiunism or soraactions. Anotherss been ARBEHZ himself. He hes beer. generallytt o'" tho extlss, and many have accused him cf cowardice. SOLCHZAKO, vho wus on* of Minna whohardest for unity, fought aReinst th? anti-Ccamiitnist a, well

thr> iiccmws of ARBENZ, because he considers that ARBENS,

iseti.ll tho bannsr and symbol of then-exile,

(. ihftudied, serious problems ivarfimd because of fitsviewpoint3 aT the participating lenders ramar&np, ths ccuru of notion tollea-td and the politieri pro-am to be adopted. It would appear tint *oucM sco*ftitaekft ani( armed revolts) was strongly fnvorad, butTC,

And otheronined those procedures. Finally it was agreed that ths new nnrhy -ould adopt the nnw of tho alrendy-existinp PAR, and thst theech had been the pr-jRram of the HHG,

tsB'-nn ey'l'V. Ir.ara wakine;lthough they are ha vine fuicrvMus fin.inoifil difficulties. They are awaitinp. the returniStfiZ toroblem to"him. They urgently needesosi. dolltrs),

w Zhe are now opera tin* in Guatemala and, therefore, do not want political Tir.iti, since this would cost them the leadership of the opposition activities in fhiAtairs-la. 'flieelieve that the Communists in Guatemala,creasod their numbers considerably since the other revolutionary parties left the country.

1. Source Cort-Knl. CRWW and FXOB .ire former Communists who were expelled from therty. Hovsrthsless,continues tawiKflltifitn thed, FK* looks upon the Co-<mmnists with distrust, since thoy have nlways supportedOB in thoir disnutea within the PUN.

Washington Comment. The new PAR aitiwjars touccessor to the former coalition of revolutionary writes in thein which dlAKHAllD andware lenders. Theirhe name" wycnte that theR has disbanded. air! the exiles, forTeati"y, 'dsh to iwa the name of the inrtj* which haa 'aen the neat- powerful ofavolwfciimsry4 revol'itioti.

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