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above subject was discussedeeting withof State held in Assistant Secretary Holland's present at the meeting were: Mr. Holland. Mr.Mr. L. Randolph Higgs. Mr. Spencer M.nd C

discussed willi Mr. Holland thethe attached memorandum basedith the lawyer in touchtne law nrm handlingcase on behalf of the Guatemalan Government. confirmee ^ opinion that the thesis set forth s somewnat compie* and no! entirely convincing.

t':ie most important feature ofwhicn is tnat the United States underwriters are notpushing their claim against the Guatemalan Governmentnot asked the Department of State for assistance.

3 alee noted that it was the opinion of the Genera: Counsels oitice, CIA. that it would be inappropriate for the Department, in the absenceequest for assistance by the Americanto take the action suggested by the British.

noted that, while the foregoing is con-

sistent with Amoassador Sparks' view, the Ambassador does feel that the matter should be broughtonclusion, an'! recommendedhe ca^se. reands in order to determine whether thereractical way of concluding theand also to decide whether Castillo should be consulted at this point.

5. Mr. King ant' iiseussed with Mr. Moiland

Ambassador Sparks' request lhat the Department withdrawt was pointed out lhat it would appear strange to accommodate the Ambassador's requestormal request from him. It was

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