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General direction and control of the Project shall be exercised jointly by the Director of Central Intelligence and the Chief of Staff, USAF, subject to guidance from higher authority and coordination with other departments of the Government as appropriate. They shall furnish policyto lower echelons, ensure the conformity of operations under this project with national policy, and maketo higher authority on matters transcending their own authority. Further, it shall be their joint responsibility to resolve differences that may arise at Lower staff and operating levels.

The following are the organizational elements which shall be responsible for the conduct of the project:

is inIA Project Director to which an Airwill be assigned to serve as Deputy ProjectProject Headquarters will establish operationalat bases overseas after the completion ofthe ZI. These operational units will be manned byCIA personnel In numbers, proportions and skillsbetween the Project Director and the Air ForceOffLcer.

military personnel assigned forto the project for duty under CIA direction onstatus shall be carried on the rollsewlysupport squadron In accordance with currentAir Force Deputy to the CIA Project Director wilLadministrative squadron.

will be established an Air Forceheadedroject Officer who will act in thethe Chief of Staff, USAF. The Project Staff willofficers designated by certain of the DeputyStaff to act as points of contact within their


d. The Con-nancJer, SAC, willew subordinate headquarters to be manned by him from resources available to him through which he will participate in tho project. He will altoupport unit for each operational unit established oy the Project Headquarters. Support units will be controlled by him through the commander of his subordinate headquarters and will perform support functions as required

agreed bySAC, or

I: Thfof these elements

will be as follows:

mi'" Tue.flADirector and the Air ForceOfficer shall have primary responsibility for theand execution of all activities concerning the project within their own organizations; the resolution o? difference*. a* lowerand the reporting of progress and the making of recommendations to their respective chiefs.

b. The Project Headquarters will be responsible f<

l neauquarcers win be responsible for

and development, operational planning,

phase of the project who: bases overseas

the direction and control of operations in the final

sn overflights are being launched from

. , c" orceStaff shall be responsible -or Implementing plans approved by the CIA Project Director and the Air Force Project Officer and arranging for Air Force support of Project activities which can appropriately bethrough staff channels or by commands other than SAC.

i' Commander, SAC, will be assigned primaryfor providing and coordinating Air Force support of the project, including training, through the subordinate headquarters to be formed by him. Requirements for certain types of personnel and equipment not under his control will he stated to Headquarters, L'SAF (the Air Force Projectand wLll be met from other resources.

4. Activities under this project fall into thre pnases. These overlap one another in time but may beon the basis of the kinds of activities involved in each. The following are the specific authorities and responsibilities of the several organizational elements in the successive phases of the project.



first phase, now well advanced, is chatthe major activities are research and development,the construcCion and activationescbase, the testing of equipment, and operational The Project Director shall have control of theseincluding the planning and recruiting ofhis control. The Air Force will furnish necessarywhich willatter for agreement between theand the Project Officer. Full and completeof all Air Force elements during this phase

second phase will be devoted to training,of equipmcne, and deployment overseas. Theaewill be carried on mainly at the test and Commander, SAC, through his subordinate(I) direcc and supervise the trainingrovide and coordinate Air Force supportrrange for the deployment ofoverseas for the Initiation of the final phase. Inof these responsibilities Commander, SAC, will beInformed of operational plans, through his Phase II terminates with the decisionand equipment are operationally ready and in placebases. During phase II the line of command onconcerning the scale and character of, and the mechanics of deployment shall beChief of Staff, USAF, through the Commander, SAC, and

his subordinate headquarters.

third phase will be that of activefrom overseas bases. This phase follows theto operational readiness. In this third phase,decision as to execution and timing of actualmissions shall rest with the Project Director,to such guidance as he may receive from higherline of command shall be direct between operationalthe Project Director. Each operational unit wlLlto be dependent upon its corresponding SAC support unit.

FOR USAF: N. F. Twining Aug.5

APPROVED FOR CIA: A. W. Dulles August5



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