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Jv8i Director of Central Radio

JOWmnrai t Msamrondua from MnitMiit of State, datedovamberSubject a. Above

1. Two assistants to tbe laureate* General vera inspecting Hadio Free Swrope la Kualeb* Boveabor and returned to faadouartersovewbsr. Xselr appraisal of VI operation, at thie critical time >ay be relevant to the contention In the referenced memorandum that selected aeripts reviewed by tbe Department of State "raise basicreaardlag tbe extent to vhich HFB operations are beta* carried oa within the context nf established pell ay guidance and whether it is possible to hove really effective control of operations under existing pxeoedures."

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a. ovemeer la Hew York, tbe Tree Europe Ceeatlttee President (oeasralold too Inspectors that, la the them current phase of the Hungarian revolution, acme of BJls Munich output hod -earned to the MR review section in lew York tc he too predicUoaal aad that he bad found it advisable to coble Mualoh to stick to the foots and notthem) ho bad repeated this Injunctionable specifically referring to the need not to complicate the activities of Aabaesador Lodge in the. thereafter, oa the Hsesat of loreaber, the xagoclav Aabeaaedor had approached Underphy and put it that RTS had beenorltlool af the then incumbent Tare Sagy. esult. MtMbwr was dispatching the BPS Programunieh.

h. orembar la Muniah, the Inspector-luropeao At this tins, the

violent Soviet ooanteractioa boo seen going oa fox two days.

j described how the freedom radios in Hungary had

been, ond were still, alreetly addressing BPS, and added that cm robsl-hsld torn had passed Ito flag over the border to uts for safe keeping. He told how the American Staff had baas assembled onorsafbsr, aad instructed not to take an apologetic positionis tha HPS emigres. In

to*k$ ttMn, the JOTI IiiafjrUiiij, irrnhw""

ratal. hf4 W

to* Hantlng phase of the revolution, hut not neaee eerily the other aoyeeto.

She Inspector* attended,cvaab.r, the reaular norning policyof the U. s. staff with the Ibinaarinr. hy ^cratering thee-rrMlWitlng their messages and ma to work during the day ta SSSSSS to oarry outU8-7

mspent threeoll ay Advisor,mad. the

foOLowing observations

(lJ The faeta of the Hungarian aaralooMBts illuminate the Important extent to wfaieb tortioel oedJMldenoee had owed the revolution toprlneipaliy that th* top officialayed oally in lugoelavta at th* tlae of the outbreak and that toe rebels bad been able to take over radio facilities early in the revolt,

(ft) The development* in Hungaryumber of previously flm. policy) that evolution i. to* moat that oan b* hoped for, viae, to* implicit wsuaptior. toat revolution is Us-poe.lblei (h) toat to* youth and students, havingsuhjoeted to aommualat Indoctrination forw, are loot to to* esmee of freedom, and (e) that establishing national Communism, to to* SetelliU* wiU produo. relatlTelydltlon*.

(3) The Xare hagy ineldent demonstrated toefor an. Hew York, to follow to* telex oarefuUy and thus be able to state promptly toat it Is that VI Is alleged he have said ot any given momemt.

, tock in Hungary will bo rosy

lowong time. xile, weretate of shookesult of th* development, and would prefer top this problem, but RT5 proposed to meet it bead-on by explaining a* fully a* possible toe fa-tore underlying u.nability to do more than it


a -

. Oncvaober, th* Inspector* spent three hours with the Burapsau Director of th* Free Burgee CI Miens service (jar. Saner). Be feat Just returned free fir* days In Vienna, and Eungarian harder areas and had talked with amny HungerUn la said that there ear* aa undoubtedly largo number of these eseapees who, la the initial shock off escaping treat tho terror aad la tho beat off their frustration, naturally vara critical of tha Wast, specifically the united States, and even wore specifically RFH. So hod, however, talked with eon* who realized th* 1lad tatIons oa Wastern action and who praised BPS for th* Job it had done during tha revolt as vail as for tho Job It hod don* ever tho previous five years. To soma of these escapee* ahathat BPS had caused th* revolutionognaat ta their aaa firm conviction that tha Hungarians bad dec* for themselves that whichwing Ban can only do for tbaasalYte.


Is the opinion of tha Inspectors, insofar asreach an opinion oa tho basis of their presence inand Munich daring this period, that tho activities ofXurope Committee la the Hungarian crisis wareintelligently directed, aad oorrootly motivated byunderstanding of Unitedolicy, coupled withappreciation of the Limitation* on U. 8. Inonally-trained staff workedoLoek under great pressure and bore up withbut forceful demeanor, the responsible official" ofmat th* Initial wave of aatl-XPI feeling withdignified reaction. Xbey promptly made available togovernment all tapes and scripts requested andtorom private newspapers and periodicals.

U las feeling of th* undersigned that almostth* official criticism of BR noted by thorn to dot* in Farts ^arIndian is do* to th* unssaaly spectacle off makingscapegoat for U. a. failure* and inabilities to actoutside off Hungary, sine* Itasier to eredlt BRcausing what took place in Hungary than It lareappraisal of th* basic policy assumptions which

the Hungarian dsvalopaauU at least east ia some doubt. Zt la


louUurty ill agoting to find BR criticized for Inciting the trian revolution by those who, over the Last five years, have criticised BR for being ineffective.


Th* laapector* do not believe that any now controls over BR operations are necessary or desirable. Zt would be advisable to increase th* current off art In two existing methods of control, namely!

(l) Am notorial tolaaed daily from Munich to Row lark abestld bota Include tore of the eataila of the daily gMldoae* achieved la aneian eacho that aav fork can oa evaaully Infaraodurrent baelo.

(a) There ahould be as aporeciaele lr.areaae la brief laaporary duty travel af reepenalfela operating personnel to and fro* lev fork and Munich, to eupelaaant writtenI aaa by faoo-to-fao* ooaaldoratlca of present and future problao*.

ase Ki-fctitfjct

Xonan B. Urkpatrlok Xnopeotor General


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