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1 wish to respond to and comment upon6 received here onecember last. Tbe basic assumption of your communication is correct: that additional and maoningfulwill be instated to Insure uniform Implementation of agreed-upon policy. m sure yoa know, ve are us anxious as you and others interested to guarantee that our facilities are usefully engaged in support of United States objectives, and that the margin for error in this regard is diminished to vanishing point.

Recent developments, both of positive nature vith regard to what we have learned of ths great impact and influence of the Fund's broadcasting, as well as negatively ln respect to certain broadcasts in the Hungarian language which have drawn criticism, demand that policy lines bs followed rigorously and assiduously. To achieve this snd it is our firm determination! likewise lt is our conviction that thstons and authentic character of our programs, which have been such Important factors in building up audience rapport and extensive listenership among ths satellite peoples, be maintained and enhanced. Therefore, the manner in vhich we seek to achieve desired policy ends is of itself of great importance. ntend to set np and put in motion new measures which would be practically workable in this regard. At the Fund President'setailed plan will be presented to him at early date.

Our thinking at the present time Indicates that fundamental to implementation of policyirm basislear, single chain of command from ths Fund President to tho broadcasting Direotor, to his chief operating personnel, with "policy" transmitted through thatirect line of responsibility for content from ths officer-in-charge of the desks (the American Program Director) to tho desk chiefs; and holding desk chiefs wholly answerable in the first instance for the output of the various voices.

Policy control mechanisms now in force would be strengthened through more complete pre-'oroadcaat review of political content, through fuller discussion by exile writers of conuosntary and other programwith tho Political Advisor ln Munich, in concert with designated Program Department staff. Several personnel changes or additions will be necessary ln order to fulfill this objective.

Current post-broadcast reviews would continue but with tbe understanding of all concerned that professional inccojpetenee or wilfull policy violation would be subject to disciplinsry action involvingor dismissal of the offending individuals.

Successful working of this combination of pre-broadcast-eontont scrutiny and post-review presupposea two fundamental factors!

Clear understanding and agreement of what policy is on the part of American supervisors, and an equallyunics tion of these policiesontinuing basis by the Policy Advisor to the exile staff, and

Competent and trustworthy exile staffs, working under desk chiefs with both authority to direct operations andfor content.

Unless the practice which has bean ln effectumber of years were to be changed drastically, one must ensure that genuinebe given to exiles of the countries concerned, workingull two-way partnership with American colleagues. We feel we are well advised ln giving competent exileaximum measure of our trust if we hope to secure from and through them the kind of ideas,and Judgment which will make our programs worth listening to. Were we toystem of American pre-broadoast political script review, we couldoint where tbe desk ohiofs could not direct their own staffs when these exile subordinates know that orders given are subject to eventual over-call by another line of command. We feel lt would be undesirable to have Amgrlcan-dlrectad exile staffs, without seriously abridging mutual trust and working partnership; since it would be all but impossible to find responsible "American" Americans who at the same time are capable of thinking as Poles, Hungarians, Cseehoalo-vaklans,here would be only one possible further step, theof English master scripts put into other languages by translation staffs.

The foregoing treats withf your reference lettor. With regard to pointteps already have been taken to reduce sharply the volume of political commentary and desk editorialising. We arewith reference to point h, workingystem which shoulda daily teletype summary review of guidance on political subjects passed on to the exile deBks by the Policy Advisor. Some manpower and technical problems remain to be worked out on the latter subject.

As you may know, pre-broadoast content review similar to that held in Munich before broadcasts haa been institutedegular basis in New York within the Program Department.

Please be reassured that our objectives in this matter so important to all of us are identical with yours. We are hopeful that the Improved controls desired can be put into operation withoutdamagingly on the exile-American partnership which has in large measure proved so beneficial*


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