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Activities of uuetenalan Exiles

1. imrte concerning the activities of GuAteoslnrjthat they are scbievlngcc6ss Ininimical to the sdnlnlstratlon of Carlosendoof the Unitod states. Theiliu'trrte Tiit aturecf their ofJ'ortat to detoront orgm isationr;:

-Juatortftlc, lel ^perioj itri'-lic book byreel'lp;'t JuanC ettackln? the United Stateshe Unite! Fruit Conpany and charging both iflth complicity in thechZ revolutionU. Tinted end ^ublienedhile,

B) "iieclaracicn do Ine*ocr*tica do Guatotwue",eownmist line dccanon* isnucd U.oress conference In Mexico by JaooboQusnanonference which was cnncollod st the sug-eetton of rieMeen officials). DotedU,h ar/:iv':reery of tfio revelturn .utaontrlee esed by one co-'y interested ir. >etu .closure UC

L cc-ttrib iterf

ill)rer;tiyoy lnterc-tea at San

Costa ftica (enclosure tcf i'rc-bably Identical tfithBoletin Infomativo Mniical" which ia bsing circulntedOcatesiala accordinglorca -eckalso stated that Victor Kanuelormer Secretary Genoral of tho CGIG and prominent Communist is reportedly working in CTJU- Headquarters, Mexico, where he presumably handles publication of "informativo Slndicsl."

a los trabojadores denotherpropaganda document published on the third anniversary ofof the CGTG. (See Q

ailed in Mexicorominentleader in Panama (enclosurebutroduct of towsunist or pro-Communist Gua tonln Mexico. The title and content, the format, and the quality

of the osper and printing suggest that thie document may be issuedegular rathor thanone-shot basis, but there was no indication ef the contemplated oeri^dlclty.

2. Other activities by Guatemalan oxilos include! (A) the renorted organisationolitical narty in rtexico using the name of the exioti fde Accion Rovolucionerie (PAii) and Uie political program of

Partldo do la Hevoluclon Guatematcla 3

stated that leading Communists have not Joined the remodeled *'Ait, but known members are clearly represent stive of tho pro-Cowiunifltsmpathi zero uho ably served the Communist cause during theegime j (B) establishment by the Mexican Cccomunist Partydefense comi. tee" for the protection of Ouatemol ai exiles, iho committee reportedly has its

Headquarters at Calle HaMevrgOexico City. Significantly, tins CorCTuniat unit is said to bo hoaxed byB^RRICS ICee, lorner Deputy Chiuf of the Guatetaalin Departananto*aci'->nal undar *RBSiZeading Coianunist agitatorj (C) circulation in Guatemalalandoatine Communistntoi (D) broadca-to by aradio stationtself "Sadio Kpouocrscion". ilthsr or both of tho last two activities may be the work of Communists within Guatemala itsolf, but it Is safe to presume that exiloB aro at least indirectly Involved and will rondor supnort Ot every op;crtuhiiy.

3. ln view of the foregoing information it is deenod advisable to consider tentative plana designed to contrin the- exiles in Mexico


and insure that thoir activities, whether motivated by snl/iph interests or devotion to the Co-Tnrunist cause, will be rendered ineffective. The following suggestions, reflecting Headquarters thinking regarding this matter, are submitted for field consiceratim snd guidance:

A) aspects of tho asyleo situation such a- the extradition proceedings havo beer, exploited to tiie wlnt unere further KJCAOE sction night well be counter-productive. The right of esylunscrodin Lstin America and any SOCAGE action following legal court decisions to deny extradition couldituation wherein the targot Individuals would be cast in the role of martyrs, father than contribute to that undesirable result, itrecon-Lended thst extraditionhould ) not be awnhaslKod in future ooerations alnod et Guatenalan


E) Jnlii further noticehst, forrioses, tho activities of OuatonoJor. asylees bs carefully ebswrvad

! lo detect any undclrnblo acti-ns or asscoiatilnns ahich oould oc utilized 1

to dlscre.ilobi. lee xeol then frui; the hat country.

Qrheuld be especially alertdsnco oi crl irol conductInf sirs in: the rules I'ropafationh evidencee rrvses mintli neJemploy the following these snong others that uill xiles are nor ally un-

-iesirablo residents and their actions tendovo previous charges that t'cy were cuilty, as ohersjed,trocities snd woro li-on, asbrrs of the subversive rr-.unist car-sniracy lr. Latin -Rcrica. *ny operations carried cut along the lines Indicated in thish east be Judiciously pi seed and executedhoy alec result in artyrdon for the tsrs';ts. 'ihe evidence to be exnloltodoe carefully stujled in order toern ton will be influenced inesired sender. -ben doubt exists as Lo the prob.-hly outcome, it is nu^gsstc! thitctionen.

C) lo sn alternative to the preceding

having politicalsecurely Dlace cuvlnclng

evidence In the hands of government of;ielale who could be evnocted to take en rooriste scti in. Direct but wvv-bllclaodf tikis sort night be nreferable 'lien it iothrtX*CE net ods night,su.'r;ested above, vake an unaoslr.-ml* Lancet or,urt'.ar example, result in -ratuito-iSiIcily .orc-.er*ise obscure and


D) sawn poa'lble, It Bightuseful to discredit ths LiidivMurle andt:tiw.ljr render supportpaAhyo exUof. However, attacks againstld ua basod or. vul-nirabilitlrj* othur thsn norm ttuoTK-rtyamthy ;orilwa. Xncasest becopletcly ignore the exile isrrue lest tha traditional attitudes toward the qu*ati:n fm reduce the effectiveness of the attscktraight aoU-Ccesaunist llns inl^ht itnlite on non-Cor^unist sentiaonte, the lijectim of the ssyloe ispue alght cause iideclslon). pose ofrit'.rns "ugge-tod ir.o .Id bekeniwntljnont as expressed by theorfletssko the saylann thenselves more vulnerable to diroct attack.

b. The activities of Gustoaalan exiles Sn I'-her docor.Dsre Inr seriousness witn thosetc exiles residing in Kexlco, therefore the provisions ofare orlnarily -ilrected tc

^However, all Ir.form.-tlnn addressees should find it useful If end when it is necosaary to plan or conduct operations sited at tho Guatar.nlan aa.lees in their areas.

5. Botlif. feelnitiate lateral

[mm on this subject In ordor toaxiriUFi mutual su?lu the -onduct of cperatl-ns.

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