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evwiteth*l weeta)hich lu^lonatxypbc ajiiatli*tnel'ttot

ltuetdoe lareaultlog fro* th*tiirww routine, pot jewsloe*aya salsa thost antes bv virtually pooyplas tha osuntryi anacauaaoatura far au prae-uoal jarjiinuina ihoaaaat anwiaisusl**na off aayutartalaatlyas onu^ssaaoirt population jaa. slvaly raataajag hy aaaaaaeantl atriarj aoirllla atrfar* la aaaaaaa of taoi**sfli of aaaaareeatotea aaaassa aaatataaca at aha atiahft car theirat alii in aaajrtt th* noriat 'jalon *ad who are mr, ot tha least,hat such aaalatoanaj add *vt arriv* and, at tho vent, any aaaeaa eaaoataaat as thayesaltj oaaarte-uoae of ihaajprfan youth andr* to sanrivtndpt* afatttaa toha aaaaariaa poopl* apaaav to aa leraaly vaaro-aaeuw.

twmm ttaaaariaula theaaarbtg aoaa ia.oco,aa*aaly.

j. aloso of prcatlae oa vha part of tea oawtot anion la tea freetaslsattwr saetraliat areas sad ovst, and annea easyaualat parties.

a.ltaatioa to reload asree all teat aasea* at this inoaaat, the polish atepl* appear to ho villtag to swart th* ocujus* raalas far ta* tta* aelsg, at learnt. llli'liatllaaaoaa teat *aah rapport in th*ars aftu a* dataatlyto ta*a

swooasful lathaof tha people for greaterraa oriel control aaa for oraaftnr ladlviflnal fsnaaon aadji imat.

tanirtfatitasi la ta* Jailing af marten broadcasts, ln-eiealas anwuned to refloat africlal Polishlgniriaaatiat*ra broadcasts toaneaaiy because of thaituation la that eouatry, rather than the result ef jowtat or Radar regies polley.

6. Resorted caveat, norttealarly on tan pari of students and youogin the other faonlllts*.

T. Aa Imraaanfl state af alert aad rsofllasst of Ucal eeeariay waits lanail* and BulgariansaU of tartlneatea eras hetghtened hy dimlnpsieHa ia aunenry end Poland, for ta* tine being, theanjfore, ootu tan teoreeate ia theea nay he nor* slearlyuun, the fellosiagor InC Is set farbaWaerel:

should he gulled by an objective of araaalaa up or weakening what has Veen va> to now the aceoUtaie Jilty within the soviet daabsstsd pover Uoc of BaoWra Europe.

hould continue to carefully eeoourane aanjntjqcnry ehengee toward daawrntiation and self-aateraiaatlon, while at the eane tin* awoialag stone uhleh eight provoke soviet leginsslmi la other we do net wantit* violent unrent la rolaad or la nayeLUt* (aad yertlen-larly ant ia Seat Germany, where ta* iiovjcte alaa to renain at nay coat).

1, ar LafnrntiioB effturt should be orgftal&el bymnatj ta* "mj' This auould include i

Inventory of laodarakig, and action potential wit*/carta, atadant, verkar, aaaaavt aad intellectual groups, aklato continue ta*or the ftaapodaa people fromat j

audience an*ly*ia ofo BPS broadcasts, o &angarlan axil*

leaders and netlvitlen la th* Vsetj

a. Other information likely to he useful, in future fSO operations

or la refining iissaut *ctlviti**i

d. laforortloo of latareet ia the Uaited State* gaaarelly ae to

activities ia Wisiapij aad taa other Satellite**

3. So aatiOB should he taaaaBC uhich la eeaaidared likely to provoke further blcodahed.

3* RPtyaaaaavy should refrain fro* tactical advice of any kind.

k, nys ahould refer as oeldon aa possible to th* Kadar regime, hut nake clear that re*pco*ibillty for decision anting la Hungary at this tine la Vj me hy the anal.

5. BPI ahould confine ltaalf nnaarally to the balanced reporting ofa,faanant on local Wis inslea evaaaa. rull coverage Should he given to taa efforts of the went to assist tha Sun-garden people, Inclaniraj action ia the Unite*ffort* ay the veeturnishing nadleal, food, ftInching aad other assistance; anelatanoe to Sun-gnrlan infAsasas in the beat; aotlvitla* of recent Kuoe&rlan rafugaaa In aa* hilialag public opinion and other activities for carrying on the fight for tea fro art on af th* Hungarian peepl* from the west* Vaetem roaatloa to the event* lo Buosjaryj the defection* fran the Caanniilst parties la the went! all eteaeaente by international figure* and urgesilinlUiiw nisbaaiaHui# of Soviet rcareesiongary (th* Colombo rovers statement, for aanaala,


calling, for Soviet troarend therottGsnsta to Sortot troops should so continued.

terlnl noalstaae* wshould continue through JSCS iapetntiou with other rails* aad welfare agencies.

mas should bo rtoralopoo. to oenlcdt fullyheorld tha iwsreion to fttellnlan and the mima coloolfcliaa oflet Balsa iarfn aU Ffcc assets,KP and Kft*

should be cavelonod to utilise tha effective people la tee>yft**.

relationship of the offeoUve people in tha "aeV eaigrnttca

to araawrt tomgariaa Jattlaeal -wawil, the representation af the "saw* eadgra> tioa in theo their sajrUelpntion in other uultl-aattonal exile -wsmili^tiona are natters ofortsaoe. ttbep* ahould ha taken to &ive priority support end stasia to activities in which the effective cleneat* of the "not" enl&ratloaart, while at the orc* tine, AUm&xJji* froa the wuaWrpra-luctl^f the -older" cuismtlon. ('iaia ahouU bejort of full dlacuoaloa sad careful wgotlatioa bocauanuaher> 'Plaa swobls-a* Involved.)

Xd. Attention ahouU be given to the proadaa of flioefrectlon, die-cauraaoaont aod generalttitude eooeg ftxujBTlan refugee*.

13. Iexticular attention should also bo given to correcting the vide -full teafeeaion now being given oreoenea in th* erees tnet teetop* Coaalttce provoked tho frav^rtnft rovolotioo, or at least, iiajdled that western support for sane would he forthcoming, This should he iu?propria**ly coordinated with the Cruoado.

1, The situation in Poland la which we Judge tho MtheV andion" aro proceeding about ae fax and ae feat aa ia poealalc under the cir-etaattssKte* calls far careful handling hy ISO.

Z, olishemporary oreirtlco" with the Oea-ulka regime, wtill* at the aaoes tine carefully mad Indirectly through factual news reportage encouraging liberalising forces now in Motion to produce none rote results. Dam to u* to a* th* correct policy line, at least for the time being. OTS should continue to avoid tactical advice to the Polish people.

3. Because of the reduction of Jawaing la Poland, aod because of tho need for avoidance of any kind of provocationens* situation containing to* asm insrediwita which produced tfee Hucgariau revolution, tin should not

until further notice. CaaB^oalovshla. Bulgaria, Puainla

1. PTE should continueote* of oppoaiUon iahero the "thaw" has progressed ta* least, using present policy sadabroach**.

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