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Terms of Reference for tha

Guided Missile Intelligence Committee

Attached are the terms of reference for the Guided Missile Intelligence Committee of the IAC as approved by the IAC onanuary.




Missile Intelligence Committee

1. The mission of the Guided Missile Intelligence Committee (GMIC) is to strengthen the community approach to problems in the field of guided missile intelligence* and to give added impetus to individual efforts. To this end, the responsibilities of the GMIC include the following:

a mechanism for the fullestguided missile information for nationalpurposss.

and evaluating significant foreignintelligence and information andreports for the IAC.

_c. Preparing coordinated contributions in the field of guided missile intelligence for national intelligence estimates.

d. Developing over-all guided missile intelligence

objectives and reviewing the scope of the collection effort to meet those objectives.

Guided missile intelligence is intelligence related to foreign activities on guided missiles, guided missile systems and associated equipment, including research, development, production and only those aspects of operational deployment of individual missiles necessary to assess the foregoing factors. It does not include intelligence on order of battle, military doctrine, the detaila of nuclear warheads and nuclear propulsion, or over-ell operational capabilities of missile systems. Guided missile intelligence also includes comparable intelligence on earth satellite vehicles.

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Advising the IAC regarding guided missilecollection requirements.

Jt. echanism to assist the member agencies to coordinate their guided missile intelligence production efforts.

K_. Determining the deficiencies in guided missile intelligence and recommending remedial action to the IAC.

h. Providing staff support, when required by the IAC, for international conferences on guided missile intelligence.

2. Each IAC agency shall furnish one representative member and an alternate member to GMIC. The chairman shall be elected annually by the IAC. Tbe National Security Agency shall be invited lo associate itself with the committee and participate in its work. Other ion-LAC agencies may furnish observers and/or advisers to the GMIC on GMIC request.

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